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KarlJames 05-15-2019 10:06 PM

New Jeep Owner Needs Help (of course)
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Hey guys. I recently bought a 2015 Wrangler JK Sahara (I believe that’s what it is), and unfortunately somebody must have hit the back and drove off. The left side of the rear bumper is dented decently badly, the entire part for the license plate was shattered, and somehow the gas hatch came off (I believe that’s the name, apologies if I get anything wrong). I can replace the gas hatch easily, and I think the license plate (frame?) will be easy too, my only question is about the bumper. A friend of mine told me the sides of the bumper can be removed, but from what I’ve seen online the rear bumper (stock) is just one whole piece. Please let me know, would love to have it fixed up ASAP, just don’t want to overspend on replacement parts if I don’t have to. (Picture attached is the part I’m referring to)

RubiconFreedom 05-17-2019 03:52 AM

*scratch forehead* odd, this pic is of the passenger side thats not the damaged. None the less, if there's no structural damage to the metal bumper, all you need is the bumper cover, licenses plate mounting etc. can't say for sure as you took a pick of the wrong side. But removing the drives side brake light would be a good place to start. Once this brake light housing has been removed you can view from inside what damage there could be. If the body has been damaged at that corner, you could be looking at getting body armor which would cover up the damage and may even have the plate mount hardware already attached.
Image courtesy RockAuto

One issue is the silver molding attached to the bumper cover as these are a bear to remove. Just deconstruct the rear bumper and find out what you need.

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