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I'd say one of my scariest moments happened while surfing. I'm not too strong of a swimmer, strong enough to get the job done, but I'm no Michael Phelps (even though I look like him). My buddy and I were out surfing during a storm, and after paddling and fighting the breakers for half an hour, we were able to get out past them. Not too long after getting past the breakers, one of us thought we'd spotted a shark, so we began hauling *** in, catching a wave on the way... All of a sudden I'm looking through the second story glass window of a hotel, and I realize how high up I am... I went from paddling, to flying, to swimming, then to drowning pretty damn quick. My leash got wrapped around my ankles, and I bounced off the bottom a few times before I was able to get free. When I came up and got out of the water, I looked over, and my friend was splashing around, his feet were also wrapped by his leash, and they were even sticking out of the water, while the rest of him was under, but luckily he was able to free himself before I got over to him
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bump for an awesome thread
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Every time i hear Nancy Pelosi talk its like the worst nightmare i have ever had.
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I went to Costa Rica for vacation in October with a couple friends. We rented a car (best decision ever) just so we could go wherever we wanted. Anyways late one night we were driving to the next town on one of the main highways. My friend was driving, I was navigating. So we're cruising along at about 65mph, when I see something blocking all lanes ahead and we were approaching it FAST.

Apparently the bridge was under construction, so they put concrete barriers in the middle of the highway WITH NO WARNING SIGNS before it. We both saw it at the same time and my buddy locked up the brakes and swerved off to the exit, followed by a collective "holy ****, what the **** was that!?"
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I have a lot, but I'll go with the most recent one...
I'm heading up to the Mall of Georgia (if anyone reading this is from this area, you know how insane traffic is) and am cruising along doing ~55. There's an off-ramp that merges onto the highway I was currently on so I scooted over to the left lane to make it easier for the people entering to merge. So all of a sudden this ******* merges, but he doesn't stop in the right lane. He keeps sliding over towards me! To avoid being side swiped I had to jerk the wheel HARD to the left. There was so much body roll because I only had one front sway link connected. I literally had two wheels of the ground and teeter tottered back and forth a few times before I finally recovered. I proceeded to lay on the horn and tell the *** wipe he's #1. I now really know what people mean when they say "I had my life flash before my eyes" because it happened to me. I couldn't get my heart rate to go down for at least 30 mins and was shaking like you couldn't believe.

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Easily when a tornado hit my neighborhood growing up. Woke up right before it hit (lucky, no sirens in our town and this was before weather radios got big), it was like being in bullet-time getting to the basement. My house was fine but some areas down the street looked like a war zone, only an F1 or so.

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JeeperDon, just read some of this thread and happened to read yours, I am glad you are still clean. 5 years seems to be the only time they will tell you your cured.
I didn't want to post but I now will. My scariest thing was August of '08 when the Dr's at Fox Chase told me that the cancer had come back for the 3rd time in three years and that most people with my condition had 6 to 12 months left. I guess that day would be the second scariest with the first being the next day trying to tell family including my kids.
Everyone please get regular checkups!

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May of 2007. Two weeks after paying off my wife's 2003 V6 Accord, I was driving the three of us (myself, her, and my 1 year old daughter) home from my in-laws house down in South MS. We were coming North on US49 and were about 20 minutes outside of Jackson when we topped a hill and began descending into an area known locally as D'Lo flats.

It was about 9:00 at night and as we were coming down onto the flats we noticed a car in the south-bound lanes lose control and go into a spin and then disappear. I was moving along doing about 70, had just passed an Expedition, and was halfway between moving from the left lane back into the right. I was scanning the darkness looking for the car when my wife screamed... I jerked my head around to see two headlights come out of the median on our side of the highway air born. Not knowing which way the car was going to go I had to wait until the very last second before I could figure out which way to go...

The other car (2004 Maxima) touched down and quickly cut back toward the median, but again over-corrected and went into a spin in the opposite direction... I jerked the wheel to the right and caught the left rear quarter panel of the Maxima with the front left corner of the bumper of our car. The Maxima clipped the entire driver's side of our car, broke off the driver's side mirror and drove it through the glass in the door into my left arm. The driver's side air bags went off and glass peppered all of us. Thankfully my 1 year old was asleep in her car seat and had one little pin-prick in the bottom of her foot and that was it.

The glass from the window and the mirror shredded my left arm up pretty good, and I was black and blue from the side air bags for a couple weeks. My wife had cuts on her knees, but we all made it out okay.

The girl that hit us never bothered to come check on us... and her reason for losing control was for dodging a piece of tire in the road. The road was completely dry.

Another time on that same stretch of road but further North... it was pitch black dark one night and my wife screamed "LOOK OUT!" I looked up and there was a gray Mazda 626 sitting perpendicular across the center line of the two north-bound lanes of the highway. I jerked the car over onto the shoulder and went around it... others had already stopped trying to flag other drivers down. There was no driver in the car, and it had no lights on...

A little further up the road we came to a red light and a local police officer had flagged down a car transport truck and had him turning around... sure enough... he had one empty spot on the very back-bottom section of his trailer.
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Scariest moment? One minute, I was sliding down the mountain on my snowboard, looking for my buddy. Then I woke up on my back, strapped to a stretcher, with another friend taking my board off my feet while two ski patrol medics were trying to hook me up to an oxygen tank. I felt really tired, and didnt hurt at all, but couldn't really move at all which freaked me out. Then I realized that my head, arms, and legs were strapped down tight, not leaving a whole lot of room for movement. I was out for about 45 minutes, and still have no memory of what happened, and that was 4 yrs ago. I think I faceplanted on ice, then did a front flip (they found me on my back), because the forehead of my helmet was crushed, my nose was broken, face was scratched up, I had a concussion, whiplash, and a helluva headache.

Second scariest? Sliding on ice, totally out of control, narrowly avoiding t-boning a minivan that had spun out in front of me.

Third scariest? The day Obama was elected. I still have nightmares.
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Originally Posted by marksman1941 View Post

Third scariest? The day Obama was elected. I still have nightmares.
We'll all be having nightmares about that for quite a while...
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Originally Posted by nixalot View Post
We'll all be having nightmares about that for quite a while...
Amen to that. Worst part? They're just getting worse. I had hoped they might lessen up, but no such luck
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Moving on, lets try to keep this out of PRC

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I took a poo once, and when I stood up, there was nothing in the toilet. I was positively terrified.
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Please keep the politics out of this thread, dont want it getting closed.

I'll have to think, i've had some scary things happen before.

Originally Posted by Z0NAJEEP View Post
With more stupid comments? Two retards don't make a right.
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not very scary but it scared the piss out of me at the time

so my mom was out one night. it was about midnight and me and my little brother where home alone. I was 15 he was 13. oh by the way I lived on the very end of a dead end. all of the sudden I hear a car speeding down my street and hear sirens. then out of my front window a see a car going 30-40 fly by( I will explain how they did since i was on a dead end street in a minute) then 3 police cars pull in front of my house and park in my drive way and I am scared as piss because I thought the guy had stopped and ran into my back yard. so i ran to my room. turns out he went through my neighbors backyard and drove through onto another street. I will get a picture to show what exactly happened
here is my censored picture. no one can get my old house adresses. and some other stuff!
he fallowed the red line.

Im gonna major in art. you can tell im good at it

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