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propped1 11-19-2015 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by jeffself (Post 9830770)
Since I already have an urge to buy stuff for my new Rubicon, I want to spend on the essentials now and save the big stuff for later. So what IS essential?

What are the things that should be in my Rubicon?

Here are some things I'm thinking of now:

1. Hitch mounted rack carrier
2. Tools (Just bought the #40 torx driver last nite, what else?)
3. Tire guage

What am I leaving out?

None of these listed are essential. Accessories are by definition, in addition to the basics.

If you're going off road, communication, inflation, deflation, recovery points front and rear, something to attach to those recovery points... like a 10K+ strap. A friend is a good idea too.

If you are driving it on the street only, other than gasoline in the tank, nothing. It comes with all you need.

Take care of these things, then go on some trips, join a club or 6, stay on the forums... you'll find out what you "need". Eventually the answer will be "all of the accessories."

Lesson one, dont let other people tell you what brands or what things to do to your own Jeep. If you don't have fabrication and automotive mechanical skills, find yourself a reputable shop with guys you trust. Ask a lot of questions. Thats essential. A tire rack on your bumper is not.

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