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06-18-2020 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by ceb1 View Post
I did not know that .

The reason I mentioned that is that many of the guys doing their own bodywork are often used to working on older cars - either pre-airbag or pre-2ndgenairbags. I've seen frames "straightened" with a tree, a chain and a mallet.
Ahh, memories
Probably in 1986, 1975 Impala slid on snow and hit right corner of the bumper. Put it in the yard, and you can see the red handle of the come-along and chain around the tree. It would drag the car sideways, so get it super taught, and whack the rails with sledge hammer (also in the picture). Also my buddy's port-a-power on the ground. That is me on the left...
06-16-2020 03:39 PM
Fast55 The original concept
06-15-2020 10:45 AM
Fast55 A homemade Trailhawk. The bulb is probably popped out of the hatch, there's not much to it besides the bulb holder and wiring. I like it!
06-15-2020 07:21 AM
ISUzj It seems that I get updates in about every 10 days, since I am working at a snails pace on this thing I got the rest of it painted, and it looks okay in real life and better in pictures, if you look close you can see the hood and bumper are a bit light, so I am going to sand down the clear on both of them and hit them with 2 more coats of color and see if that helps at all. The only challenge is I am running out of days where it sits in the 70's very long so I am either going to get these re-sprayed in the next two weeks or wait till fall.

Here is a pic of it mostly back together, when I get the trim on and the hood the right color I will take a full set of front and backs for the world.

I have run into some hiccups, I am trying to re-paint under the hatch, oh my gosh this re-work sucks, you are right the door jambs may stay the darker color for their life, it isn't worth the effort. Also I don't know how but now my left rear hatch taillight isn't working and i think I need to replace it. Not sure if it got dropped or what, so I might try to take the cover off and see if I just knocked a wire loose, 100$ for the hatch tail-light, oh boy.

The hatch wont close with the button, but i think I figured out why, but need to verify. I didn't have the little black strips installed and plugged in on the hatch, which apparently is the pinch sensors. I hope that is the case, because I was super careful when taking things apart.

another fun fact, I have been looking for the screws that hold the fog lights in, 6506579AA, they are spendy little suckers at 2.10 a piece, glad I only need 4. a trip to a junkyard would be nice if I knew there was a WK2 somewhere around me.

anyway, without holding back, here is the latest, without the trim on, or the roof done.

06-06-2020 01:33 PM
w6pea @ISUzj
You have done all of this in your driveway WOW!
06-05-2020 10:42 AM
Fast55 I've heard that happens with 1 VS 2 stage paint sometimes. It still looks good so I'd probably pass on a complete do over. Looking forward to the finished product!
06-05-2020 06:44 AM
ISUzj Orange is such a hard color to get a photo of: so it looks darker in person the color in the shade is probably closest. For having never painted a car, it went pretty well, the worst of it all is that my spray gun got really sticky on the 3rd coat of clear so the clear coat may not be as thick as I wanted it. Once I have this all done, I will get some real high def pics up of the final result.

I did have a problem with the paint, I ordered from, it was a color called tangerine twist. Since I had no experience with painting I wanted to give myself some flexibility in painting it. I ordered a gallon kit of 2 stage and a gallon kit of single stage, with the plan to use the single stage in the jambs and the 2 stage on the outside. Well the single stage is waaaay more red than the outside. So I jokingly called my jeep the grapefruit to my wife since it is orange on the outside and blood-red on the inside I am going to probably get some paint mixed here locally to match the outside and then do some door touch up. I haven't yet decided if I am going to do the full panel tear-down again or not. it was a crap ton of work the first time. If you dont know to look for it, a non car person may never notice it, but there is some difference for sure. Chalk it up to learning i suppose.

Anyway, I plan on painting the hood and bumpers this weekend, and side note, you can see my hard rocks and rock slider installed on that side
05-26-2020 05:20 PM
Fast55 The color reminds me of the original Trailhawk concept from a few years ago. Great work!
05-26-2020 07:58 AM
ISUzj I am not sure I was ready for this, but I dove it head first on Sunday. I decided ahead of time to do it in stages so that way I could learn on the go. I was going to first do the jambs, then the main body, then the bumpers and the hood. This would also not have me push my air-compressor too hard and limit myself if I have an issue.

I got some single stage paint for the jambs and unseen areas so I could practice my technique. As said above... the prep work just for the doors was insane! so much trim to remove as carefully as possible and organize it in a way I can find it and put it all back on. I broke some clips in the process but I also learned a lot of tricks to taking most everything off without breaking. The trim on the hatch has some clips snapped, but I think that was from a previous owner taking something off and not putting it back on proper.

So without further delay, here is the first look of the new color

The paint did have some texture to it, I dont think I put it on wet enough, I would bet I could polish it up some. Before I even try to do the body I am going to get a piece of steel or something and keep messing with my gun/air settings. But this was also single stage paint, I am doing basecoat /clear for the rest of the jeep. I just didn't want to do that for all the unseen areas.

Next is to put a bunch of door panels and such back on, mask it all again to seal the doors. Then remove the badges and pinstripe and sand down the clear coat for sealer then paint. might be a week though because they are talking rain everyday here for a while
05-21-2020 08:53 PM
DRKRED12 I was also told by a long time painter " a monkey could do paint work but it takes good prep work for the monkey to be able to do the paint work".
05-21-2020 07:25 AM
Fast55 Looking good. For paint I have only 1 piece of advice learned the hard way over time. Don't skimp on prep. A life long body and paint guy once told me if you're not spending at least twice as much time prepping a car as actually painting it, you either won't like the results or you won't for long.
05-20-2020 12:05 PM
ISUzj Small updates, but take lots of time.

Got all 6 brackets welded on, then sanded the area down and caulked the gaps with silicone that were not welded. to waterproof the space between the plate and the jeep, keeps the rocks and mud and water from hopefully sitting in there. then hit the bare steel with primer then did the whole underside of the rocker with rustoleum to protect as well as not look so ugly if I don't end up putting the plastic back over the rockers.

Started to gut the trim and panels for paint prep... oh its getting real now... real messy.

so if anyone has any random trim questions.. I probably have the answer or can find it I haven't painted before, so this is all new to me. I am doing my best to take things apart and not destroy them so I dont have to spend big bucks on clips and fasteners. Hoping to paint door jambs this weekend, then start sanding the main body down and prepping for when it quits raining in 2 weeks.
05-06-2020 10:21 PM
ColdCase Do they mean body screws or bolts? Are the round or square holes. You may have to swing by a boddy shop and sind out what they use. My body manual is for the early model and they attache differently.
05-06-2020 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by ColdCase View Post
I think this is for the 2014. Looks like 14 screws and 2 rivets. Didn't see screw or rivet size specified.:

Thanks with the design of the holes on the outer edges, rivets make sense... I tried m6 bolts in the middle holes and they seemed to fit funny with the panel clips, maybe I will try with a straight locknut and see if that works when I put it back together.
05-06-2020 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by ISUzj View Post

I have zip ties holding the grille to the bumper, but would like a more permanent solution when I can find it
I think this is for the 2014. Looks like 14 screws and 2 rivets. Didn't see screw or rivet size specified.:
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