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NorthwoodsTJ 11-24-2017 05:23 PM

Retrofitting a 03-06 TJ Hardtop Wiring Kit to 97 TJ
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I just bought a hardtop off a 2002 wrangler for my 97 model. The hardtop has a dome light so I expect it was originally off a 97-00. My TJ was never wired for a hardtop. I've done some searching, and it looks like both the 97-00 and 01-02 hardtop wiring kits are discontinued. I've searched ebay and the car-part database for a used example, but no luck. Consequently, I am wondering if it is possible to retrofit a 03-06 hardtop wiring kit to my 97 TJ. I've seen some threads on adapting the old 10-point connectors to the newer 6-point connectors, but nothing on installing the 03-06 wiring harness in a 97-00 TJ. I know I would have to modify it to get the dome light working but I'm ok with that.

I've attached photos of both the 97-00 wiring harness (first photo) and the 03-06 harness (second photo). I've circled the areas that immediately look different. Has anyone tried retrofitting this harness to a 97-00 TJ, or know someone who has?

Rubi4MyMrs 11-25-2017 04:46 PM

I have not looked into the exact differences but there are bound to be several. I have worked with all 3 kits, helping guys get everything working so know there are some pitfalls in each kit so even having the correct kit presents potential issues & since they each cover multiple yrs there are some slight variances between yrs too.

If you have both sets of instructions & the FSM wiring diagrams for both early & late yrs & a pretty good understanding of the circuits you should be able to figure it out. The late kit would be better than starting from scratch but still may take quite a bit of work.

The bigger question is do you really need the wiper & defrost? I added a HT with the kit to my 2005 in 2009 & have yet to actually use either, other than testing both & occasionally accidentally hitting the wiper switch.

If you do decide to tackle it, I will try to assist if needed.

ApproachMedium 11-26-2017 02:11 AM

Look on ebay for a "left body harness" for a TJ. They are not cheap, but you could use one to salvage what you need or do a full replacement. What you can do is get a pin tool and repin the plug that goes from the hard top to the body if you can get a pigtail to match the hardtop. The pins should be the same, just different connector. Put the pins in following the wire diagram that i know is somewhere posted on the site and you are good to go. Both of those wire harnesses in the photos would be the add on ones, the factory equipt ones do not have the plugs that go directly to the switches for the defrost and wiper so that may need to be figured out otherwise. Your jeep may actually already have the plugs for the two switches behind the panel, as it seems the 97s and 98s had a lot of the wiring already there just not the features. The items you circled i think go into that part that says 9 and 10 which should be one of the pack connectors that goes into the 100 way connector (under the dash behind the driver speaker.)

The complete left body harness will also have the tail light wiring in it too, so that is the hardest part to change. You could take the whole thing apart and just remove the wiring that you need and install it or be a nutjob like me and replace it all. A full left body harness will have 3 plugs i think that go in to the 100 way connector. One is for the speakers for the sound bar, and i think the lights. The other is for the signal and power from the rear wiper and defrost switches. Another goes to the harness and thru the firewall for the wiper motor itself. As you go back it connects to the seatbelt latch, the handbrake, then the sound bar the hard top down thru the tub to the tail lights and brake light.

Scoutmapper 11-11-2019 06:21 AM

Hi Rubi4MyMrs,
I'm hoping you are still around and can offer some insights for me on this topic of installing a hardtop wiring kit. I picked up a NOS wiring kit that is for a 98 TJ and mine is an 04 TJ. I have the instructions and it is mostly straight forward. The question I have is the 98 instructions have a pair of 2 pin "splice" connectors called the Overlay Harness. These two pin connectors have orange and black wires that plug right in to the HVAC corresponding connector and act as a splice. This is different from any other instructions I have found online in that both other versions i have seen have us splicing for panel lights. I think I need to cut these connectors off and splice into the Defogger Switch corresponding orange and black wires but I am not reaching out for someone that has seen these. I am assuming this is for ground and panel lighting as these are the only orange and black wires on the kit.
Thanks in advance.

Rubi4MyMrs 11-11-2019 12:24 PM

Yes, still here.

In the early kit they are picking up the orange & black wires from the HVAC illumination circuit to power the illumination of the wiper & defrost switches. I think if you have the late diagram it shows splicing into the orange wire for that purpose. The later HVAC panel does not have that 2 wire connector. The illumination circuit is incorporated in with other components using a different connector as you have seen. On that connector pins 4 & 5 are the orange & black wires so, yes, you should splice into those to get the switch lighting to work.

There have been a couple threads on going late kit (when it was the only one still available) to early year TJs but not seen early to late. I know the cluster connector uses different terminal sizes which have complicated the defrost cluster timer installation for that conversion. Have you had to deal with that going with the early kit?

If so, I have recommended using a remote timer relay to get around using the cluster timer.

Post results when finished.

Scoutmapper 11-11-2019 06:54 PM

On the older kit the pin connectors were too large but the kit came with 3 spare smaller pins for this purpose. I used all 3 of the smaller ones but on one connector that was slightly too small and can be pulled out the back of the connector. It still connected with the other male pin side just fine...I am just going to see if it holds...seems good enough. It was not very loose but I could tug pretty good on it and pull it out of the connector.
I am hitting a wall on the install. Starting to second guess my wiring. I need a circuit diagram of this older kit to know what is going on under the bundle wrapping.

Since this is a newer model Jeep, I folded back and taped off the dome light wire pins at both ends of the kit. These are the Y and PK/WT wires.

What is most concerning is this kit has no wires that go to the fuse block. This doesn't make sense to me.

Scoutmapper 11-11-2019 08:12 PM

Also, the OR and BK wires ended up being just OR. That BK wire was a I spliced OR into the HVAC controls like expected. One more piece of the puzzle down...a few more to go.

WSS 11-11-2019 11:05 PM

These are super simple and cover most relay needs. Fairly robust too. Easy to set up/program.

ApproachMedium 11-12-2019 12:51 AM

If connected properly, there should be no need to go to the fuse block. The parts 9 and 10 on the left image i believe is the plug that goes into the 100 point connector on the drivers wall under dash, that would provide your power and relay power for the rear wiper and defroster.

Rubi4MyMrs 11-12-2019 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by Scoutmapper (Post 40790393)
I am hitting a wall on the install. Starting to second guess my wiring. I need a circuit diagram of this older kit to know what is going on under the bundle wrapping.

Since this is a newer model Jeep, I folded back and taped off the dome light wire pins at both ends of the kit. These are the Y and PK/WT wires.

What is most concerning is this kit has no wires that go to the fuse block. This doesn't make sense to me.

When they refer to the overlay harness they mean the harness in the kit.

EBL (electric back light) refers to the rear window defrost element.

Do you have the 04 FSM? Do you have the late kit instructions?

You mean you need wiring diagrams from a 97-99 FSM or for the actual kit (overlay) harness?

This may help:

On the instruction sheet the 2 wires near 13 are the cluster timer wires. The 4 wires left of 6 are the wires to red C-323. The 2 wire left of 9 are the defrost wires to C-170.

In frames 31-33 the red connector is C-323 & has wires for wiper.

Black/white (pin 1) is from defrost relay to heating element in back glass. If you have the late instruction that would be dealt with in frame 25 (now called HBL for heated back light)

Brown/pink (pin 4) is from fuse 6 in the fuse block. Probably the one you need that the later one has running from the front of fuse 6. You will have to add that one.

The other 2 are for the dome light which you have already dealt with.

In frames 34-36 the blue/white wire goes from the cluster timer output to the defrost relay triggering coil.

See if that get you through it. If not report back & will try to assist further.

Scoutmapper 11-12-2019 06:06 PM

I have the 04FSM.
I have a copy of the late kit, it only has pictures, no text. That shows a wire that needs to go to the fuse block...that is why I am confused a bit.
I was referring to needing to see where all the wires in the kit are "going". The bundle hides splices a bit.
What I probably need is the older model FSM to figure it out and see where the differences are. I know the 04 pretty well now after studying it for so long.
I will review what you sent and see if I can digest that.

Scoutmapper 11-12-2019 06:09 PM

2 Attachment(s)
This might help, attached are the 2 different install instructions. Again, I have the old hardtop harness and trying to adapt it for a 2004 TJ, just in case someone who jumps in misses this piece.

Scoutmapper 11-12-2019 06:36 PM

@ApproachMedium , I follow you but i am trying to install a 1998 kit on a 2004 TJ. The connectors are way different so I am rolling in uncharted waters with this.

Rubi4MyMrs 11-12-2019 06:39 PM

There is a member here trying to build their own harness for a 2005. I posted some info there today that should also help you. I added references there to a 2005 & noted changes in the instructions for 05-06. The sheet should be followed for your 04 except where changes are noted. The rest should be good for you.

Note the info about the inline 2 fuses the late kit used.

Read about the brown/pink wire I posted above which is for the wiper & needs one of the inline fuses since where it is tapped from is non fused power. In the early yrs the fuse 6 was apparently wired into the factory harness even if not HT equipped so no added tap was needed.

Scoutmapper 11-12-2019 09:28 PM

I think after reviewing you posts and studying things a bit more I have it. I need to run both the BR/PK and BK/WT to the fuse block. 6 and 15 respectively. I also need to run a BK/WT wire from C107 pin D5 and splice into the BK/WT wire above. This should do it. Hopefully this weekend I will have it all set. I will write it up if I don't burn down things. :-)

The time now is 10:01 AM.

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