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thelazerviking 03-28-2007 08:02 PM

bad vibes after offroading/ could use advice on skid plate and SYE
I have 32s a 2 inch lift and 1 inch transfer case drop. that's how i bought it.

There are a few questions in the following regarding skid plates, SYEs, and TC lifts

Today i bottomed out and smooshed up my TC skid plate. I'm getting bad vibes post-smoosh. I even even feel it shaking while idle and not moving but i think that's a different problem. While moving, is this possibly becasue it raised the TC and the pinion angle is off with the driveshaft? will getting a SYE and CV solve this (I'll also be building a new custom skid this week but will the SYE solve the vibes regardless? can i undo the 1" TC drop with a SYE to get more ground clearance post new skid plate? I don't really want to lift the jeep much more, just get ground clearance. i'm not too keen on the idea of a motor mount lift or a body lift over 1". I like haveing a good center of gravity. I drive it like a sports car in the curves and i'd liek to continue doing so. best ways to get ground clearance? any kind of other suggestions- I'm into it

have a good night,
thanks a lot

silvergreentj 03-28-2007 08:06 PM

possibly, check your tranny mount for compression...until i read about your smash, i was thinking you didnt clean the inside of your wheels and the mud/gunk was causing an imbalance.

good luck

thelazerviking 03-28-2007 09:20 PM

if i do a 1" motor mount lift and a 1"body lift and a SYE and put the skid plate back at stock height will that be okay untill i cna build a new plate? it's smashed up probably 3/4 of an inch so it will basically be like it's raised 3/4" over stock. what kind of involvement is there doing a 1" MM and BL together? will it even work?

also, i need to find out the geometry of the skid before i build it, unfortunately i obviously can't exactly compare to mine


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