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03-26-2020 04:21 PM
'92 vegas YJ I don't know how I'm just now seeing this. Build looks awesome. I'm a fan of the stretch, kinda biased though.
03-26-2020 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by gyaniv View Post
Yeah the bent tube is much better than notched.
What about place to mount fairlead for the winch?
I’ll be making a fairlead mount as well as adding some bracing between the grill bar and the bull bar and tying it into the tube fenders I need to build. But I’m moving over to the front link mount setup for a minute now.. because I want to..
03-26-2020 12:43 PM
gyaniv Yeah the bent tube is much better than notched.
What about place to mount fairlead for the winch?
03-26-2020 08:46 AM
87TPIYJ Agreed much better!
03-25-2020 07:59 PM
NashvilleTJ Much better. Good choice.
03-25-2020 04:52 PM
tbunch Changed my mind on the bull bar and whipped this little guy together during my lunch hour at home (perks of working from home for now). I think it looks nicer. Not sure why I went with the other one last night.. honestly think I just didn’t want to mess with doing a compound cut with a grinder. This one is burned in though so I won’t change back. Needs some additional bracing but it’s set. Attachment 3897507Attachment 3897505Attachment 3897503
03-24-2020 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by NashvilleTJ View Post
I don’t think that’s going anywhere. Beef.
Thanks, better not go anywhere or I’ve got real issues.

Did a little more on it tonight and yesterday. Winch plate is welded on top and bottoms. Then I added the grill roll bar. It came out a little wider than it should have since I was using the old winch plate stuff so I made some little wings to mount it on and gussetted them.
Attachment 3897353
Attachment 3897355
Attachment 3897357

Played with front axle location and mocked up the tires to get an idea of wheelbase. Won’t know until it’s alone there for real, but it’s looking like110 wb. Happy with that.
Attachment 3897363

Then I cleaned up a bit and made this little winch gaurd/bull bar. Not sure I love it. I like it, but not love. Probably just gonna leave it though. Add some tubes that go up to the grill guard to tie it all in. Thoughts are welcome here. It’s just tacked for now.

Attachment 3897359
Attachment 3897361
Attachment 3897365

Also got some Artec swag from my buddies over there for lending my trailer out. Good dudes!
Attachment 3897367
Attachment 3897369

It’s a good time to be stuck at home!
03-23-2020 08:18 PM
NashvilleTJ I donít think thatís going anywhere. Beef.
03-23-2020 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by daddyjeep87 View Post
The frame extension turned out really nice. It sure must be nice to work from a clean slate so you can put things exactly where they need to be versus compromising around a stock frame.
It sure is. I’ll get some other pics of it all welded in, but basically it’s all fully welded and then plated over the top with a piece the basically intersects with the frame reinforcement plates I originally added. Would have been nice if I had planned to do this originally just to have those frame plates be one continuous piece but hindsight is 20/20 so.

On the note of putting things where I want, it has been a huge plus. I got the steering box mocked in and out a few times and welded the winch plate and angle iron reinforcements. It will be plenty stout. Clearances are extremely tight for the steering box, but it works perfect.
Attachment 3896989
Attachment 3896987
Attachment 3896983
Attachment 3896985
The steering box is nice and out of the way and the winch plate sits flat. I had to drill 1 hole to allow for the top of the box to poke up, the cut a recess where the fittings will come out. The angle iron is shaped around the box just right and those 2 pieces of angle are .25 thick and line up with the winch mounting holes so it will bolt through both the angle iron and the .25 winch plate. It’s all welded basically everywhere. Nothing should be going anywhere.

Need to figure out a custom high pressure line now. In the meantime, I’m going to get the radiator roll bar and the stinger on and build a fairlead mount. Overall I like it.
03-23-2020 09:33 AM
daddyjeep87 The frame extension turned out really nice. It sure must be nice to work from a clean slate so you can put things exactly where they need to be versus compromising around a stock frame.
03-21-2020 03:30 PM
tbunch Moving on, first I got some shiny goods for the front axle, decided I was a cheap-o by trying to re-use the worn and rusted brake rotors and unit bearings so I bit the bullet and replaced them. Got the new rotors staked on and ready to go on the axle.
Attachment 3896507

I also had the steering arms bored out to 3/4” for the bolts I’m using for the Heims, then cleaned and painted. Picked up a ruff stuff fabbed diff cover and did the rest of the axle shaft assembly.

Then continued with the front surgery. I found some 3/16 rectangular tube that was a close fit to the inside of the stock frame rail. I built some spacers that I welded on in order to make the whole thing a very tight fit, then plug welded and welded the outside.

Then cut some 3/16 rectangular tube that fit snugly over the short tube that were in the stock frame and closely matched the stock frame dimensions. I used my old steering box mount as a template, and found the remainder of the 3/8 plate I made it from and scavenged just enough to make a new mounting plate. Did some welding, sleeving, cutting etc and eventually came up with this.

Attachment 3896509
Attachment 3896511
Attachment 3896513
Attachment 3896515
This was all planned out, but it moves the steering box about 5” forward while only extending the frame by about 3” so it doesn’t look ridiculous.this should allow me about 4” of front WB stretch. This also let me stuff the gearbox about 2-3” higher behind the front bumper. The cylinder sat very low and exposed before so this is a big plus. With it mocked in place I think the drag link geometry will be about perfect. This will also free up space for the track bar.

I still have to attach a piece of square tube that will replace the radiator support mount, then I can add some bracing for the winch plate, add the winch plate and fairlead mount, then it will be easy to add the radiator roll bar and stinger right on. Oh, also add some recovery points that I’m waiting for in the mail, sounds like a lot, but really this is turning out very easy and quick. Then onto the front links.
03-18-2020 03:27 PM
tbunch So things have been interesting lately to say the least. The world is sinking into anarchy and I’m just trying to make sure I have enough steel to keep building when everything shuts down.

On that note I picked up some brackets and steel to move the fro t end along. Nice to have Artec across the street!
Attachment 3895907

Then I’ve somehow been talked into more changes.. bottom line is to make the front end work as I want it to I needed to move the axle forward a few inches. This would allow good link length for where I need to mount them on the frame, without interference with the steering box. So, bottom line is I cut the front off the Jeep now..
Attachment 3895909
Attachment 3895911
Attachment 3895913

I don’t think I regret it, but I am really not excited this adds more time to the whole thing. But in the end it will let me have better geometry, tuck my steering gear up tight to the frame, and give me like 4” more wheelbase. Hoping to land at 110-112 total.

Then, since the world shutting down for a virus isn’t enough, I woke up this morning to a 5.7 earthquake shaking the whole house. Honestly like nothing I’ve ever felt, really quite scary! (Been feeling aftershocks all day). I was removed and shocked that through all that my precariously balances Jeep stayed on the jackstands. It’s very too heavy with no axles to counterbalance it.
Attachment 3895915

Scary stuff, now my goal is just to finish this thing before the world ends!
03-11-2020 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by NashvilleTJ View Post
If that was a Snap-On axle-shaft-ear-spreader that tool would have cost you $300..
That’s the truth. It only needed a few thou more, the plan is to go to chromo shafts once funds allow so these only need to last so long anyways, but I wasn’t ready to buy new shafts over such a small problem, or to heat them up and cause other issues. 16lb sledge just wasn’t the right approach with this one (I tried though).
03-11-2020 04:02 PM
NashvilleTJ If that was a Snap-On axle-shaft-ear-spreader that tool would have cost you $300...

Nice work as usual, Tanner.
03-11-2020 10:42 AM
tbunch Haven’t been updating much, but the work continues. The rear axle is totally done. Finally got the rear spool to replace the warped ball of mess, all was within spec, about 1thou of total runout, I can live with it.
Attachment 3894613
Attachment 3894615
Attachment 3894617

Setup the gears, brakes, etc, fully assembled, sealed and painted it. Ready to bolt in. All new bearings, seals, etc. pretty pleased with the outcome.
Attachment 3894619
Attachment 3894621
Going to be running mostly stainless braided AN limes for the brakes so I’m gather bits for that.

Also did most of the final welding on the cage, need to add a couple more lateral supports and gussets, then I can pull it to get the tiny parts I can’t reach, paint it and raptor line the back half of the tub. Then I can bolt it in, tie it to the frame and be done with that.

I. The meantime I’m sourcing the components for the front axle and starting to get the front 3 link mapped out.

This has turned into way more of a project than I originally budgeted, financially and time wise, motivation comes and goes, but I am excited for the finished product. Hopefully if I stay on track I can have it all buttoned up and useable by early summer. Realistic deadline is mid June now, but we will see how that goes.

Sorry for the slow updates, but there isn’t much to show most of the time, just the boring bits that nobody thinks about. Bearings, gear setup, painting etc.

Last little bit was working on the front axle and problem solving, despite my best efforts on the u-joint replacement, the ear bent on one inner shaft just slightly, I devised this with a 1" bolt and a 1"ID collar with some elbow grease to span it back out the 30 tho's to fit the joint back in correctly, worked like a charm.
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