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pblanton 09-27-2021 08:05 PM

I have two 73/74 CJ5's that I'd like to sell but don't know what they're worth
I hope I posted this in the right place. I thought about posting in the "Jeep Buying" forum, but since these are old CJ5's this forum seemed best.

I have two CJ5's. One of them is a 1974 with an AMC 360 and one is a 1973 with a 304.

The '73 has a clean title. The engine in it hasn't run for years and I don't know if it can be made to start. The body is yellow and has some rust. The '74 is in better shape body-wise, but the '73 has a title and serial numbered frame and tub. It also has a full-cage rollbar.

The '74 was abandoned on a jeep trail outside of Chico, California in 1981. Its serial numbers had been removed and it had no plates or personally identifying information on it. The people who owned the land called the Sheriff and he came out, looked at it and took pictures and told them that he'd let them know if anything came up on it. They towed it to their shed where it then sat for about 25 years. Eventually their son decided to rebuild it, so he trailered it to Denver where it sat for another ten years or so until he sold it to me. The frame on it is clean with no rust and the body and all body panels are also straight and rust free. Someone at one time welded up the snap holes on the tub and didn't finish the job, so the welds over them need to be ground smooth. It appears to have been originally yellow, but was painted a flat black at some point (to hide the fact that it was stolen?) but the firewall is still yellow. It also appears as though someone started a rebuild on the 360 in it at one point, but never completed it. Maybe they took it apart to inspect the engine and then just loosely replaced the heads. I assume this since the freeze plugs are missing and the head bolts were loose. It's also had a hillbilly lift kit where they did a half-assed springover job on it and extended the shackles with some janky homemade ones. That's why the first thing I bought for it was the complete Rancho suspension. I think the suspension has a 3.5" lift but I'd have to go look at it to be sure.

When I bought it I didn't buy it as a "motor vehicle" since it didn't have a title, rather, I asked the seller to give me a bill of sale for "Various Jeep Parts", but it is a complete 1974 CJ5.

Additional parts:

I have an extra AMC 360 engine that is apart. Machine work is done and it just needs to be reassembled. For it you'll need a gasket set, rings, bearings, etc...

Also have a new, uninstalled full Rancho suspension for it.

Also have new speedo gauge, new center console still in box, set of pontiac fiero seats with the headrest speakers. The two jeeps have good seats in them, so you get three sets of seats, but they all need recovering.

I'm wanting to sell it all as a package and am trying to get a feel for what the package would be worth.

The package is...

Two complete, non-running project jeeps. One clean title for the 1973. The '74 is an unknown entity.
One complete AMC 304 (needs to be rebuilt maybe?)
Two AMC 360s. Condition of one is unknown, the other one is good but needs assembled.
New Rancho suspension set.
New set of gauges in great condition.
One set of 5, factory 15" aluminum slot wheels.
One set of 5, chrome wheels
Both jeeps are stored in my barn

It's about everything you'd need to build a titled '73 / '74 Jeep CJ5 and have some extra parts (frame, tub, windshield, fenders, seats, engines, etc...) leftover to sell in order to offset expenses. If you need pictures I can get you some tomorrow.

So what is this package deal worth? What should I ask for it?

ECJ-7 09-28-2021 04:43 AM

basically you have one restorable Jeep and a bunch of parts. To value it you'll need pictures. Mechanically you have nothing since neither can be driven, so you can't even part out drivetrain and engine's. I would put it up for sale locally in your Craigslist and take offers. If I were in your neigborhood it would be worth something, from here it isn't worth ZIP.

bob4703 09-28-2021 10:50 AM

This past weekend I talked with a gentleman who wanted to sell his 74 CJ5 with new suspension parts, newly rebuilt engine, body in good shape, and in primer. He was mad because he wanted to drive it and his ignition switch broke that morning. He said he'd sell it for $12,000 after he fixed the ignition switch. His is not much better than our 74 and I told him he was a tad high. He said he had some wiggle room. It probably isn't for sale today after he got over being mad. Having said that I wouldn't sell ours for that amount because I couldn't replace it for that.

What you have is a good non running project Jeep with a parts Jeep. Most folks want one that is closer to being a driver.

devildog80 09-28-2021 11:44 AM

Donation to local college Auto Shop?
I know, you would rather sell them, but a thought if you are just cleaning house!

ranger83 09-28-2021 01:52 PM

Sent you a PM

pblanton 09-28-2021 04:46 PM

Here are the pictures and more information...
10 Attachment(s)
Ok. I went out today in the sunlight and took some pictures. Now that I see what I have, I'm leaning toward finishing the project. I need a good rebuilt engine, but the one in the '73 may run with a little tweaking. I also think that maybe the engine in the '73 may be a GMC engine but I didn't crawl under it to get pics.

I was wrong about a few things and have some things I forgot.

- The suspension is Rough Country and has 8005 and 8006 springs, which are a 2.5" lift.
- I have two sets of half-doors that are new.
- I have a new set of bolt-on fender flares for a YJ that can be trimmed to fit a CJ. I remember looking for this kind of flare for mine and couldn't find them as a matching part for a CJ, but was assured that the YJ flares would work with a little careful trimming. Apparently that's what other people with these kinds of flares on the CJs use, so I bought them.
- I have a set of new, red body mounting grommets, new hood latches, new windshield tie-downs and new mirrors.
- I have new oil pressure and battery gauges.
- The console is a Rugged Ridge and is for a 1976 and later CJ, but I was planning on making a bracket to allow it to fit the 73/74 body. The difference is the storage box under the passenger seat on the earlier models.
- I also have a set of newer style (early eighties) CJ5 taillights.

I forgot to mention that the 74 has a padded dashboard that is un-cracked but I was planning on reupholstering it anyway. I like the little padded dashboards that were on that year model better than the larger more angular ones on the later models with the interior wiper motor.

For all full-size photos, see the Google Photos gallery here: The photos I uploaded to Jeep Forum gallery are still being moderated. My Jeep Forum gallery will be here once it's moderated:

Here are the Jeeps...

1973 Jeep (the one with a title)

Rough Country springs

Rugged Ridge Console

Mid eighties Pontiac Fiero speaker seats

Rough Country suspension parts (shocks and U-bolt kit)

74 CJ5 padded dashboard with fender flares box on top.

74 CJ5 front grille, instrument panel and the spare for the 73 underneath


pblanton 09-28-2021 04:55 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I forgot to include the picture of the engine in the 73...

ranger83 09-28-2021 06:52 PM

I would be glad to take that jerry can off your hands.

JEEPFELLER 09-29-2021 09:01 AM

Bat Boy,

How would you ship a fuel can that has been used?

I see no issues with a new virgin can.


JEEPFELLER 09-29-2021 09:07 AM


Looks like you have a really good beginnings of a Yellow keeper, quite a few parts, looks like a project to finish up and drive!


pblanton 09-29-2021 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by JEEPFELLER (Post 41364359)
Looks like you have a really good beginnings of a Yellow keeper, quite a few parts, looks like a project to finish up and drive!

Yeah. After taking inventory it seems like all I need to do is to get an engine ready, a little body work (the '74 body is almost perfect and completely rust-free), some paint and then assemble a good, running, hairy-chested, AMC 360-powered Jeep. I'm thinking that the package with the two Jeeps and all of the parts is worth about $10k, but a completed, running, freshly painted 360-powered, frame-up resto-mod Jeep would be worth well into the $20k range.

To finish the project correctly I'd need ...

- Rust treatment and epoxy-coat on one of the frames.
- Body prep and paint on the tub, fenders, hood and grille.
- Engine assembly.
- New upholstery on a seat set. Probably the seats in the black Jeep since I have all three and they match.
- Reassembly

Some things I'd like to do are...

- Build a full-cage rollbar from a later model CJ5 with a floor-plant, angled rollbar.
- Carbon-fiber one of the dash panels.
- Get the seats re-upholstered in a gray/black (matching the gray of the center console that I already have) two-tone setup with carbon-fiber insets down the middle
- Build an overhead console for Ham, CB, scanner, stereo, and some lighting.

I have thought about putting a diesel engine in it, but I think I have enough parts leftover to build a second jeep with a diesel engine if I am so inclined.

I have a 2000 square foot shop to do the work in but we are also working on remodeling our house so it is full of building materials. I need to clean out the shop first and then install my two-post lift in it so some preliminary work to do first.

JoonHoss 09-29-2021 11:10 AM

Here's a decent example of what they are going for locally here in WA


pblanton 09-29-2021 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by JoonHoss (Post 41364435)
Here's a decent example of what they are going foe locally here in WA


A full frame up restoration should be worth about five times that. I've seen people asking for up to $50k for a frame up restored CJ5 before, but that's ridiculous in my opinion.

JoonHoss 09-29-2021 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by pblanton (Post 41364481)
A full frame up restoration should be worth about five times that...

A full frame up restoration should be just that, full frame up, including a full rebuild of all the mechanicals , and restoration of all the paint, body, interior, top and electrical.

I see alot of Jeeps advertised for ridiculous amounts as well. Some are pristine and command a premium, others are much less so to an avid jeeper, but you can never account for those with more money than smarts.


JEEPFELLER 09-29-2021 03:33 PM

Mine are priceless

The only way "mine" could leave my possession would be

$ Six figures or more


The "Grim Jeeper" totals him out.


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