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04-23-2019 10:10 AM
HAZCAT Was it doing this before you rotated the tires? And if so, any difference from before the rotation? What is the max psi for those tires?

I know on my old TJ I had to play with that a bit to find the sweet spot on my BFG mud terrains. I always ran 30psi on my BFG all terrains on my CJs but had to run a little more on the TJ. Your JK is heavier so that may make some difference....just like airing down to 15-20 psi to go wheeling and driving back home on the road with that same air pressure sucks and the Jeep feels sluggish and kind of wonders as it finds dips in the road. Air them back up it drives fine. My Z71 truck has BFG ATKO tires that are 10ply for 1 ton trucks not half ton and they are rated to 80 psi while the factory were rated at 40 psi. I have to run 55psi or they wear odd and it doesn't drive the same.

Also I would agree on checking the ball joints but I would jack the front up and wiggle the tire. Push in on the top while pulling on the bottom to see if it has play back and forth. Maybe look at the joints while someone does that to see if they have play and are worn out.

A new after market steering stabilizer may help with the shake as well but it isn't a cure if parts are indeed worn out. But I would still want to make sure that all the tires and wheels are balanced correctly before you do too much.
04-22-2019 08:52 PM
222Doc bad news is people toss money at this issue like wack a mole. Dont do that. Unless you are willing to work on this somewhat your self. You will always be at the mercy of a mechanic. Its a jeep thing. Be one, or pay one.

look up " dry steer test" by planman? has some thing that may help you. Tire balance is a main issue in most any of these cases, main as i know ther may be another issue making it not Shimmy but shake badly. unless something is fubar. How much caster you running? on that lift? i see what look like adjustable arms. maybe JJs. Be SURE everything is tight on the links, track etc. nothing came apart like a jam nut...

i would check ball joints. 35s tend to beat them up fast. lift the jeep off the ground about an inch front. place a pry bar under the tire. pry up has play its gone. should not move much. some may make a popping sound doing this. this can be heard/felt at times driving as well. Stockparts are not worth installing in this case TO ME. i know people here think Fiat parts are cats *** but yea no....

tie rods, people think if they rotate easy they are bad NO. stock one turn like butter easy smooth. what you again are looking for is Vertical, up and down looseness. say as Bjs.
04-22-2019 04:35 PM
theo_dude I have aftermarket tires, Dick Cepek Fun Country 35", 12.5" wide. They are taller and wider than factory tires. I checked all the tires PSI and they're all reading 28PSI. I did rotate all my tires my last oil change.

As far as the steering goes it's okay until I'm going above 40mph and hit a small bump in the road then the jeep starts shaking. There is no violent jump side to side, it's just shaking.
04-22-2019 03:21 PM
HAZCAT First you should have this posted in the JK forum for more JK owners to see probably as there may be something specific on that model to address.

But death wobble is nothing new to any of us that have owned Jeeps for many years. First thing to check and it is the easiest. Check the tire pressure on all 4 tires and make sure that is correct first. Then if it was mine and that is taken care of and still have the issue, swap the front and rear tires to see if that helps. You could have a low tire or out of balanced wheel cause this and those two tests would tell you that.

Next are your tires and wheels factory or after market and are they taller and wider than factory? What brand and style?
Do you have play in the steering wheel before the wheels turn?
Is everything still look ok in the front suspension and steering and all tight?
A 2015 is awfully new to have a bunch of worn out parts causing this so unless it had a hard life for 4 years, I'm leaning towards tire/wheel issue. Could have a bent wheel. If you can't find anything on your own then you might go to a tire shop that does alignments to make sure all the wheels are balanced and it is aligned properly.
Also does it jump violently side to side at 65 or just start vibrating hard and shaking the steering wheel? Vibrations and steering wheel shake can be drive shaft u-joints going bad, motor mounts broke or bolts loose, transmission mount shot.
And ****y cupped rounded and pitted roads can make it even worse so do your drive testing on a decent flat paved road.
04-22-2019 03:03 PM
Death Wobble

I have a 2015 Jeep wrangler. I was driving down the highway the other day and at about 65mph my Jeep starts wobbling out of control so I shifted down to 4th and then I started gain control back.

I've been looking it up and all these different post saying that the problem is within your steering components. As in the tires need to be re-aligned, tie rod, drag link. And I'm still unsure of what it might me.

I just moved to Virginia, and I don't know the area too well so I don't know of the garages that aren't going to rip me off. So my next option is bring it to a Jeep dealership and see if they can find out whats wrong.

I'm just asking if anyone else has gone through this, and what is it that you did to fix this problem?

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