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Best brands of tires?

I'm in need of a set of new tires for my 1980 CJ7. Looking for a set of All-Terrain 31x10.5x15. I am seeing brands at Walmart that I've never heard of before. Mostly the cheaper ones, but some of them do have a 50k warranty though.

Is the BF Goodwrench at Costco the cream of the crop as far as ideal "jeep" tires.

My driving is going to be 90% on the road. I live in Florida where is rains quite a bit.

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Research the brand names, they likely all come out of the same factory in china or korea. If you are 99% on road, pick a mild tread that looks good with a good warranty and go for it.

Oh, and if you don't buy Thornbirds, you don't deserve to have a jeep....
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Are the tires from Walmart the Dextero All Terrains by chance? If so, I'm not going to wade into the argument of shopping there, but the tires themselves are made in America (South Carolina plant, I believe.). As for other tires there, I know at least for a few of them, the big manufacturers make a slight change in model designation so that they can't be price matched by other outside tire stores.

If you leave this thread open long enough, you will get arguments both FOR and AGAINST pretty much every tire ever made, there's just so much personal preference.

I like the BFG AT. I've heard good things about the Goodyear duratrac, and just the plain old good year wrangler (though I hated the set I had, at least in a 35") .


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Define "best" ?

Cheap tires are cheap for a reason. Some are adequate, most are not.

I have had several set of BFG TA A/T and liked them for good tread wear, moderate road noise, as well as good winter and thunderstorm traction. Lots of people like Goodyear DuraTrac. I had a set of Firestone Destination A/T's that were quiet and had reasonable tread wear, but they are basically highway type car tires and were worthless for winter driving.

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Don't have much of an opinion on the BEST brand tire.

When I lived in Florida, I ran the BF Goodrich all terrains in the size you are looking at (90% road time as well). They worked pretty good for me.

Moved to Tn and when the BFs wore out I replaced them with Goodyear Dura-tec tires in the same size. They are working out pretty good as well.

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This what I have used for eight years. I don't drive the CJ5 in winter weather which you needn't worry about in Florida either. Driving without doors and with at most a Bikini top I find them extremely quiet--much quieter than the Dunlops I replaced. When I go exploring off road they haven't let me down.

They make a second AT with a slightly more aggressive tread. I know they are made in China but Kenda has had a good rep in the MC world for years.

Asking about what we each consider to be the best tire , oil, or favorite beer is a question that if 25 of us answer you will get 25 different answers. Find a tire at a price you can afford and research it to see if it meets your needs.

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I’m a Toyo tire fan. All of my street junk gets Toyo tires. My race cars get Hoosier tires.

When I decided to replace the old BFG all terrain radial 31’s on my CJ-7, I went to my local automotive shop, where I get my cars inspected annually, Moyock Automotive. I’ve been buying tires from Jeff since I moved here in 2009. Yeah, you might get a better deal at Walmart or online, but I would rather support a local business.

I run Toyo Open Country A/T-III in 31x10.50 15 on my CJ-7, and 35 x 11.50 17 on my JLU. The tires run quit on the street, and do well in the rain, but I only drive on the street so far, so I have no off road opinion on these tires. Looking at the tread pattern I believe they will do as good as any other all terrain tire off road.

If you buy cheap tires, you will get cheap tires. Cheap tires are not round, they ride rough and wear out quickly. In the end you probably get more bang for the buck buying a quality tire that cost more.
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only AT i run are on the wifes 4x4 that is like 4 tons dry 35x12.5 Durotrack they are E though need to be as it can tow 9500 pounds. wear good now for 3 years. Not used to much off road unless its like forestry stuff or access roads.

I always get tires from Discount. I always buy the certified warranty too. Long as they have legal tread 100% coverage. Bust a 450 dollar tire. So even the trailer gets same place and i run Goodyear on it as every China made trailer tire i have ever ran ripped apart. THey were covered but that is apin to fix if say rips a fender of a trailer blowing out.....

prices on tire have gone up a lot really. set of say 37s in Nitto/ procomp what ever was less then say a MTRK that tend to be expensive anyway but last i looked they are all over 400 now.... wont even go down what a set of 40 cost. In stock? good luck on that too.

I heard was it nito or another. was to be making a 38x12.5x17< cant find it That would be great size since no one makes it they tend to be like 13.5-14.5 wide. So that is like a real 37 at 37.5 ish and still at 12.5. They even get them made im in on those.

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Don't forget Cooper tires. They are made here in the good ole U.S. of A. There was a huge manufacturing plant not to far from when I lived in beautiful Tupelo, Mississippi.

I like the BFG's A/T myself. But I guess the best tires are the one you can really afford?
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I've ran just about every big brand, on various vehicles, from tiny car tires to 38in M/Ts. Mostly back in my younger years, when I worked for Discount, and got mine at cost. That makes it easy to change tires all the time. In the grand scheme of things, there are only a few big names in the game. Some of those names you've never heard of, are likely manufactured by them. "Private label" is a thing, which Walmart, Les Schwab, and just about every big retailer has.

What you should care about are the features that you want, what you want that tire to do. There are a fair amount of options and details to consider, and I've seen plenty of folks spend a TON of time "researching", and still be horribly unhappy with their choice. Your best bet is to find a good "tire guy", or rather good customer service and a fair price. Some big retailers even have 30-day ride guarantees, just in case you are NOT happy with your choice.

Personally, I've never cared for BFG's All Terrains, but it's been at least decade since I've used them, back when they did the major redesign of the KO. The older Michelin M+S actually performed better in all respects even though most thought it was a "street tire", though I don't think that tire is made anymore, at least not that design. I DID like the BFG M/Ts, but you pay for them. For the last 10yrs or so, I've been a Cooper fan, running 3 different sets of their M/Ts, and a few iterations of A/Ts on a few other trucks and SUVs. Maybe not the BEST, but they did what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay.

The size will be a limiting factor in your choices. "High flotation" sizes like a 31-1050-15 are just not the thing anymore. I need to look into this myself though. I noticed the 31s on the CJ are 10yrs old, so I'll need to put something on there. Probably another Cooper product but I'll look at other options too. Yokohama and Falken have always made decent stuff, and I've been happy with some Kuhmo products in certain applications. The right Kelly/Goodyear can be good, but I've seen a lot of NOT right products from them too, so it just depends.
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I really like my Yokohama Geolandar G015 in 31x10.5. Still has a rather classic look that goes well with a classic jeep.

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This is where I get mine, at present, I like the Goodyear Wrangler tread and raised white letters,

I have to be careful in choosing tread design on other brands, some of them get that feathered down low and remains high on each cleat, Makes one sick to see the tires ruined like

that, swapping them to the opposite side does not work either.

Over time, they really start to make louder road noise. After much looking for the "Why" they do that at alignment shops, the best answer I got was that

each cleat "scuffed" or "Dragged" as it left the asphalt---nothing to do with the alignments.

Still not a good thing wearing out your tires.....I kinda know how to pick 'em out now.

I heard Wranglers are not in production anymore, so I will again look for inexpensive and a mostly on-road tire as well as decent "Need Be" off-road characteristics.

I reckon I'm good as long as the Wranglers are still available!

Shipping, install, balancing are still free for my online ordering.

What a Deal!

Pics made in 2007---4 Goodyear Wrangler tires were $288....No shipping

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Walmart still has those Wranglers with that tread pattern, but they are NOT the same tire as what was made in the 80s and 90s. They are only made for Walmart and are pretty much junk.
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Falken wildpeak AT3W , I've been super impressed with them on my work truck.
Trail version on the outback is also great(less aggressive).

Quiet and smooth, great in rain/snow

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Originally Posted by CSP View Post
Walmart still has those Wranglers with that tread pattern, but they are NOT the same tire as what was made in the 80s and 90s. They are only made for Walmart and are pretty much junk.
I lost one of those Wangler Tires on my 1986 CJ-7, back in 1986. I didn’t hit or run anything over, the sidewall failed and went flat. I took it to the local Goodyear dealer, and they said road hazards are not covered under warranty. It was a new Jeep with new tires.

My opinion is they were junk back then, in 1986.

I have never bought a Goodyear tire since, they lost me as a customer.
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