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07-12-2019 02:43 PM
daddyjeep87 The Jeep is looking good.

I wish I would have checked in on your build before Bantam. I remember seeing you guys there. Glad you enjoyed it. Since my Jeep actually worked this year, we had a good time too.
07-05-2019 02:21 PM
caronaxtr2 More Purchases

Barnes 4WD was having a 4th of July Sale, I picked up the Flat Skid Plate

I ended up selling the Stock rims & tires from the TJ for $125.00. So I couldn't put the money in my pocket, so on to Amazon to review my shopping cart & picked some items I have sitting there.

The front seemed to be sagging a bit, probably because I have the bumper & winch on the front & I'm not sure what I'm doing for a Spare Tire Carrier.

I'm getting ready to get going on the inside. Sand the interior, POR15 it & then Monstaline the interior. So I picked up some risers for the front seats as (in my opnion) you sit a little too low in the stock seats.

07-01-2019 05:47 PM
Checking more things off the list!

I had to get this thing moving so I could get it out of the garage to clean.

Next up was to get going on the Brown Dog Motor Mounts.

Step 1 was to loosen then Transmission Mount. I had a new one to install from Daystar, so dropping the skid plate was first on the list.

Some of the studs were broken off already so it was that much easier. Once I dropped the skid I could see the mount was trashed.

Not sure if you can see it, but the front side is torn away from the rest.

Compared to the new Mount:

And Installed:

Next was to reinstall the skid plate & then start working on the old motor mounts. I thought this was going to be a real PIA, but it really wasn't that bad.

New Brown Dog compared to the old ones:

The old ones really weren't as bad as I thought.

Reinstalling the new one really was pretty easy. Just set it in place, loosely in stall the new one & jack up the motor slowly until the holes line up & insert the bolt.

Repeat on the passenger side. Easier said than done. I found it way easier to remove the battery, battery tray, & air box. That gives you a ton of room to pull the old one out & get the new one in.

Again, comparison Old to new.... I know, same as before!

Here you can see all the room with everything out of the way:

And Look at that little bit or Jeep Porn all shiny Yellow.....

Drivers Side:

Passenger Side:

Now I reinstalled the fan shroud & fired the lil' old girl up.

This was the first time she moved out of the garage.

The next thing is for me to figure out why power steering fluid is leaking. After buying the wrong diameter hose from Auto Zone, I found out why it was leaking. When I pulled the low pressure line off, there was a hose clamp on the pump side, but on the resivour side there was no clamp & the hose was damaged. I'll get going on replacing that tomorrow.

I'm debating what to do next. 1) buy the Monstaliner so I can paint it, 2) buy gears & lockers or C) buy Barnes 4wd skid plate along with other smaller items (heater core, etc)

One last thing before I let you go, after I started it up everything was shaking & rattling like crazy. I thought it was because it's been sitting for so long BUT after reviewing everything I think I over tightened the bolts for the motor mounts. They aren't supposed to be tight, they say they should be rather loose to allow the motor to utilize the rubber to absorb some of the vibration. I'll take care of that shortly.

Well...... everyone thanks for stopping by!

I'll leave you with this ==>>

06-23-2019 07:34 AM
In Cab Winch Control

Saturday I went to my local Midas Tire shop to see if they could mount my last 2 tires & rims. The store manager thought his tech could do it for me & when I asked how much, he said just toss the Tech $10 or so.

After running to the bank they were all mounted up & beads inside. I gave the Tech $20 and the store manager $20 for hooking me up.

Got home & mounted all the spacers & tires up. Pictures will come shortly.

Once that was done, I figured I'd work on the In Cab Winch Control, it was actually really easy & I'm surprised more people don't do this mod.

Pulled the cover off the Smittybilt Winch:

Now I had to look & decide where to drill the hole to get the wires up to the control module. There is a lot of room on the Left side of the plate:

I knew I needed a rubber Grommet so the wires wouldn't get cut on the sharp steel & found one in my electrical box. Got out my steel drill bits & started with a small bit & worked my way up to my largest. I then jumped to my step drill (love that thing):

Watched this video from Bleepin Jeep & it basically walks you right through it.

I used 3 wires (Red = Power, Blue = Winch Out, White = Winch In)

While I was doing all this the wife came out with a Margarita on the rocks.. (I knew she was good for something)

The Previous owner had a switch in the dash just below the gauge cluster, so I figured I'd use some LED's to let me know what I was doing with the winch. I had to make a plate to cover up the switch hole hold the LED's.

You can see the switch hole the previous guy put in.... I drilled the other 2 holes to the right for the LED's.

And mounted up. I made it fast & didn't make the holes exactly level. (kinda of pissed about that, but I can always remake the plate in no time down the road)

Here it is installed & nothing turned on:

Power Switch turned on: (first Red Light turns on)

Winch Out (Power Light stays on & Blue Light turns on)

Winch In (Power Light stays on & other Red Light turns on)

Works flawlessly! I thing it'll be a cool to have/use on the trails. One of my last rides I was on my winch cable had too much slack in it & was getting really close to my front drivers side tire.

If anyone has questions on how I did this let me know. Would recommend you guys do this. For $ less than $30 to do this, even less is you buy less expensive switches.
06-21-2019 02:47 PM
caronaxtr2 Getting Back on Track now......

I finished up the TJ's lift in the rear. After getting the Torx bolt out of the Rear Track Bar It was cake.

The last issue was getting the bolt back in for the Track Bar.......

Made up some new Curse Words....

But I got it done.

Ordered up some 5x4.5 to 5x5.5 x 1.5" wide wheel spacers off Amazon.

& some Spline Lugnuts

Test fitted one of my mounted tires & (Drum Roll Please!)

Plan for tomorrow is to 1) get the other 2 tires mounted & balanced, 2) install my motor mounts, 3) replace the Transmission Mount, 4) reinstall the Fan Schroud, 5) re-torque all the bolts for the lift kit, & 6) hopefully start it up & pull it out of the Garage.....

I also want to wire up the in-cab controls for the winch, get both front & rear axles in the garage & start tearing them down for sand blasting.

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and => well you get the picture<=
06-21-2019 02:29 PM
Bantam 2019

It's been a little while since I'd update the thread, so here you go. I took my WJ down to Bantam a few weekends ago. Great time. Trip was a little over 3 hours.
We didn't rush down, we weren't in any hurry so we took our time.

I went down with my buddy (YJ), he's got a Chevy V8 & Chevy drivetrain under the YJ.

First thing we did was setup our camp site @ Coopers Lake Camp Ground.

First run on Saturday Morning I heard a clicking noise coming from my front end. My buddy decided to jump on a BLACK trail since there was no line....

^^ thats on top of a Rock Step after going through a mud hole. He had to be winched up. His tires are horrible and he couldn't get any traction.

I was next & BOOM my front end let loose....... At that point it was my turn to get winched up......

The guides got me out & it ended up being my drivers side CV that cut loose.

Lucky for me, the local Jeep Dealership has the "Bantam Garage" where they will fix your JEEP for free if they can get the part. All you pay for is the part.

One call & they had a new front axle on its' way & it was fixed in less than 45 min.

We were back on the trails in no time.

Lots of Nice Jeeps @ the Jeep Carshow & in the Vendors area.

Quite a few ZJ's, WK's, & WJ's on the trails. Pretty good representation...

Some trail picts....

All in all, my WJ just performs! Really comfortable ride down & back. Besides my CV I had no issues at all. My takeaway from the weekend is, we should get down there on Thursday so we can have the whole weekend, use my front locker (ARB) a little less as I really didn't need it when I used it, spend a little cash & get RCV's or IRP Chromolly U joint axle shafts for my 30.

Next ride is going to be back at the ski lodge in September & hopefully I'll have my TJ done by then.
05-28-2019 04:35 PM
caronaxtr2 Didn't get much done over the last couple of days, but last weekend went on a wheelin' trip with my nephew. It was his first time out wheelin' EVER.

He had a blast & wants to go more often now. I think I've found my new wheelin' partner.

Don't have pictures of he day out, but after it all the WJ was a little muddy...

*********** Actually found photo's in my Camera **************

I've said it before, my WJ performs Excellent! With the ARB's locked in I was unstoppable & ended up winching out a few 4 door Rubi's......

Well yesterday I spend a few hours cleaning her up with the power washer & packing for next weeks road trip to Bantam PA for the Jeep Festival.

Since Monday was Memorial Day, I was playin around & Barnes4wd was having a 15% discount.

So bought this

About $50.00 off the price...

05-16-2019 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by 07wurubi View Post
The bolt protector, never seen that before. Pretty cool idea to protect the head of the bolts from rocks on the skid plate.
They're machined really nice too. For the price you can't beat them!

05-16-2019 09:46 AM
07wurubi The bolt protector, never seen that before. Pretty cool idea to protect the head of the bolts from rocks on the skid plate.
05-15-2019 07:06 PM
caronaxtr2 So got the front end buttoned up for now, still have to go through everything & double check that everything is tight.

Started working on the rear this afternoon after work, Mehhh, didn't have much luck, some bolts were seized up pretty good & I didn't have the correct sockets for my impact. I'll head over to Lowes tomorrow & buy what I need along with some more BP Blaster.

Just to get an idea of what it'll look like when she's all lifted

Some more goodies showed up today from Barnes4x4

New Track bar bolt & nut

Also picked up some of their 1/2" Bolt Protectors for the skid.

They are really nice. I think i'll go with the UCF Ultra High Clearance Skid so the protectors will work nice with that.

I added the Barnes 4x4 stickers to my pile, can't wait till I can use em..

My packet of info just came for Bantam next month. This will be my first time going down to Bantam for the festival.

***** anyone have any tips on getting the Torx bolt out of the rear Track Bar? Those Torx bolts are going to be the death of me! *****
05-14-2019 07:14 PM
caronaxtr2 Brown Santa showed up today;

My winch came in so I figured i'd go out after work & mount it up.

Mounted up

I ran the power & ground up under & through the grill & exited behind the passenger headlight. From there, I ran it right to the battery.

Plenty of clearance between the grill & the back of the winch. All I have to do now is zip-tie the wires together so they don't rub the grill.

Other goodies came if from Amazon.

RTIC Cooler, some tubs for dry storage, and other camping supplies. My buddy & I are heading down to the Bantam Jeep Festival in a couple of weeks.
05-12-2019 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by smccollamjr View Post
To clarify, the gear shift is close to stock location horizontally, but it is taller.
Cool, gotcha. Actually, I thought with the body lift the shifter would be lower, but with those skid plates gaining 3" +/- in clearance it makes seance that it would be 2" +/- higher.

Thanks for the clarification!

Figured I'd better post some pictures of what I got done yesterday or ya'll might think it didn't happen...

You know.....

Drivers side, Passengers side is basically the same (as I'd expect anyone reading this tread to know that...)

This puts in prospective the size of the control arms.

As I was taking the control arms off, I found more damage of the accident. The upper passenger side was bent up pretty good.

2 other small issues I came across (other than the track bar) with bolts were the upper passenger side bolt (frame side) hit the exhaust pipe. Super PIA along with the Drivers side lower (axle side) hit the differential. Again PIA, but finally got it all out.

It's now 10degrees cooler than yesterday (low 40's) so I really don't think I'll go outside today & do much of anything in the garage. I hate the cold!

Today will be Internet Shopping.
- Track Bar Nut & Bolt
- Spring retainer spring & bolt
- Extended front Brake lines
- Bump Stops

I will say as the build goes on, I will pass my $10,000 budget but as we all know as we get into our builds you find other things you need. I may also purchase the aluminum drop down tailgate.

Got this link from laxman1306 on here:

05-11-2019 08:35 PM
Project: Underestimated - 2001 TJ LCG Build

Originally Posted by caronaxtr2 View Post
Cool, I do have the 1"MML that I'll be installing within the next few days & with the 1"BL my hopes are with one of the skid plates everything (shifter) should fall back into the "stock" location. I like the UCF skid a little more than the Barnes4x4 one mainly because of the tranny mount bolts are concealed. Thanks for the info!

To clarify, the gear shift is close to stock location horizontally, but it is taller.
05-11-2019 07:16 PM
caronaxtr2 Weather broke today, mid 50's...... Really sad for Mid May that mid 50's is good working weather........

Walked into the Garage & just stood there & looked at lil' ol' underestimated....

Figured I should really swap the hoods, the original hood just makes me sad.. so did this...

then as I looked at the hood, as it's lived it's whole life here in Buffalo NY it's got some rust spots. I started sanding some of the hood down with a Scotch Bright & sand paper where the rust was.

Did a little more, I know i'll be using the Monstaliner & you have to scuff it up anyways so I just made some slow progress on the bodywork..

After wasting an hour or so with all that, I figured I might as well dig into the lift kit. Laid everything out & honestly I'm pretty impressed with Rough Country with this kit. You really get a lot for the money. Now I know, I know it's still a Rough Country kit & as things break I'll replace parts with better parts, but this kit is not bad for a budge kit.

Front suspension parts:

Rear suspension parts:

Front Track Bar & Quick Disconnects:

I got the front all completed (except for putting the tires back on & double checking all bolts).

I am really happy with this TJ being from West Virginia. Just about every bolt came out without any problems. Although, those stupid Torx bolts.... Why does Jeep use those stupid things. The Track Bar mount (axle side) wouldn't come out. destroyed 2 torx bits trying & ended up taking the track bar out in pieces.

Now I have to buy a new track bar bolt & a Spring retainer clip & bolt. The hunt is on........

Tomorrow is another day, & I hope to get the rear done tomorrow.
05-10-2019 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by smccollamjr View Post
Iíve got the UCF skid with an 1.25Ē BL and a MML. Works great. I did the MML lift first and my shifter (NV3550) would hit the console in 2nd, 4th, and reverse. When I installed the UCF skid it put the shifter pretty close to where it was. If you install the skid without a MML the shifter may be close to the dash in 1st, 3rd, and 5th.
Cool, I do have the 1"MML that I'll be installing within the next few days & with the 1"BL my hopes are with one of the skid plates everything (shifter) should fall back into the "stock" location. I like the UCF skid a little more than the Barnes4x4 one mainly because of the tranny mount bolts are concealed. Thanks for the info!
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