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05-06-2020 04:45 PM
Joe_Fordyce I'm just going on 3 years with my BT kit. It is a 2000 TJ with the 4.0L. I did not like the intake provided so created one from 3" al. tubing, silicone elbows/couplers, and a Ford Windstar airbox. It has the 6lb. pulley, no boost gauge (you can feel it ... gauge not needed), and no AFR gauge. It's a sleeper and has satisfied all my requirements. Just my $0.02 and YMMV.
03-31-2020 08:57 PM
NashvilleTJ Gotta love what a supercharger does to the 4.0. What did it make in torque at the rear wheels?
03-31-2020 02:37 PM
PGChelew FWIW, last summer I persuaded Marc at Boosted Tech, to install their supercharger on my TJ. He normally does not do installs, so this was an exception.
We towed the Jeep behind our Class C RV from home in Carson City, NV area, to his shop in Denver. Left the Jeep with him and spent the week in a Denver area park that has an rv park section (lovely place). At the end of the week, met Marc again at the shop, test drove the car (got pulled over by the Sheriff for speeding; luckily just got a Warning); and towed home again. Before going to Denver, at Marc's request, we did fuel pressure, leak down, and compression tests to verify engine condition.
Marc installed the blower (painted red per my request) with polished mounting hardware, new 4 hole injectors,later model equal length runner intake manifold, a new aluminum 3 core radiator, all new hoses, and a Hi Altitude (small) pulley.
He included the platinum plug set, which I installed later. The car is a 1997 with auto, Dana 44's with ARB lockers, 4:1 Terra low conversion, 35's, 4.56; Cloakworks long arms, 4.0 6 cyl that has header, hi flow exhaust system, recent ignition parts replacements, etc. I also took it to a Reno dyno shop for before pulls to establish baseline hp & torque. They also installed the AFR and boost/vac gauges in a pod on the A pillar.
After returning home, I installed the platinum plugs, and went back to the dyno shop. Marc, working with the shop owner in Reno, on his BT web site and over the web, took control of the BT piggyback ECM he had installed, and did the final AFR/timing tweeks remotely, in real time.
Net result: round numbers, 40 more hp and 70 more lbs./feet.. about 7 to 8 psi boost at full throttle. 200 hp at the rear wheels.
Marc did a great job on the install, and the product is everything claimed for it. I am very much satisfied with the result.
03-30-2020 06:46 PM
Kiwi_TJ I would think that anything that draws air in from outside of engine bay (only way to get truly cold air) away from mud/water/dust would be a really good option. Just had a look at the THOR cowl intake and it looks like quite a good option to me.
03-30-2020 11:17 AM
tazzerboy Would it be possible and/or beneficial to do a cold air intake like the THOR Kit?
03-30-2020 08:54 AM
westchamp241 Nice! This gives me some inspiration of what to do for mine.
03-29-2020 08:44 AM
JPPCAR Here is a pic of what i did
03-28-2020 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by JPPCAR View Post
We also did not care for the intake that came with the kit and designed our own.
I too agree the intake provided with the kit is less than optimal... I'm curious to see/hear what you came up with.
01-22-2020 06:00 AM
Misfits Hey TJTurbo good to see you're still at it tuning! You are correct that the WOT delay setting controls the amount of time before the PE table kicks in. Its essentially there to make sure that there is a true substantial demand for power enrichment and not just a momentary kick of the throttle so to speak. I've heard rumors but can't substantiate that this delay was also put place to satisfy the required MPG testing. There certainly is a gain to be had by reducing the delay time as well as reducing the WOT voltage threshold.
01-20-2020 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by NashvilleTJ View Post
Sounds like a good result, Paul. Interesting that the tuning could be done remotely as you described. What torque number did it put up at the wheels?

My graph from the dyno run shows that torque went from 170.54 before BT, to 247.61 after BT installation/tuning. HP went from 142.16 to 190.44.

01-17-2020 10:30 AM
TJTurbo Sorry to change the subject but it is boost related, maybe one of you guys might know the answer to this or know who I could ask. Being new at tuning I'm a little gun shy with just changing settings without researching them first. I have quoted my post from the HP Tuner forum.
WOT Delay Question?

"2006 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 with Banks Turbo kit. Engine>Fuel>Power Enrich>Delay>WOT Delay is set to 8.480s(sec?). Does this setting control the PCMs timing to switch to Open Loop mode? Any benefit to be had by lowering or zeroing this table out? Am I way off base as to what this setting controls? Any insight greatly appreciated, thanks."

Sent from my LG-TP450 using Tapatalk
01-17-2020 10:12 AM
JPPCAR Glad to see all went well.
01-17-2020 10:06 AM
JPPCAR You need to create a log in first and go to the support tab to download the Instructions.
01-17-2020 09:41 AM
07wurubi For those that have installed the Boosted Tech setup, how are the instructions for doing it? I can't seem to locate any instructions on their website. Before buying something like this, I like to be able to see how it is installed. I did this for my MetalCloak fenders and most anything else if instructions are available before hand. Like to know what I am getting myself into first before spending big chunks of money.
01-17-2020 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by PGChelew View Post
I took the TJ to BT in Denver, where Marc Cook had it for a week doing the installation. He also replaced my OEM radiator with a 3 core aluminum unit; all new hoses, coolant, belt, 185 degree thermostat. Additionally, my TJ is an early 1997 and had an intake manifold with unequal length runners, which Marc changed out for an aftermarket equal length runner model. Before taking it there, and as a result of Marc's instructions, I did a compression and leak down test, and fuel rail pressure test. All were good, with leak downs all 98 to 99%. The Jeep has about 63,000 miles, and has done it's share of trails, many at Moab, medium difficulty (max of 7 rated). During the final pull, the shop owner connected his laptop to the BT piggyback ECM, dialed up Marc C. in Denver by phone, followed instructions for logging on to BT's website, and then Marc took control via the laptop interface, of the piggyback ECM program in the car, and did some final tweeks to the AFR and timing. I also installed the platinum plugs that Marc supplied with the blower, and I had him use the high altitude (small) driven pulley. I get a max pressure of 8 PSI and an AFR at full throttle of 12.4 to 12.5. Highway fuel mileage at 65 mph, 3,000 rpm, is about 12 mpg, so somewhat less than previously.
Before doing the BT installation, I had a shop in Reno do the following: dyno pulls for Before blower, HP & Torque; install an 'A' pillar two gauge instrument pod and an AFR and Vacuum/Boost Pressure gauge. We also converted the injectors to 4 hole from the OEM one hole units. It also has a header and high flow exhaust system (plus a bunch of off road chassis stuff).
Results: a final dyno pull showed a 40 hp and 70 lb.ft. gain, for rear wheel HP of 200. All power transitions are smooth and linear, and power is excellent. Marc did a first rate job with the installation; his workmanship was outstanding. I have about 1,000 miles on the blower installation, and am totally pleased with it.
DISCLAIMER: Marc normally does not have time or space to do these installations, but I was very persuasive.

Paul C.
Sounds like a good result, Paul. Interesting that the tuning could be done remotely as you described. What torque number did it put up at the wheels?

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