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10-24-2019 05:21 PM
ColdCase Nice, you should to be thinking about trading in 3-5 years (if you can put up with the constant return to a dealer for repairs) certainly no more than 6 as Tiguans tend to fall apart and are extremely expensive to fix.... resale value is pretty low. But a nice car for a few years.
10-24-2019 04:44 PM
Gr33nj33p Thanks for all the advice and input guys. You all have been great! If I ever get another Jeep, I will be back for sure. I ended up test driving a lot of SUV's and trucks and ended up going with a 2019 VW Tiguan. It has quite a few things I like better than my Grand Cherokee, and there are some things about the Jeep I will really miss. In the end, it was mostly a financial decision. I would have loved a new WK2 Limited or new pickup truck, but the divorce has tapped me out and I just didn't want a big car payment again. My payment didn't go up too much, and my auto insurance is less. Also, I have been getting double the mpg's I was getting in the Jeep. The 6yr/72k bumper to bumper warranty sealed the deal for me. Anyways, thanks again fellas.
09-20-2019 10:50 PM
InTenn I really understand your desire for a truck. I had a 2005 Dakota for about five years and still miss having it. Before I bought my GC in 2018, I came close to getting a Colorado Z71 ... and I didn't want to wait a another year for the Ranger to finally make its return to the market. I liked most everything about the Colorado, but the driver's seat was a deal-breaker.

I'm glad I passed on the Colorado and - maybe so should you.

I rented a 2018 Colorado LT 2WD for about a week back in late December 2018 and as soon as I got up to highway speeds, the truck started shaking. I thought it was a bad tire. Enterprise couldn't get me another truck, so I suffered through it and they gave me a discount. I checked out the one of the Colorado owner forums and turns out that many owners have experienced the same thing - instead of it being a tire problem, it's a "shudder" involving the transmission, torque converter, and water getting into the transmission fluid. GM has spent the past year trying to come up with various remedies that have failed. The latest fix is a new transmission fluid formulation, but only time will tell if that permanently eliminates the problem.

Anyhow, good luck with your search and I hope you find something you really like, whatever model it may be.
09-20-2019 11:38 AM
mx71 I have a folding harbor freight trailer that I use for lawn debris and motorcycles. Recently got a '16 GMC Sierra Denali because I was tired of using it and having to set it up and down when I needed it, even if rarely. I do have access to a box trailer that's 30 minutes away, and also not worth the hassle. If you're thinking about a truck, get a truck, but as a rule, I don't buy any vehicle that's first or second generation. I got my WK2 in '13, the last year of that interior and architecture, and got a three year old truck that's had all the kinks worked out, and the third year of it's generation. Both have given me no problems other than some recalls.
09-19-2019 10:40 AM
Gr33nj33p Thanks for all the replies guys. Like I have said before, I have owned so many vehicles in my life that I know they all have problems. I think vehicles today are all very good compared to the old days, but there is nothing out there that is perfect from ANY manufacturer. There do seem to be lots of transmission issues with all the manufacturers these days which is unfortunate, but they are all trying to add more and more gears to maximized efficiency and power- which have more moving parts and newer designs which haven't been tested in the real world long enough.

I mainly buy vehicles for function, but I won't lie- I am a sucker for what I think looks good and I do like the new Chevy trucks. I used to hate Chevy's design and liked Fords for the last 10 years or so, and back in the mid-late 90's when the redesigned Ram came out I went out and bought one because it was such a radical and new design and I thought it was so awesome looking. I also bought a new 2012 Tundra that I had for almost 4 years and it was a great truck.

Anyways, this decision is tough. There are some nice looking rides out there for 2019/2020. While my Jeep has been great, it would be nice to have something with a warranty and no dents, dings, or blemishes. I like shiny new things haha. I have attached a photo of my current Jeep, if I get a new WK2, I will keep the wheels and tires that I put on it when I bought it back in 2017. I love the 17" wheels for looks and they are so nice up in the mountains and fire roads.
09-19-2019 07:55 AM
WindyCity We have both the GC's which have been super reliable and a 13' Sierra 1500 and it has been great also with little to no issues. As many have stated there is issues and problems with all cars/companys. Pick what's right for your situation and go for it. It's hard to compare a full size truck as I can do so much more with it than our GC.
The only problem I have with the GC is that we will need more space with the kids and all there stuff in the next couple years and the wife doesn't like the Durango so we will be shopping and not much out there besides Tahoe/Yukon.
Good luck
09-19-2019 06:49 AM
Bryce850 I actually just traded my 16 double cab 4x4 Silverado for the Jeep, I bought the Chevy new and it was a great truck I had 0 issues and it did everything I asked it to do. The only reason I traded it is my wife drives our main vehicle everyday with my work supplying me a new f450. We bought our house around the time we got the truck and it was used alot that first year but since then it's been pretty much just a DD and we have both been so busy at work I have hardly had time to hunt or fish so we both decided to get something a little bit smaller and easy to dive for her in town. Having two dogs also played into it which is why we at first were just going to get a Canyon but quickly started looking at SUVs and the only ones that fit us were the JGC and the 4runner and one you drive them it's no comparison really.
09-19-2019 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by JeepGC001 View Post
My opinion and some facts: My 2005 Silverado has been the most dependable and reliable vehicle I've ever owned.
Your lucky, the neighbors 2005 had to be junked after 3 years, and his newest one has been hauled away from his driveway for repair 4 times over the past year. Nearly stranded him twice. But he will still buy another every 2 years or so as he wants to love them. He managed to get a good one back in the 70s when he got his first date and then later had trouble with the GM provided jeep drive train... so GM for him, no Jeeps.... even if his issues was with the GM engine and transmission

There isn't a bad car built today, so buy what you like. GM forums are full of early blown head gaskets and $1000 repairs because GM wanted to save 25 cents on an gasket.
09-19-2019 02:52 AM
JCE Buy the Jeep for a myriad of reasons. The two big ones for me at least are, I refuse to buy a GM product and frankly, those trucks are hideous to look at. There's one thing the Jeep has above about every other larger vehicle is that it is quite brilliant to look at.
09-18-2019 08:19 PM
0f02r I have a 17 GC...and an 11 F150 platinum. I gravitate towards the F150...but I still enjoy the GC...
09-18-2019 05:13 PM
JeepGC001 My opinion and some facts: My 2005 Silverado has been the most dependable and reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Zero issues. My step dad has an F150 of the same year and mileage and it has left him stranded 3 times (broken down), had 3 recalls (one related to fire), and I've had to replace multiple parts on it for him (master cylinder, coil packs, motorized rear view mirror, etc...). The first year of any vehicle will sometimes have statistically more issues than predecessor years of the same generation, and that can happen with anything that's manufactured. HALT, component level testing, duty cycle & stress tests, integration testing, environmental tests, etc. can only test so many variables and variations, the real world will always differ.

When I replace this Grand Cherokee, my current plan is for it to be with a new Silverado. They look awesome, and if you disagree, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. From what I've read and heard personally about the new Ram trucks (from actual owners), they may have nice interiors but are experiencing lots of issues.

With the 2014 Grand Cherokee I've owned for only several months, I've experienced several issues, fortunately none too significant. My Grand Cherokee has also had 9 (yes, nine) recalls. Doubt I'll go with an FCA product again.
09-18-2019 02:56 PM
Jurassic_Jeep I would stick with your current Jeep for as long as you can. If you like it, and ownership has been good, why change it? You live in a condo so that means storage is limited (no pun intended), so therefore, I don't think you'll be hauling much by having a p/u. Sometimes, less is more.
09-18-2019 02:38 PM
moosestache I like the gladiator, and that may work for you. For me, it wouldn't go offroad as well as a regular jeep wrangler and wouldn't haul stuff as well as a regular pickup, but for a lot of people I think it would work great.
09-18-2019 02:35 PM
moosestache I have both a chevy 2500 diesel pickup and a jeep grand cherokee. I plow with it, so I need a pickup. There really isn't much difference between the brands, they all have good and bad. A lot more GM trucks sold then ford, then a lot more ford trucks sold then dodge. As far as if I could have only one, it depends. If I had to go into the city much, I would have the GC. If I didn't have to go into the city and worry about parking etc, then a pickup does a lot more. If you have anyone riding in the back, definitely get the cab with 4 full doors. Just remember, they are long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who gets the 1/2 doors in the back ends up wishing they got the full ones, basically almost the same size with none of the benefits of the full size back doors.
09-18-2019 01:49 PM
9496ZJs Jeep w/HD towing.

You can rent a trailer for so little money when you need it. And one day when the divorce dust settles and you are a little more flush, you may find yourself in a home with 2 garage bays and you can go get a Dodge truck for fun...towed home by your Jeep.
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