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08-03-2020 12:30 AM
BagusJeep BJ wanted $15 each for the vent grilles. Instead I got original grilles and dampers from ebay for $25 plus shipping. My operating cables are seized but at least these will stop water getting in. They are angled down slightly so once sealed in place, no more wet floors.
07-02-2020 10:17 PM
BagusJeep Somewhere in the painting process I lost the vent grilles which go under the dash on each side to cover the air vents. Without them rain water can splash into the cab floor. Drains were blocked with rubbish so I cleared them but I still need grilles. BJ offroad have them in stock but in meantime it needs to be under carport.
07-02-2020 09:58 PM
BagusJeep She is looking good
07-02-2020 09:55 PM
BagusJeep So then I gt out the Tuffy console I purchased last year. Rusty!!!!!!! pic of side after I had rubbed some of the rust blisters, near every side had rust to some degree.

Lifetime warranty but not on powder coating. Very annoyed!!!

It is the widest one made and I cannot return it so I painted it gloss black and started installing it, fits with room to spare. Amp just fits inside mounted on side. Ran out of time. No more reports, had to leave for work and unknown when I can return.

The J20 now sits with the other working Jeeps but is so big it has to sit across a corner of the car port.
07-02-2020 09:49 PM
BagusJeep then i tackled the rear panels. The speakers had to fadten to the card so i doubled up in those areas on cardboard, cut it very accurately so the speakers would be a snug fit and the screws would bite in the carboard. Fastened to metalwork with same screws
07-02-2020 09:45 PM
BagusJeep So I was not 100% happy with the fasteners, you can see them through the leather. This stuff shows everything behind it!!

I decided along the bottom to go with zinc plated screws and cup washers. It looks alright
07-02-2020 09:43 PM
BagusJeep The 7" speakers screwed on two sides to the door metalwork. I therefore wamted to keep the door card away from them. I unfortunately did not have grilles so I will buy those later. I decided on raised circles around the speakers.

Made a template for the door card, cut the cardboard, cut out a speaker hole, put an accurate ring of card on the outside, glued leather on outside, ct and dragged the leather into the hole and around the outside. I had already measured and put in the fasteners on both sides.
07-02-2020 09:37 PM
BagusJeep So I started on door cards, never done it before.

i had the right cardboard, literally $5a sheet. It had become a bit bent over the months but when the glue hits it will soften. I had got hold of amixd bag of trim fasteners, only one type fitted the stock holes in the door. Tubs of contact adhesive.

i had some JBL speakers, 7" front, 9x7 rears. An amp will fit in the Tuffy console. Looking at it there were no holes for door wires and it seems the rig only ever had a radio and sole speaker in the dash
07-02-2020 09:31 PM
BagusJeep So i got materials last year and then got distracted by work Corona has given me time at home.

These are the colous of synthetic leather, good quality but not expensive.

Black for rear seat until I replace all seats, then natural leather colour

Natural leather for door cards

A lighter colour for headlining.
07-02-2020 09:27 PM
BagusJeep The front brake pads sheared, only a year old. Literally sheared the friction material off one which stayed on the disc. Had to buy from US and wait some weeks for new pads, this thing has big Bendix calipers. Gave me the opportunity to clean up the brakes and get the pivot bolts greased, should be OK but slight pulsing from brakes as some of the old pad must be stuck on the disc surface. This should settle down as it is driven.

So I got the alternator realigned. A po swapped the side it was on so it did not have a factory bracket. After shimming and bending it finally ran without squealing.

During this the starter motor stopped working. It was replaced in January with a more modern unit, the old one was just not capable of further rebuilding so when it failed I got this one from an XJ Cherokee. It was brand new from the local parts pusher but was not a Mopar product. Five months later it stops working. Took it apart, outside was new but inside three of the four brushes were seized in their holders and dirt everywhere. Freed the brushes with WD40 and gentle pressure and then cleaned and greased it. Ran well after that.

Took it for a test run and the clutch hose burst, rat had eaten it. Made up a new hose and line from bits left over and it worked again.

Then the bottom radiator hose, six months old, decided to pin hole. Fortunately i have spare CJ7 258 bottom hoses which fit.

She is fighting me at every turn. Like a wild Mustang that needs breaking in.......

Now starting first time and running up and down, time for interior.
06-11-2020 10:42 AM
JoonHoss That great congrats!

06-11-2020 10:21 AM
Kowpie So frustrating to learn that you need to proof the work of a paid professional! That is a great feeling to finally get a win AND to know what the problem was. Nicely done.
06-11-2020 04:14 AM
BagusJeep So, just before New Year I paid a mechanic to do a lot of maintenance to my Jeeps, the holidays were coming and I only had a few days off so I wanted to enjoy them. He got the 3 pack of gauges on, water,oil and volts. Did not put on the fuel gauge.....

I asked him to sort through the 2 original BBD carbs and the clone and get one running well, preferably an original. When I got back the carb was playing up, it really did not want to start. Hah, do it myself. But I could not get it to run even after a rebuild and clean.

Since March I have been on corona lockdown so sorting out some issues in the fleet. Took the carb off, gave it another good clean. No fuel. Replaced fuel pump.

No start, tried all carbs. Eventually drew some liquid out, it was a mixture of fuel and something else. Drained and cleaned tank, frog spawn looking mixture came out. Hah, must be fuel.

Now had clean fuel but no start. Tried all carbs and literally spent days on it. No start. 3 weeks ago stopped to work on a CJ.

One evening whilst whiling away the hours, I got out my 1976 Carter BBD manual. Oops, mentioned there were several gasket designs, some will block apertures in the base of the carb. I needed the gasket with the cutouts on the long edge.

Went out, carb off again for 30th time. Ahhhhhh, mechanic had removed the spacer and replaced it upside down AND with the wrong gasket. There are 2 cut outs on each long edge to match the carb, he had blocked them. when I opened the carb for one last look, it was filled with a wet sand like substance but it was organic, about 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz was blocking the jets and the float fulcrum. Don't know what this is but cleaned carb again (getting good at this) and reset the float levels (it was jammed open).

On went the spacer right side up with new correct gaskets, cleaned the spark plugs. Wrumph, up she fired and idled like a champ. I cannot say how happy I am!!!!

Next stop to get the alternator belt realigned, squeals bad. Then we can go back to the interior and electrics.
11-13-2019 10:52 PM
BagusJeep Rear bumper painted and out in the sunshine with the fleet.
09-08-2019 08:04 PM
BagusJeep Got a "copy" of a Type 2 bumper fabbed up. Without dimensions, we just estimated it. Square tube with a sheet metal cover, it is not particularly heavy and is more show than strong but at least I can step into the bed. Off to paint (black). Ordering up lights etc to kit it out, umber plate lights and a floodlight reversing light to go underneath. Toying with parking sensors.
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