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swift101 04-21-2019 01:23 PM

Hi everyone. newbie here. I have 14 latitude 2.4l w/ freedom II tranny steel metallic color.

Now for my question. Has anyone had to repair or replace side mirror? Like the glass, and the mechanism the moves the glass? Long story short. U frubared mine:frown2:. I do have replacement parts. But I don't want to destory the replacement parts.


rjlindblom 04-26-2019 09:35 PM

To replace it, the door panel pops off and there is a wire harness and studs mount it to the door. Most of the time there are three studs held on with nuts.

Once you pop the panel off, usually that is a combination of screws and tabs that snap in to place, unhook the harness, that is a snap connection. Next, undo the nuts, holding on to them. Take the mirror off. To put the new one on, it is the reverse of what I described. Any more it is easier to replace the whole thing rather than trying to repair the old mirror.

Maybe I should have first asked, what parts are messed up and and what parts do you have?

The time now is 03:12 AM.

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