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jkc51064 06-28-2019 03:20 PM

New Owner
Just bought a 2018 Renegade Sport with a 2.4L yesterday got a great deal sticker listed at $24,500 with options,with my trade in an added rebates which was a surprise by the way, I got it for $18,200 it had 21 miles on it. Haven't had it long enough to say I'm overjoyed by it but I like it so far. But dealer said it comes from factory with 0-W20 conv. Oil an to bring it in at 3000 miles for first change an 5000 after that does that sound right? I've only run synthetic in the car I traded an got 203,000 miles on it b4 it had to go. Should I stick with conv.oil or have them change it to synthetic for the Xtra money? Any thoughts?

Mr. Baja 12-22-2019 02:20 AM

The periods recommended from the dealer seem reasonable and are what I use. Not sure about using synthetic instead of conventional oil but at these intervals the conventional oil should be OK. Do keep an eye on the oil levels for the first few 1000 miles as some 2.4L MultiAir vehicles have been reported to have excessive engine oil consumption issues.

warrenmudd 05-18-2020 01:32 PM

We bought the wife's new Renegade in 2019 on a CJDR fire sale, got a great price. Happy with virtually everything, except that it burned through 4 quarts of oil in 4K miles. Dealer remedy was a full oil change, $93. My remedy, add oil when it needs it, 0-20W full synthetic. I added a quart of
LUCAS LUC10130 Synthetic Oil Stabilizer at 5,000 miles instead of the quart it needed. Oil consumption has been (dramatically) declining since then, and my last check showed about 1/4" down on the dipstick between 8,200 and 9,700 miles. When it gets the next full oil service (not at that same dealer, for sure), I'll have them add another quart of the Lucas FIRST, then top it up with full synthetic. I'll bet it doesn't burn even a full quart for the next 10K after that. I'll keep y'all posted.

ry121212 07-11-2020 09:49 AM

Did you buy an extended warranty? Curious if others did

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Lwatts 07-11-2020 10:07 AM


But dealer said it comes from factory with 0-W20 conv. Oil
My understanding is that 0W-20 is always synthetic, not conventional. It can be blended with 5w-20 but why would you?

JAY READ 07-20-2020 06:39 PM

Our car (2.4) burns a bit of oil. No problem with that except for if you go round a corner and the remaining low oil sloshes over then it causes the engine to cut out. Was told, along with plenty of other ailments of the car (noisy exhaust, really REALLY crap infotainment) that ‘they all do that’.

amyf27 07-23-2020 04:34 AM

My dealer and the two non dealer places I've gone to a few times since with my 2018 Jeep 2.4L Sport, they all say it has to have the Synthetic Oil. I always thought that was a little odd, but figured something with Jeeps.

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Andreeas1978 07-23-2020 04:26 PM

Synthetic oil is far superior to mineral oil in many aspects, lifetime, temperature resistance, lubricating properties, residue forming, just to name a few. Almost all modern cars use synthetic.
Personally I wouldn't use mineral or mixed oil in my car even if I had an unlimited FREE resource of it!
Stay with the manufacturer specifications, do not EVER mix or change the type no matter what "experienced mechanics" say and try not to mix brands as much as possible as every one of them has its own mix of additives like anticorrosion, antifoaming, cleaning agents.
Just choose a brand according to the manufacturer specs and availability in your area and stick with it. A complete repair of an engine costs much more than all the money one can save by oil changes.
Modern engines are very precise machines and oil has more than a simple lubricating role, like cooling the turbo, maintaining it's properties on high and low temperatures, keeping an oil film on the components for the first start and so on.
"Bob is the oil guy" is a site dedicated to oils and its crazy how much info on the subject you can find there.

Lwatts 07-29-2020 01:18 PM

From the rabbit hole I delved into, 0W-20 is synthetic only. A few weeks ago I got a '16 Limited and first thing I did was full oil change (bought used) since I do my own oil changes to save money. So easy on this car! Jeep (Chrysler) recommends Penzoil if Mopar isn't available. No need for complicated mixes. Unless dealer is doing oil changes for free, it's stupid easy to DIY and a heck of a lot cheaper.

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