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07-12-2021 04:48 PM
y2k-fxst WOW! Didn't realize how long it had been since I updated the build, let alone actually had time to work on it!

Finally had a Jeep weekend. Time to further modify the clutch/brake pedal mount. The steering column Roxor uses is only 1.75" OD. The one I'm running is 2" OD and the angle would not work for the angle the steering column is going to be.

Attachment 3997381

Had to deepen the mount to allow me somewhere to weld my support.

Attachment 3997383

The way I ended up the only semi solid mounting point is where I go through the floor. On a mid-model CJ the bracket at the top was welded to support the steering column. On mine the top "mount" just has a grommet without a mechanical connections.

Attachment 3997385

Still need to slot the bolt holes for the lower, Just couldn't find my rat tail file. Found every other files I own and a few I didn't realize I had!

Attachment 3997387

Clamped around the chunk of tubing I have been using for fabrication. Going to try to get a piece of rubber to help isolate it some.

Attachment 3997389

Now, I just need to lay on my back and get it welded into place.
01-09-2021 02:25 PM
4Low2G0 Nice work,

I always like to see the different Jeeps revived.

This will be MUCH better than what you started with
01-09-2021 08:35 AM
y2k-fxst FYI, this build is not dead. Just been busy dealing with other stuff over the last few months!
06-16-2020 07:09 AM
y2k-fxst So, one reason it seems to be taking so long to get this Jeep done is I seem to do stuff twice. Got my steering column fully mounted. Then decided I didn't like the final angle. So changed it from 45 degree angle going through the toe board to 30 degree angle going through the fire wall.

Had to cut 1/2" off the floor mount to make it fit in the area left below the pedal mount and bend. Also had to modify the floor mount to allow it to flex at higher angle. Now I need to fill the holes I made in the toe board but, do like the position better. And yes it's getting humid around here, had to spray the dash down with WD-40 to stop it until I can get it into primer.

Attachment 3915553

Also by having the column coming through where it is now it makes the linkage easier to run also, was going to have to use a 3rd U-joint and a carrier bearing.

Attachment 3915555

Thought I had the dash mount completed also but think I need to cut it back apart and change it to match the 30 degree angle of the column.

Attachment 3915557
06-16-2020 07:06 AM
y2k-fxst Got the pedal mounts pretty much done except for the clamp for the steering column I'll add after the column is in it's final position. Widened it out some to clear the mounting bolts for the dash mount.

Attachment 3915547

The steering column clamp will go in here where I removed the Roxor clamp.

Attachment 3915549

Thought I had it more centered than this while I was laying under the dash trying to hold into position. I'm 1/4" off center even though it looks worse than that from here but I don't think I'm going to worry about something I'll basically never see when done.

Attachment 3915551
05-18-2020 05:17 PM
y2k-fxst Now that the steering column location has been completed I can start on modifying the Roxor clutch and brake pedals to fit. The 3 mounting tabs that normally mount to the dash needs to disappear and, the column clamp needs replaced since I've got a 2" column instead of a 1 3/4" like the older Jeeps and the Roxor has. Also I need to widen the assembly by an inch, centering the column in the dashboard mount.

Attachment 3909411

Made a plate out of 7 gauge to mount the brake and clutch assembly to the dash. This dash has a steering column plate similar to the intermediate dash. The dash had nuts welded to the back of it the column mount bolted to those, ground them off for a flat surface. With this plate the column mount will bolt to the pedal mounting plate and sandwich the dash between. This will definitely stiffen the dash at the steering column.

Attachment 3909413
05-16-2020 05:25 PM
y2k-fxst Got the adapter for the ignition switch welded to the dash today and threw in the gauge cluster just to see how it looks. Not sure yet where the starter button is going to go. Either under the switch between it and the pyrometer, beside the switch, or on the other side of the column above the headlight switch.

Attachment 3908887

First shot at mocking up the steering column.

Attachment 3908889

Going through the floor I ended up cutting through the toe support. Will mess with reinforcing that later when I pull the body off again.

Attachment 3908891

Moved the column in 2 1/2" from the first picture. Think this will probably be it's final position but time will tell once I pull the trigger on the seats and steering wheel.

Attachment 3908893

Attachment 3908895
05-13-2020 07:13 PM
y2k-fxst Finished up the adapter for the ignition switch today. Decided to go with studs welded into the adapter. Had thought about just using pan head machine screws but since the threads were so close to the center bore. I was afraid they would eventually fail.

Attachment 3908067

Using some brass thumb nuts to hold the switch to the adapter. Will use the same for the main gauge and speakers.

Attachment 3908069

Ready to weld to the backside of the dash.

Attachment 3908071

Finally settled on the position where the steering column needs to go through the toe board. Started cutting it with a hole saw and my 1/2" cordless drill. Was almost through the toe board when the magic smoke escaped from my drill! Dig figure out its hitting right on the toe board support. Going to have to do some more modifying there!
05-05-2020 07:41 AM
y2k-fxst Made the adapter/spacer for my ignition switch yesterday. Had a good day, made it through all 4 holes without breaking my only #29 drill bit or 8-32 tap! Was nervous since the holes were so close to the center hole.

Attachment 3906059

And all 4 actually lined up. Original plan was to use sections of the 8-32 machine bolts and thumb nuts to hold the switch. Thinking now of just using 1/2" 8-32 pan head screw.

Attachment 3906061

All ready to weld the spacer to the back of the dash. will need to clearance the wiring connector a little more first though.

Attachment 3906063

Started modifying the opening where the steering column goes through. Have to have it angled like the intermediate CJs were. Not enough clearance to get the steering column to the right angle with just a round hole. Will use some exhaust tubing to fill in the voids.

Attachment 3906065
05-05-2020 07:38 AM
y2k-fxst Been a while I see since I did an update. Life's been weird this year.
Got the dash custom mounted a while back.

Attachment 3906051

Thought there would be plenty of room for dash clearance with the shifter and there is no problem.

Attachment 3906053

Went with the optional locking glove box. Not many good places to secure stuff in an open Jeep.

Attachment 3906055

Even upgraded from the original cardboard glove box.

Attachment 3906057
02-23-2020 06:39 PM
y2k-fxst Slung some mud on the fender top today. Needs another skim coat but, actually coming out decent.

Attachment 3890883
02-22-2020 04:53 PM
y2k-fxst Working on the passenger side inner fender, This is the first one I built and it oil canned real bad. Did use what I learned on this one when I welded the driver's side so it wasn't near as bad. Think if I had built 3 the third one would have turned out perfect!

Attachment 3890661

Heating small areas with the torch then shrinking with a body hammer and quenching with a wet rag. By the time I got done I guarantee the top is not perfectly smooth but, that's what Bondo is for. At least I got rid of the oil canning!

Attachment 3890665

Been planning on on running the sport bar in it's factory configuration with a second main tube about 18" ahead of the original one. When I set the sport bar back on tonight it went up backwards. Now I'm thinking about mounting backwards and running longer stretcher bars and another set of kickers to stiffen it up.

tagAttachment 3890667
01-27-2020 07:01 PM
y2k-fxst Went out to the shop today to work at little more on the CJ6. Drug in the CJ7 sport bar I bought a while ago to get it ready to go on as the base to the roll bar I'm going to build. Needed to do some modifications for it to work.

Really was the first time I looked close at it. The mount angle iron had an area that was rusted through so figured I'd cut it off and start over.

What I found was the welds had a lot of under cuts and a lot of very poor penetration. I also noticed that the welds from the main hoop to the kicker bars are not the greatest either, I'll end up rewelding those also.

So just a word of warning, if your going use part of your stock roll bar for your basis of your roll cage. Really inspect those factory welds! There is a reason they are not called roll bars from the factory!
01-06-2020 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by NashvilleTJ View Post
Interesting juxtaposition between the trophies and the Joanna Gaines Magnolia book. My guess is that your wife is a fan.

(It is your wife that is the fan, right Gary?)

Actually they are both at my son's house right now. His wife is an interior decorator/designer and a artist. The drawing between their pictures is one of hers. She's going to paint the skull on mine.
01-06-2020 09:49 AM
NashvilleTJ Interesting juxtaposition between the trophies and the Joanna Gaines Magnolia book. My guess is that your wife is a fan.

(It is your wife that is the fan, right Gary?)

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