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More photos. The parts pile is slowly getting smaller. Turns out the transmission is a t4. In perfect shape so I’m gonna run it for now. I assumed it was a t5 since it had a 5 speed shifter knob but unfortunately it’s only a 4 speed. I did new seals and cleaned it up. Internals were mint so hopefully it’ll hold up. If not I’ll swap it down the road. I’d like to get a new “shifter holder plate thing” but didn’t see any online anywhere. Not sure what the proper name but it’s the rust colored plate on the top that houses the shifter. The back of it had split apart and someone along the way attempted a mig welding fix but it’s horrible. It’s holding surprisingly, but the previous fix is so bad it’s not repairable. If anyone knows where to source a replacement please let me know. There’s no Jeep junkyards near me. But I’ll check eBay once I find the correct name of that part.

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D1889474-3BB8-4226-AA49-3E333AAB01F8_1548536482496.jpg   666A4A88-7C9D-4F0F-A2C1-B3F35B09E5C6_1548536507568.jpg   4B1C9810-876F-4427-8562-C0D760A6F5FD_1548536778525.jpg  
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That rusty plate is called the shift lever housing, and there used to be after market housings available for purchase. I picked up a Hurst model for my T-5 almost 20 years ago, which is an absolute joy to shift. Tight, crisp and short throws - love it. Sadly, I don't think they are available any longer. There may be some clones out there, but haven't checked.


From the FSM:
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Transmission Shift Lever Housing.jpg  

82 CJ7 Laredo Ltd, 258, T5, frame off resto/rebuild planned
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Might want to check this out.


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Well I don’t have any new photos worth showing. I started the engine work. I tore down the original 4.2 last week. I intended to just do a basic rebuild with a 4.0 head swap. In my search for a 7120 head, I found a complete 4.0 from an XJ for $80. Also came with headers. I really only wanted the head and headers off that engine but since I have it, i started to mull over doing a 4.0/4.6 stroker instead. I decided against it originally because the #6 piston had a chunk missing and a hole right in the center of the dish.

I dropped off the original 4.2 at the machine shop today and he has since talked me into doing the stroker since I have most of what I need. The original crank will need to be reground which he says is about $500. At least one rod is bad due to a bearing failure as well. So I started breaking down the second 4.2 I got with the purchase of the Jeep to get the rods and crank. According to the seller, this second 4.2 is “running” so hopefully the crank and rods are all in good shape and can be used in place of the original one.

This weekend I outta be able to finish breaking down the extra 4.2 as well as the 4.0. Then next week I’ll get the 4.0 block over to the machinist along with the second crank and the extra set of rods. Wish me luck!
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Here’s the original 4.2 block and head that came out of the Jeep.
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0D047BE1-1112-4E19-A945-3AACE397C4CD_1550189192173.jpg   F61B4633-0596-40AD-A0BA-A4B113A14F82_1550189237997.jpg   E0DD12D2-B79C-462A-9102-F1038EDED66B_1550189259040.jpg  
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Nice work on the frame! looking forward to following the build as it happens.
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Figured I owe an update. I’ve been slowly working on the motor project. Included with the Jeep was 2 4.2’s. One was original and didn’t run, the second was a supposedly running 4.2. I had planned to just do a 4.0 head swap and basic rebuild on one of the 4.2’s. After breaking them both down I found out both were pretty well shot. Cylinders were around .020 out of round average and both cranks needed a reground. The original motor had 2 spun bearings. In the meantime I sourced an entire 4.0 from an xj basically just for the head. After talking with the machinist we decided I’d do a 4.0 stroker. But then he inspected the 4.2 cranks and we realized neither was usable without a bunch of $. Soooo for now I’ve decided to do a cheap stock rebuild of the 4.0 and slap a carb on it. The 4.0 didn’t have any fuel injection stuff with it. So in an effort to keep moving along and save a few bucks in the short term, that’s my decision and I’m sticking to it!

I spent a few days cleaning the shop, organizing stuff and ended up doing some shop remodeling as well. Got a little sidetracked and built 16’ of cabinets. This gave me a ton of extra storage space out there and allowed me to get almost if the crap off the floor. I’m pretty happy with it I guess. I also dropped the fiberglass body on the frame mainly to clear up some space.

I’ll try to get some photos tomorrow.
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Here’s a few photos. Not much to see yet, but it’s coming along. Hopefully the engines done in the next week or 2.
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F9C32C65-C55B-4DCF-82C7-8A0CB9700DFA_1552584736272.jpg   49B1DF26-5411-4D7F-8CB0-DA9B40818758_1552584765331.jpg   7CBB8421-93CB-43CF-A5EB-E685DD94DBD2_1552584835621.jpg   EA5BDFF8-B71A-485E-B292-27C641912C64_1552584854034.jpg  
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Few photos of the engine back from the machine shop. Got it painted today. I hope to start assembling it tomorrow if I get time.
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4AEF977C-544B-4DA0-ADA3-64823EC2162F_1553218242489.jpg   F878D6A8-94E6-4C18-87E2-DD36E090BA5F_1553218268482.jpg   0D8D0D00-0CC6-4573-9669-1B609F552092_1553218301057.jpg   8E416987-8142-44F7-9721-F6FE47AE5925_1553218336684.jpg  
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Here’s some updates. Waiting on a pilot bushing. Then I can get the clutch, trans and t-case in. Have a few things to figure out with the throttle linkage and a cooling fan. Had to work with making the 4.2 manifold fit the 4.0 head. Ended up making some little hold downs. Hopefully that holds up.
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4370F0F2-A383-43E1-9809-5638E08CB684_1554737614019.jpg   123F0B4C-0605-42AD-9962-588FEF0DBDFA_1554737644569.jpg   95F278E1-EDB2-4E77-9011-8415E271DF47_1554737686870.jpg   B8012C7B-85A5-46F7-9AF8-CD14B67ADE45_1554737726911.jpg   774407D5-F1F1-4692-90A4-651F2E2D6E89_1554737765462.jpg  

DDB31558-4F17-4936-9207-8F1F1CD6C56B_1554737819210.jpg   72AF12FB-F5C6-483F-9B77-223B379478CC_1554737841140.jpg   C4161A20-3460-4576-9695-65AC453BDE04_1554737866120.jpg  
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Really enjoying following along with your restoration as I consider my options with my original '83 Renegade. Thanks for sharing
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Got the pilot bushing in the mail. Got that installed with the clutch, trans and t case. Figured I’d spin the oil pump and check for oil pressure. It started GUSHING oil from the bellhousing. So I figured I screwed up the rear main seal. Took everything back apart and pulled the flywheel. Turns out I forgot to install a friggin oil plug above the cam. I was so pissed at myself. So I put that in then reassembled the drivetrain. All is well now but I wasted half a day and probably 2 qts of expensive break in oil.

Did a few odds and ends today and got the distributor and timing set up (I hope). then I laid out the wiring harness. I lost a few labels and tags on the harness since I stripped the Jeep down. So I’m planning to tear into that tomorrow after spending tonight figuring out what everything is.

I’m ditching the computer and ignition control module and all of the wiring associated with those. There shouldn’t be too many wires left that I’ll actually need.

I’m thinking all I outta need to have is:
- distributor power
- starter solenoid trigger wires
- fuel pump wires
- temp sending unit
- oil pressure sending unit
- alternator wiring
- starter 12v

- and then the factory body/light harness
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3B17B9E9-8FAD-42DE-A7A8-B15E82DFD271_1555104448465.jpg   24999AD0-AB71-4CD1-9A5E-A8220D0EC70E_1555104494932.jpg   E42B1B36-0D4F-4F68-821A-C8F41C8FE186_1555104535503.jpg  
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What HEI distributor is that on your engine? I have the same one on my 350SBC, and am in the process of wiring it up. I can't find any markings on mine as to what it is, but it looks just like yours. I think I have the wiring aspect down on it, I am just curious as to what brand it actually is.
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Awesome jeep and shop

its a rusty one

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I’m not sure on the brand of the HEI. It’s an eBay special.

Napa gave me the wrong serpentine belt again today and I got the wrong fuel inlet fitting for the carb. So I didn’t get too much done. I wired up the solenoid and cranked the engine over a few times. All seems well so far. I got the electric fuel pump in as well. Only place it would fit is above the front hanger on the rear passenger side leaf spring. Hopefully that’s not too far away from the fuel tank pickup.

Hopefully by the weekend I can see if I can get it to fire. Once I’m sure it’ll run I’ll start to focus more on the body work. I’ve alrea got the tub completely sanded down to bare fiberglass. I have a bunch of work to do on the tub. My fiberglass kit and bondo should be here tomorrow.
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