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JSG1518 01-15-2020 02:00 PM

Bigger tires and power questions
On a rubicon, going to run 38x13.5 tires. With the stock 4.10s will it have a decent amount of power. Should I change the gearing. I had a 2017 with 37's and changed to 5.13. Jeep ran nice not to powerful, i guess almost the same as stock. Do the JL's have alittle more power "feel". I was going to do a magnuson supercharger but worried about warranty.

Prot 01-23-2020 02:29 AM

Automatic or manual transmission? I assume you have the V6.

JIMBOX 01-23-2020 07:56 AM

:|If you're "going to run" 38"s without changing gearing---doesn't matter if you have a stick ot auto---

You're going to have a "DEAD DOG"--

You've done this before with ALMOST THE SAME ENGINE--

You could run all day in 4lo-


:nerd: JIMBO

222Doc 01-23-2020 08:30 AM

super charger would kill the power train warranty as would 38s....38s on d44 even gen 3 ones plan on things wearing out fast. Other issue will be that electrical steering pushing 38x13.5s. In a jk that would need Min. Big bore steering box and hydro would be better. JLs? they dont use the same steering as the past so i have no idea how simple or cost to make that have more power to steer.

this a street jeep for looks then stopping it might be the bigger issue. Other then why one would need 38s for street.......

Jl has the 8 speed i think the first gear in that is a step lower then the Nag1s that was a step lower then the 42l in the older jks and tjs. This will help a lot out of the whole. i would say its close to how your jk was nag1 and 5.13. The Jl on 4.1s would be close to the same on 37s both. Now you dont gear things for 1st gear most times. The Zf8 has two overdrives if i recall. .76 and .87? The nag1 had only one over drive at .87. the .76 is like a 42le's overdrive.

So to make use of that .76 means a lot of gear for 37/38s or the .76 wont be useful. Not sure but i would bet if it dont ever see 8th or it will "hunt" it. Now say you had 5.13 in the JL with the 37s and a zf8 . your old jk would get smoked in a 1/4 mile. do to the zf8's what is it 4.5:1 first gear and 5:13 rear gears would have some fast shifts out of the whole. Might break something. Would be best 35s and 5.13 with that .76.. bet it would smoke tires through a few gears if you turn off the TC on 35s......would use 8th well as well.

WXman 01-29-2020 06:35 AM

The new 3.6L engine with it's lower RPM torque mated to the new 8-speed trans. is a game changer. Handles 35s with ease and guys with 37s are generally happy. Having said that, with 38x13.50s you're going to have well over 100 lbs. of mass per corner and that's really starting to push it for ANY vehicle. You'll probably want to regear it after you drive it for a while.

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