my jeep got stolen... and then ... -
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my jeep got stolen... and then ...

I saw that insurance commercial that talks about getting your car stolen or damaged, and then you get screwed a second time while having to deal with insurance...

first off, I have a 30 yr old Jeep YJ.. and it looks it...bikini top,32 inch wheels etc.

I live in an apt complex w electric gate... video system was just installed that week. The manager got some good video, except for, no video coverage for us poor folk who park towards the back half of the parking area. The cameras are too high to make out any facial recognition ... but, you can see how many people were involved... hmmmmmmmmm

5:45AM weekday... GONE IN 60 SECONDS.

contacted police... then my insurance company... I actually had full coverage. (more on that in a bit). Geico is all over it... communicate couple times each day..rental car if I needed it.

then the jeep is recovered 5 days later. I had to pay for towing and storage. (approx $200). And uber to get there, as I am single guy and I couldnt use a rental car to pick up my jeep.

Immediately, (in no particular order), I see my jeep has been

1. washed and armor-alled.. wow, thank you?!?!?!
2. empty gas tank. (just filled it the day before, and I use about 1 tank per month, or more. and have recpt/mileage app to prove it
3. radio, jack, spare, light, fire extinguisher is gone.

I have recpts for everything I bought/installed, but not for the stuff that was put on before I bought the jeep.

Geico is still awesome... telling me all kinds of stuff. sends out adjusters who were awesome. except he couldnt price the after-market stuff. so the estimate was horribly low, even though he lists all the items, (but didnt have pricing for those items)

approx $500.

They Im told they need to perform a special investigation. I say, ok, whatever. then Geico tells me the SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR wont be available for a month.. I say, ok.... (as if there would be anything I could say?)

then I meet with the special investigator who drives out to meet me, at a starbucks, where he interviews me on tape recording. (I had already been interrogated/interviewed on tape recorder before)

Then about 3 weeks later, (almost 3-1/2 months after my jeep was stolen), I am notified that my claim has been approved... huh? seriously? 1/4 yr is how long it takes to resolve claims from Geico... BUT WAIT

now they want me to take the jeep to a shop... and since they dont know of any off road shops, I found, 4wheel drive. (ugggghhh... more on that in a bit)

The biggest DAMAGE they did to my jeep was to my steering wheel. it was now pointed upside-down... the blinkers dont work well. I had a similar problem when I bought it. But prought it to a regular tire place who did some serious janky work on it..and it still was off. (in hind sight, it was way closer then what I had now).

Anyways, they say they fix the steering wheel, and I have the jeep trailered home. (again, I didnt have transportation, and also figured the shop would take longer, (as well as Geico, cause they wanted to hook up with the shop and talk/look at stuff).

so, I rented a car from Enterprise. (more on that seperate). and lo and behold, the shop gets it done in 1 day.

I get the jeep home, and the wheel is 'better' but still not as good as when the janky shop tried to fix it 5 yrs ago..

then Geico sends me letters telling me they are not paying for the 'after market parts' on my jeep cause I didnt have a special provision on my insurance...

I told everyone up front. I got prices based upon the lowest priced parts available. the light bar was around $500 and im sure most folk know, that is very bottom of the barrel type of light.

I tried to show good faith.. wasnt prepared to submit the high priced stuff and settle for something in the middle..

I think the whole claim might be close to $2500 max... and Geico has now taken almost 5 months...

my jeep has no radio, no spare tire, jack, I have wires hanging out of my dash board. and Im not a happy jeep owner cause some punks wanted to go for a joy ride...

bottom line for me is, I will be insuring thru AAA real soon...

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I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.
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thanks. it's still ongoing.

on a side story... the car rental didnt go well. they didnt have any cars available until about 5 hrs after I requested one. then around 5pm I get a call from unlisted number telling me he is outside, waiting for me.

I go outside, dont see anyone. its a big kinda main street, (2 lanes each way w/ divided roadway), and I can't call him cause he has unlisted number. So, I call the enterprise shop, and got on hold. someone answered and said, PLEASE HOLD, without waiting for me to say anything.... then about 4 minutes later, I get a call from enterprise... so, I put the HOLD ON HOLD, and speak to a lady who is telling me her driver has been waiting for me... I tell her I am outside, havent left since the driver called me originally, she asked me to check again, which I did. (Im a little older, walk with a strong limp and use a cane). So, I walk up and down the length of my apt complex lot, (about 150 ft ish), and tell her again, NOPE, no one is sitting in any of these older cars that are parked in front of my complex... and she again, it telling me its BLUE, some model that Im not familiar with, and is undoubtedly upset/frustrated, (with me?) for some reason. As if Im playing a game.

anyways, she asks my address, again, and puts me on hold and calls her driver, and tells me he will be there shortly.... hangs up...... no good bye nothing...

anyways, I forget about really, then I am filling out the forms, (or whatever you wanna call them cause they are all on electronic devices where you can not read anything except the signature box), and she asks me for a second phone number... I tell her I only have cell phone. she asks for friends, I tell her the truth.. I dont have any. (im guessing no one reading this is surprised, but thats a different story that Ill never share here), then asks for family, I tell her I have only one daughter and she and I arent really close that way...She is 24ish and married for a couple years and enjoying her new life....Anyways, I tell her nope...

I ask why its so important to have a second number, she explains, a lot of customers forget their fones in the car, so enterprise will find it later and have to call someone cause obviously my fone would be theoretically locked in a car..

I say, HUH? so, you wanna call someone tell them i dont have my fone, and they are supposed to do what exactly? call me? drive over to my apt and hopefully I will be there?

(btw, Im not stupid, and will resist strongly to those that believe I am stupid.... they want the tele number to be able to chase me or some customers down for whatever reason).

anyways, she says I can use my doctors' office tele number... so, I gave them the tele number to the hospital I was in six months ago...

anyways, omg.. I know thats what u all are thinkin'

I returned the car.. drove it about 10 miles. it was parked in my usual parking stall, I went to my drs office for an appt... then drove straight to enterprise rental...

I go inside, the guy that picked me up, toldme he was going out to check the milieage and fuel level... this is on the east side of the building. no other cars or people are on that side. There is another side, and that is where I picked up the car previously.

After about 5 minutes, and Im wondering if I should sit down, (cause Im older and have back/feet issues) and in walks the guy, (AND THE LADY from the day before).

She walks up to me asks me if I know anything about the hole in the bumper...???? wtf?

I said no, and went out to look... and near the center, facing downwards was a small piece of plastic, like something hit it or pioked thru it and the plastic kinda tore/stretched outward. (like breaking glass, if the glass is broken from the outside, the shards would be on the inside.. or visa versa.) but in this bumper issue the plastic looked like it was hit or impacted from the bottom/road, towards the front of the car.

Like mayb I ran over something or there was somethingthat was bouncing/skipping down the roadway until I get the lucky bounce????

Or, maybe they poked the hole themselves. The hole is about 1/8". smaller then a pencil.. or at best a tight fit?

They asked for my insurance info. I told them they already have it as I gave it yesterday, and they are the ones paying for the car rental. but I gave it again.. ACTUALLY, I was getting off my phone... the phone resting on the counter, me typing on it... and she asks me again, while Im typing... and waiting for pages to load, etc... which she, and the guy can see. there was no one else there...

After she did that the second time, I looked at her and said, 'NOW, YOU'RE JUST BEING RUDE. YOU CAN SEE, I WAS GETTING IT ON MY PHONE CAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT A COUPLE MINUTES EARLIER.' Then gave her thge side eye thing...

Then spoke out loud for each thing I was typing, and narrating what the phone was doing , so the two of them would have no doubt what was happening at every second.

ANYWAYS, I told them I was going to dispute the damage/claim with whatever method is allowed via the contract... I wasnt sure if it was specified to have arbitration or if small claims, or whatever.

I anticipated an insurance claim as the first step.

I got home, and found out they already debited my bank account...

huh? How many times do you get into an accident and expect cash from the person who is claimed to be at fault?

Not to mention I have a $250 deductible, and Enterprise debited $500


Thats the second story I referenced in the original post...
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Wow you're on a bad luck roll, hope it turns around soon for you.


"You can set my jeep on fire and roll it down a hill,
But I still wouldn't trade it for a Coupe DeVille."

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the wheels on the bus keep onrollin over me...

still no word from geico...
When I got the estimate from geico field adjuster it was half empty. but it did have a TOTAL at the bottom of the form. so the adjuster just carried the numbers down to the total even though he didnt include prices for half the stuff that was stolen. I spoke with him that day and asked, he said he didnt know the cost/labor for these after market parts. I asked him to reccomend a shop, as I didnt know many off road shops and didnt trust a regular tire shop to fix the heavy duty off road suspension.

adjuster said he didnt know any and I could pick anyplace I wanted. I didnt want to recommend any place as again I didnt know anyplace, nor did I want to be in the middle of geico and the shop figing over prices.

anyways, I took the jeep to 4Wheel Parts. in covina...I asked the guy to speak to the mgr, he said he wasnt available so I asked the rep if 4wheel parts worked with auto insurance companies and the short story about my jeep and how I think the insurance company will want to speak to them when or before the work starts. Again, the rep said no problem.

after a few months I finally got the jeep to 4 wheel parts, (there is another short story in that little event, for later, maybe). I got the call from the insurance guy telling me they werent going to cover items that I didnt have pictures of, which is most. I didnt take a pic of the radio... as if? I didnt take a pic of a 10+ yr old light bar. I didnt take a picture of an old spare tire or the carrier.

What I did do, is get estimates for the cheapest replacement parts. not the high end top of the line LED hood lights for a grand or more. the price I got was around $500 the tire carrier was around $400 ish.

I did buy a custom light switch from amazon that had a picture of a jeep with a light on top, that would light up when I turned on the switch...I bought some wire and some connectors to splice into the fuse box wires.

but, that isnt a picture of the light..

anyways, I found out 4wheel parts spent 30 minutes with the adjuster talking about stuff. prices, for installation are perfectly acceptable. about whether or not they can tell if wires were cut, or how it was installed previously? not sure that is the role they are supposed to be in.

but regardless. I got the jeep back, but no recpt.... no description of how they fixed the steering wheel? (it was upside down, now it was about 5 oclock position... not quite straight, but closer.

Im wondering what kind of grief I will get from them when I bring the jeep back and they try to tell me that they did what they could that is as close as they can get it...

which they talked about, for the WHEEL ALIGNMENT. cause the ball jts were old/worn... I told them the jeep tracks straight. perfectly straight. so I wasnt worried about the ALIGNMENT. I was all about getting the steering wheel to run straight up and down, PRIOR TO THE JEEP GETTING STOLEN. (even though I didnt have a picture of the steering wheel BEFORE THE THEFT).
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