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03-05-2020 09:12 PM
JeepLover1959 I have had my 1993 Grand Cherokee for 6 years. I have had to replace brake lines, water pump, fuel filter and the serpentine belt. She just now has 200k. I feel like, if I keep taking great care of her, she may outlive me. Meantime I'll be cruising in the safest vehicle on the road.
03-05-2020 04:14 PM
frankrichard Like Rob Halford said "Everybody breaks down sooner or later but there's miles and miles to put it back together"
03-04-2020 08:25 AM
kwarbington I have a WJ 4.0L with 150k on it and I drove it the last 30k as my daily driver. I have a second car now and I do not really worry at all about driving the WJ any distance. In the 1.5 years I have had it, I would say it has frequently needed some attention, but never stranded me and drove great. I love it and have loved every second owning it as long as I had a second vehicle so that I could park it and fix it when it needed it - which was fairly often but probably no more than any other 20 year old car. For a brief period it was my only vehicle and I despised it, little things would happen, and now everything was an emergency repair (like a window motor goes out in the down position in winter) and I would have to scramble to get it fixed. That caused me no end of stress and seemed like it was constant - it really wasn't - but just seemed like it and I got no enjoyment out of the car at all. With the second car, I just park it when it needs it, take my time to make sure I know what is wrong, order the parts, and fix it. It is really easy to work on, and easy to get help here, Youtube, and elsewhere. Just my 2 cents.
03-04-2020 05:59 AM
04WJWayne I have an 04 WJ 4.0L that I purchased 2 yrs ago. The lot I bought it off of had removed the ABS, Eng., and air bag lights from the cluster. Found that and replaced the lights to find 22 codes pinging. Since then I have cleared all but the emissions leak (which has been cleared twice but keeps returning). Love my WJ and am fixing to take it 2200 miles from NC to Oklahoma to pick up my mom and back to NC. IT currently has 193K + miles on it. Love my WJ, first 4x4 I’ve ever owned.
Get to know your WJ and it will get to know you. Trust it and it will provide.
03-04-2020 01:21 AM
For your info

I have the same year and model. Breakdowns don't concern me, but this does even after replacing the skid plate and seeing how close the hitch is to the plastic fuel tank. You may find this interesting...Add https://
03-03-2020 09:45 PM
The Happy Friar I got an 04 wj in January of '19 with about 155k on it for $800. I've put maybe $2k in it since then and, so far, don't regret it. I deliver mail with it, so I'm not climbing rocks, but man do I love this thing. I've found it relatively easy to do routine maintenance on, can get me through anything I've encountered delivering mail in Western NY. I even broke my frame because I was stupid and was pulling my stuck tractor by wrapping a chain around the axel (did get it back together though. Tow hooks being bought soon). I happily depend on it to pay my bills.
03-03-2020 07:49 PM
Neil02thejeep When I got my Jeep with 167k miles I was a little paranoid about it, so I changed the fluids and asked the mechanic to do an inspection as well. That brought a lot of peace of mind after that.
The nice thing is that WJs are pretty easy to repair, and if you like them that much then you could just buy another when your current one dies. Here in the Rockies the really nice ones seem to only go for like $5k tops.
I've put 13k miles on mine in a year and a half, and I've beaten the heck out of it on the trails and my main issues have been electrical. Anything else was cheap and easy to fix. And if mine were to die, I got my money's worth with all of the fun and utility I have gotten from it.
02-29-2020 09:08 AM
retrvrtrainer I have a WJ and an XJ. Both have been my daily driver at one time or another. I have a tool bag with good tools in each one and a Haynes manual that stays in the car. So, I can enjoy diving both of them and stay prepared for any eventualities. I kinda' like turning wrenches though.
02-29-2020 08:16 AM
wayneharropson If your WJ is 2003 4.0L (or prior?), keep a cooling fan relay on hand. Mine was on suicide watch the whole time I owned it until I overrode (backed up) the OEM system with a thermostatic switch. In 2004 they replaced the behind the right headlight faulty relay with two relays in the fuse box and went from a two wire to three wire fan motor. They finally fixed it and then discontinued the WJ for 05. I'm now the happy owner of an 04.
02-28-2020 07:47 AM
99wjtx I'll put it this way. There may be a red under my bed... and a little yellow man in my head... But I'm not worried about my 20 year old Jeep dying suddenly because... well... paranoia they destroy ya!

Perceived reliability of Jeeps has *always* been all over the map. The why of that is a complicated matrix of exactly what constitutes reliable, who is doing the driving and the maintenance (or lack thereof), etc. I think the semi-flame (more like a puff of warm air really) was because the OP was too open-ended. It's an enthusiast forum so perception is automatically going to be biased anyway. What I tried to explain is the WJ isn't a Pinto or an Exploder or any other notorious model and breaks about on average with other vehicles that weren't designed by nincompoops.
02-28-2020 06:23 AM
Originally Posted by xjpete View Post
I see this post and shake my head. If you are that paranoid about it breaking down,you should have never bought it. Lots of vehicles can break down on the road some new almost off the showroom floor. Just cause its new means nothing. If I bought a vehicle that had high mileage and looked or I thought was not reliable,then I'd pass. Don't mean to sound harsh but that is reality. Hell I drive my 97 XJ with 218,000 miles on a very regular basis. When I had it brand new not even a month the motor mount bolt broke. Vehicles will break down regardless.
Obviously. Reread my original post. Everything you've said I said. No **** cars break (some more than others). The point of the post wasn't that I was afraid and regret purchasing this Jeep (as I've vetted out the history of it as much as I could) but to start a conversation about the perceived reliability or lack there of which I am sure has been discussed before (I'm new to the site). Perhaps using the word "Paranoid" was extreme. With that being said, I love my Jeep and it is comfortable to drive.
02-28-2020 06:21 AM
GoTerps Obviously. Reread my original post. Everything you've said I said. No **** cars break (some more than others). The point of the post wasn't that I was afraid and regret purchasing this Jeep (as I've vetted out the history of it as much as I could) but to start a conversation about the perceived reliability or lack there of which I am sure has been discussed before (I'm new to the site). Perhaps using the word "Paranoid" was extreme. With that being said, I love my Jeep and it is comfortable to drive.
02-27-2020 08:37 AM
99wjtx Over the years there have been some makes and models with legitimately BAD design and manufacturing defects where you could be almost certain that particular component would be a problem - probably sooner rather than later. Subaru has some, Chrysler has some, Ford has some, etc. The WJ doesn't have any glaring defects in that regard. HVAC problems, warped rotors, etc. - all those things don't keep it from being driven until they can be fixed.

So, a WJ can and will break just like any other vehicle but no worse than average.
02-27-2020 07:03 AM
Steve.A I really regret letting my 4L '03 WJ get away from me at only 203,000 miles. It was one of the most reliable vehicles I've owned. I ended up with the WJ and a 2011 KK at the same time and the better half insisted I only had space for one of them. I made the wrong choice on letting the WJ go. I replaced the entire suspension, brakes, bushings, exhaust, bearings, several window regulators, and some other things on the WJ to ensure reliability, but it never left me stranded. All of the recommended services were completed on it and I didn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. The KK is much newer, as is the technology. It has been plagued with one issue after the other. The biggest problem is that the salvage yards don't have many KKs to pick decent parts from, so replacement parts are much more expensive. The yards are full of WJs, making them cheap to maintain. Keep up with the maintenance on the WJ, as many others have stated, and enjoy the drive, anywhere.
02-27-2020 12:55 AM
sdg3205 If it wasn't for the internet we'd all have our heads in the beautiful clouds of ignorance. Ignorance is bliss! The internet just amplifies these "issues." I've owned a ZJ, TJ and the WJ. The WJ has been the most reliable and I've been driving it since it left the showroom, now with almost 270k miles. I love the WJ platform as well and I just bought an 02 overland with just 55k that was written off because of a side impact to a door, this way I have a spare HO 4.7, transmission, actually, the ENTIRE drivetrain... plus I'm swapping over some overland interior bits to make my interior two-tone which im really liking. Rust has been the biggest issue for me. I hate body/fab work, but I've fabricated my own new rockers and Im going to do a fender next, got a donor piece all cut out.

To me, these Jeeps rest on the cusp of technology that I can get my head around and work on, but also have a level of comfort and luxury I enjoy. I'm not a fan of bluetooth in cars. When im driving I like to be left alone, it's one of my greatest pleasures.
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