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06-16-2019 04:26 PM
Dawgies I've learned the Jeep wave is almost identical to the Harley-Davidson wave. Just inverted. I have lots of folks I wave at now. Thanks for all the good information!
04-17-2019 08:20 PM
GJR When the decision was made to buy a first time jeep (still have it), I researched and researched to see what I wanted and didn't want. Came across information about the jeep wave and thought "that is stupid! I'm not doing that." The second day with my TJ and another jeep waves at me and I waved right back. I thought to myself as a feeling of "I belong to something!" came over me "that was kind of fun!" I've been waving ever sense (unless I'm not paying attention). Shortly after that, I pulled up next to another TJ, sat up in my seat waiting for him to look over. He senses it and looks over and I'm just waving like a little kid on stage waving to his parents!
The look he gave me....
Let me tell you, its a sickening feeling when as an adult, you feel like the nerd in high school all over again.
02-28-2018 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by WestSideJeeper View Post
There i am....28yr old jeep, top is tattered 35 degrees out, driver window won't zip up. My arm out side and a smile ear to ear to have a jeep again......the jku pulls up to me.......and doesn't even acknowledge my presence.......this is why we don't wave at jku's.
Seems like those who drive JKUs and most current model GCs think they live in a totally different realm of existence from the rest of us Jeepers. Seriously, how dare we pull up next to their precious, $55k JGC Summit at a stop light in our 15+ year old, beat up, jacked up, Jeep-looking thing! We might somehow shake some of our mud off onto their shiny 21" chrome rims! And then we have the gaul to WAVE AT THEM?! O, THE HORROR!!!

Oddly enough, I find I get more Jeep waves from those little Renegades (yes, I know, right? ) than JKU's.

Anyhoo, had to laugh the other day when, as I was leaving the campus parking lot in my WJ, some young college guy walking down the sidewalk gave me a Jeep wave. The good ol' Jeep wave looks kinda funny when the hand's not holding a steering wheel. Hmm, wonder what he drives?
01-28-2018 12:30 PM
WestSideJeeper Drove a TJ for 12 years, waved all the time , started driving a Truck, but still out of habit waved at jeeps.....obviously with no response. That was fine and expected. Bought a yj recently as a project and on its trip back to garage I came across a jku at a stoplight. There i am....28yr old jeep, top is tattered 35 degrees out, driver window won't zip up. My arm out side and a smile ear to ear to have a jeep again......the jku pulls up to me.......and doesn't even acknowledge my presence.......this is why we don't wave at jku's.
10-19-2016 12:28 PM
4WDlifeform This is an interesting topic for me, a WJ guy. Used to drive an XJ, learned to drive in a TJ.

TJ (stock) always got waves, always waved back. XJ (lifted 3" with 31s, chopped bumper, etc) got some waves, mostly form other XJs. Now in the WJ (lifted 2" on 31s, tow hooks, bumper, etc) never get waves. I have tried waving at other lifted WJs, but didnt get it back.

Its a bummer to me as I have been around jeeps and driving them all my life, I feel worthy! I couldn't tell you how many I have worked on and been in the trails with. And today I just supported the forum with an annual membership!
04-12-2016 11:53 AM
Quinnjamin19 My personal experience with waving is the people who don't wave usually drive automatic jeeps, on numerous occasions I'll wave at a jeep while they don't wave back and then I see that same jeep in a parking later and it's usually an automatic. Or they are just people driving jk's or jku's. I drive a '97 jeep tj with 4" lift on 33"s and I wave at everyone
01-20-2016 06:53 AM
TestBedOne I don't think there is a science to it. I'll keep waving at all everyone until my arms get tired or I have to shift.
12-02-2015 02:52 PM
Diesel7 OK, bumping this back up...

Learning point here going through all 14 pages at this point.

That is, we have two Wranglers, a TJ and a JK. My daughter and wife drive those so the Jeep wave was easy on those as we get the wave back.

Bought a 05 CRD we wave? Dunno until going through this thread. Guess we do. Nobody waves at a Liberty...wait for the 2.5 inch JBA coilover lift...heh, heh, heh!

Bought a lifted 01 we wave? Did not know until I went through all 14 pages. Guess we do!!! Never had anyone wave like they do upon seeing the TJ and JK!

Thanks for the information!!!
08-26-2015 06:53 PM
RSEO10 I'm from Nova Scotia Canada here and I'm from a small town and even most of the jk and jku's have atleast basic mods done (tires, small lifts, small light bars etc) and I get a wave from pretty much every wrangler.
Around here anything that's not jk tj yj or the occasional cj doesn't get a wave, probably because that's about all there is!
06-28-2015 10:57 PM
TestBedOne In having the YJ on the road a few days now. I just got into the habit of waving at every Wrangler, CJ, Lifted XJ or anything muddy or vintage. Seems to be very common among modded Jeeps. I'll keep waving either way, and reintroduce The Wave to the Boston, MA area.

Why? Jeep is life.
06-23-2015 04:50 PM
Treenut0519 I recently started to drive a JK and I wave at all jeeps I see. I use to have a 95 wrangler. But I have noticed a lot of the people that don't wave drive newer jeeps an are prissy females. My jeep is in the process of being built also.
06-04-2015 01:06 AM
Irish-n-Zwack I wave to Wranglers, CJs, etc. JKU drivers rarely wave back, for some reason. I also wave to XJs, because I love them and miss mine terribly, but not usually to others unless they wave first--except for a nice lady I met a few weeks ago who just bought an old Jeepster from a friend who had two. Waved to her on the way to the vet (she looked at me funny, but waved back), and she pulled in to visit the vet, too, so we started up a conversation. She said she didn't know about "the wave". But she'll supposedly start, now :-).

I'm female, btw, and I wave to any and all, especially those who wave before I do. So please keep on waving to us ladies, eh?
05-27-2015 01:32 PM
FrankB4x4in just driving a Jeep puts us in the AWESOME CLUB.
I always waive to awesome club members.
04-23-2015 08:41 PM
Scruffy32 I wave to any jeep or 4x4 that waves to me in return.. or to other wranglers 1st or return

burgondy jkus never wave back
03-24-2015 06:33 PM
Mambo_Dave Been living down in south east Florida, but recently took a trip up to the less populated central part of the state - and that's where Jeepers really wave.

We just can't wave at each other, and / or don't care to, down here where there are so many (mostly newer JK 4-door Jeeps being used as alternative mini-vans), and where the traffic is so tight or fast-paced.

So I was out of the loop and habit with this last weekend's trip.

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