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Today 10:21 AM
Ralph77 So here is a shot with all the wires routed.
With everything going on I will be happy if the Jeep starts and runs properly. MLOL.
Today 08:25 AM
Ralph77 So the plugs did not look to bad. Ignore #4 that is a newer plug from when I had that P304 last year. But they are all going bye bye anyway. Hold on to #4 for my next misfire. LOL.
So all the plugs are in. Alternator is in. Belt is tightened to about 150 according to my belt tension gauge.

So taking a page out of a member on another forums book doing the Viper Coil mod from Ksuspensions but bought a Mopar coil and wires separately.
The Spectra they sell has 4 mounting points and they give you 4 washers, nuts, and bolts. The Mopar only has two. But there are a couple holes there not punched through.
He used a soldering iron and punched through the holes. I was thinking of doing the same but by heating up a steel rod and punching them through.
Decided against it. Grabbed some lock washers and decided I will use all 4 washers on just the two bolts.
Another thing I don't like is using the self tapping screws that secure the coolant overflow for the bracket and coil.
Some little M4 bolts, nuts, lock washers,and some M5 washers (little more surface area) are going to be used to secure it now.
Was thinking of making the hole bigger. In the bracket it would not be an issue but really did not want to drill the overflow tank.
M4's fit without a problem. Also figured add some split loom to the harness.

Last some spark plug wires and some separators for them.
See how much of this I get done today. LOL.
Today 08:14 AM
XJ-Buzz Well, going to sell the Jeep. The twists and turns of life, I guess. I'll collect all my paperwork and develop a fair Bio of her and hopefully someone out there in the XJ world will see that she has a good start on a project or just a DD and fun time.
Today 06:12 AM
Ralph77 So yesterday beat me up a little more then I thought. LOL.
Bare minimum I would like to get done today.
That is a stock alternator for an '00 that I had my guy up the amps in.
He said he got it to just under 155.
Yesterday 01:43 PM
Kettles Finally ordered an AX15 on Ebay yesterday, so I started the manual conversion as I basically had everything else sitting in my living room already.

Old on the right, new on the left

Apparently I had drilled a hole and installed a grommet in the firewall almost right where one of the clutch master cylinder bolts is supposed to go though. And jeep was kind enough to center punch the firewall for the bolts and center of the master cylinder, which made it a no-nonsense job of figuring out where to drill. I had to dremel my wiring hole a bit as I wasnt fortunate enough to have centered that where I needed it.

Since I had to un-do some wiring due to that hole location, I decided to not stop there. I decided to rip out all my gauge and switch wiring while I was at it, I had pieced parts in over time and it was a total disaster, so Ill move all the relays, fuses, and whatnot to behind the passenger seat I think, or somewhere out of the way once I decide on a new location to bring things through the firewall. Either way its a total mess in there right now with bits of wire hanging out waiting to be re-organized.
Yesterday 12:19 PM
Ralph77 So I got more done today then I thought I would.
I also figured out that clamp attached to the side of the engine that the battery cable from the starter
went through by the oil filter adapter. I can't get under there to take a picture but it is a spring clip of sorts
with a hook. If you squeeze it together you can get it to unhook.
So it pays to live close to the auto parts store you work at. I had them drop off 4' of split loom for that
brown wire that goes to the starter. I decided to loom that and the battery cable to the starter separately.
So I can't close the clamp back up to hook like it did. But you can bend it back around kinda.
That and strategically placed zip ties here and there should be good.
So another thing I did was reloom the battery cables I made last year. Nobody local sell 5/8" split loom.
1/2" or 3/4". 5/8" is the perfect size for the 2 gauge battery cable.
So last year I used 3/4" to protect the battery cables. Was a pain cause I had to fold it over on itself and
wrap electrical tape in places to keep it nice and tight.
Found some 5/8" on Amazon and redid all the cables.
So I also pieced in some loom here and there for the wires that are now separate but were part of the battery
cable harness.
A shot of that and one of the battery cables I reloomed below.

So I am beat and calling it a day. Figure first thing I do tomorrow is put in the 155 amp alternator.
I already swapped out the 125 amp mega fuse for a 175 amp.
Then I guess swap spark plugs, get the Viper coil mod done, put the battery tray and battery back in.
Thinking I will have to make slight adjustment here and there on the battery cables to get them to
line up with the terminals again. Also a strategically placed zip tie here and there for the smaller wires
that were part of the battery cable harness that are now freestanding.
Yesterday 08:23 AM
downs Yesterday I put a low profile USB outlet in the passenger side cubbie. This will let me power my nav tablet easier and give my wife some place to power her gizmos when on the road.

This morning I got up cause the dogs wouldnt stop barking and decied to go clean up my center console secondary radio spot install. I routed the SAE connector in and slapped a grommet on it, this will power up any of my radios. Then put all the APRS stuff in there and Routed all the cabling for that and stowed it behind the rear support for the console.

Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
Yesterday 08:04 AM
Ralph77 So this is going faster then I thought it would. And I take numerous breaks.
Alternator is out, that I knew would be easy, but the old battery cables are out to.
I kinda thought that was going to take a little work but.....
There is this bracket the battery cable to the starter and the brown wire for the
connector on the starter go through under the oil filter adapter. I can't get a good look
at it to see how it is secured in there. But I straightened the 90 degree lug to the starter
a bit and was able to pull the cable through. I wanted to avoid cutting it if I could. They
may look like crap but they still worked. LOL.
So I realized I don't have everything I need. I need some loom to wrap up some of the small
wires that were in the battery cable harness and I noticed the bolt holes in the head where the
coil rail mounts. Thinking going to buy some short ones in the same size and bolt them in. Just
to close the exposed holes so crap doesn't get down in there. Figure a lot of anti-seize on those.
Also my parts catalog does not give me a size so.........
Yesterday 07:02 AM
Ralph77 So now that except for some quickie things maintenance is done I can start on a real project.
Everything in the way came out pretty easy. Now the fun starts. Supposed to be nice for the next 3 days.
Hopefully. LOL.
05-29-2020 11:37 PM
TheBoogieman Found a Memorial Day sale still on and decided to get some metal Jeep badges like the ones that came on my TJ. These were much better quality and $8. Factory ones run over $40. I guess I'll have to pull my LoD decals now.

p.s. Replaced brakes, rotors, exhaust flex pipe and cat on my GF's Mom's Toyota. Then I got jealous of Ralph77 and decided to shampoo the upholstery and carpets and wax it for her. 90 degrees and 95% humidity out too.
05-29-2020 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by snyper82 View Post
Woah, that's a reflection? Geeze, that's awesome!!
If I did not have to hold the paper with one hand and take the shot with the other it might have been even a little clearer. LOL.
05-29-2020 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by Ralph77 View Post
Needed a break. About 2/3 done with waxing the Jeep.

Now I can get back to my little projects once this is done.

This is about as good as I am going to get it.
Woah, that's a reflection? Geeze, that's awesome!!
05-29-2020 12:23 PM
RedJeepster1 I used mine to drop off a washer and dryer and then haul home some more Jeep parts this past weekend.

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05-29-2020 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by RedJeepster1 View Post
We really gotta get your winch hooked up on that thing.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
I know I'm tired of hearing about how I need one and a spare tire.

Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
05-29-2020 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by Luke95 View Post
I'm enjoying the 3 link setup on this pig.

Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk

We really gotta get your winch hooked up on that thing.

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