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Hey Guys,

New member here and absolutely love my new Jeep in Sting Ray Gray for 2019!

Yes it has the 2.0 4cyl however I read all the net different reviews and perspectives and all I can say is this, I am a V6 guy from Day 1 , and my last car (unfortunately for commuting puposes) I drove a Nissan Rogue 4cyl and let me say this the Wrangler 2.0 is amazing! And let me shed some light to others

1. No turbo lag (and if there is its so not noticeable)
2. A ton of power esp when it settles in, just keeps pulling
3. Start and stop feature is barely barely noticeable but nothing like my wifes 2017 Highlander
4. Handling is great as is steering feel, no death wobbles felt at highway speed
5. The apple car play is amazing, as is the fact I can mirror Waze which is very cool - who needs navigation or CD players anymore!
6. Freedom roof is very easy to work with, however youtube is your friend with putting those suckers just right into the included bag I got -
7. Fit and Finish is great inside and out, they changed some things like grabbar handles esp in back and layout which is very nice
8. The HIDs, Halos, and LED fogs are the best in the market and seriously bright and ice white!!
9. Ride is smooth with stock wheels and tires -
10. Overall look of stingray gray with matched top is something I have yet to experience, everyone always stops me to say what a beautiful car/color
11. Little hints of Jeep history all over car (shifter, rims, corner of front window etc have little classic jeep logos)

Overall very happy, the only thing I can say im alittle sad about is not getting the sky top but I think for the future if I can land one ill invest in either the pro lift one person lift kit or try and do a garage ceiling lift -


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