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The New Bronco

I’m not completely sold on it. It is much better than I was fearing Ford would do. My money was on a rebadged Everest or just a skin swap Ranger. I am glad they have made it something of its own. And what appears to be a capable SUV, not the new Blazer as an ugly car.

What are your guys honest feelings on it?

Full disclosure I did put a “reservation” on an Outer Banks Lux model but that doesn’t mean anything. If they come back with dealer mark ups and crazy package charges they can keep it. The old JK is nearing end of life I think but I’ll drill it till the wheels fall off... again.

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I think they hit the nail on the head with this one for sure. Definitely going to be major competition for Jeep. Will be interesting to see how this places out.
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I've been skeptical since it's announcement, but I was honestly really impressed. It looks terrific, seems very capable, and has a manual option. I hope this is the kick Jeep needs to deliver something better with the Wrangler. Ever since the arrival of the JK, I haven't been a fan of Wranglers. Bronco > Gladiator > Wrangler JL for me.

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It's interesting that the Bronco Sport is based on a different platform (the Escape's) rather than the rest of the Bronco line. I wonder how it will sell compared to the more capable all new Bronco's.
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Competition is good. After my bad experience with a somewhat early 2007 JKU, there is no way this new bronco is a consideration. My 2014 JKU is opposite of what my 2007 JKU was.

So, my point is, the new bronco will need to prove itself and will have growing pains.

The competition will cause Jeep to innovate, improve quality control, and perhaps get back to realistic pricing.

Things I like that I would like Jeep to do and learn from the Bronco:

Modular hard top is a big win in my book
315/70-17 tires optional from the factory is another big plus
Frameless lightweight doors, with onboard storage of them on the 4 door
More cargo room on the 2 door without a big increase in external size or wheelbase

The top and the tires are big things for me. I have never removed the hardtop of my 2007 or 2014 JKU because I live alone and it is unwieldy, even if I would have an elaborate hard top lift. I only removed the freedom panels on my 2014 twice but did it a number of times on my 2007. With the freedom panels off, and the remaining rear section on, the wind turbulence and buffeting is terrible. A modular hard top would solve that.

To run 35’s the right way on a JK or JKU requires a good lift, gears, etc and ends up wearing ball joints and other components prematurely. 315/70-17 from the factory would be covered under warranty and probably would have heavier duty components.

The Bronco Wildtrak comes with Sasquatch package that has a lot in one tidy easy order package.

I am about five or six years away from replacing my 2014 JKU. I think Jeep will up its game by then, but whoever offers the most bang for the buck gets my money.

I like the 2 door Wildtrak in carbonized gray. I am also biased towards Jeep. I am watching the development of both intensely.

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Those package and trim names. . . .
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I almost forgot. It is incredibly stupid for Jeep to put mirrors on the doors on a vehicle whose doors are meant to be removed. Ford got this right by having body mounted mirrors.

This isn’t that hard.

Jeep has been lazy and complacent instead of innovative and engaged. They have tried to dazzle us with many cool sounding editions that are little more than overpriced decals in an attempt to move four cylinder units that most people don’t care for. The four cylinder only makes one or two mpg better mileage than the 3.6L, introduces unnecessary complexity of a hybrid, and has a turbo that doesn’t make up for small engine displacement until the upper rpm compared to the 3.6L which is more or less linear, not to mention the diesel which gives you all the torque you want at the low to mid rpm.

Jeep has also dramatically increased prices and has gone to a pricing model that charges an exorbitant price for every little nut and bolt extra instead of a more moderately priced options. I think the Bronco will absolutely clobber Jeep in that regard. My 2007 and 2014 JKU’s were comparable equipped with only a couple of thousand dollar increase in price. A comparably equipped JLU is about twenty thousand dollars more than my 2014 was. I seriously believe that the pricing is where Ford will win. Even if Ford’s price is the same as a JLU, I think they will deliver more bang for the buck.

Admittedly, I am biased in favor of Jeep. I also am weary of Ford’s bad reputation with regard to the automatic transmission they have been using.

As of this writing, if Jeep does nothing, Ford gets my money in five or six years. If Jeep makes adequate improvements and offers better options and a reasonable pricing structure, Jeep gets my money.

Did I ever mention how much I love competition, capitalism, and free enterprise?

Damn that 2 door Wildtrak Carbonized Gray looks good.

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With both the standard 2.3L inline four and optional 2.7L V6 being turbocharged, I'm concerned as to what the long term engine reliability and maintenance costs will be. I'd also be curious as to how robust the IFS is.

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Ford can be just as screwy as Chrysler is, but the Bronco looks good so far.

I'm a mustang guy and Ford has done some awesome things with that car and then some really boneheaded weird stuff as well through the recent years.

I agreed proper competition for Jeep is long overdue. It should help both brands and help the consumer more so than in the past.
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I think design wise they absolutely knocked it out of the park. They've done a fantastic job of modernising the first generation and I LOVE that. There's some definite clever features on there too, some of them painfully obvious like full doors that become half doors just by rolling down the window, who would have thought! And being able to carry them in the back even if the hard top was on is pretty cool. The mirrors staying on the body is neat, the infotainment is nuts, the styling is fun and the whole thing seems great. No cross bar above the front seats is nice for the fully open feel. I'm impressed that they've crash tested it like that. If they could get a sliding soft top in there like the JL, then I can see being able to stow the doors in the trunk and put the sunroof back being a nice plus, and then close it all up to drive home. You'd have to pack light though, or come up with a roof rack above where the (imaginary at this point) soft top retracts / above spare tire rack.

The disappointing notes are: No V8 is a big one. No manual on the "bigger" engine. No manual on the "Sasquatch" wheel and tire package.

My take: I really hope it gives Jeep a lot to think about. I hope Jeep does green-light the 392 engine in the JL. If they do that, I'll definitely buy one. And then I hope Ford responds with a proper V8 in the Bronco. And in time I'd happily own that one too. I hope this starts a horsepower war like we've seen with the muscle cars, and healthy competition will just make both products better at the high end, and cheaper on the entry level, and the customers win at the end of the day.

I welcome the Bronco, and hope Jeep gives me a reason to delay buying one.

'06 TJ Sport

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I applaud Ford for making it, but personally I liked some of the concepts a lot better than the styling on this thing, especially the 4 door version.

I have to laugh though when I see people saying "it's the more affordable version of the Wrangler, it will sell like hotcakes". Not exactly. It has something like a $29k base price, which is very similar to a base 2-door Wrangler, but just like the Wrangler as soon as you add a few options the price is north of $40k. I doubt many dealerships will be stocking the base $29k one with a 4 cylinder and manual trans. Kind of like how finding a base model Wrangler or a 2 door with a stick is basically impossible.

I remember looking at 3.6L JKs a few years ago for haha's, and I went to 3 different dealers asking to test drive a 2-door with a stick. They all laughed and said we don't have any here but that's funny because it's always what people want to test drive. Made absolutely zero sense to me that they would actually admit to not stocking what people asked to drive. One guy was pretty intent on selling me a $60k 4-door Sahara though.
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I also find it quite odd how many people keep saying the Bronco is cheaper than the Wrangler. Not sure where they're getting their information from, but all pricing I'm seeing has it very close to the same as the Wrangler -- per Ford's website I see starting prices of $28,5k through $48,9k, while the Wrangler is $28,3k through $43,5k. While option pricing isn't listed yet for the Bronco, if it follows the trend of their other vehicle offerings then I again don't see it being much different than the Wrangler.
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I like it, Ill tease it like anything else. I like the storage for the door (4door only) I think they gave it a good engine and drive train options. I think I would still prefer a solid front axle. but their IFS set up is pretty impressive TBH. Mirrors on the cab make sense but I have not had mirror on my jeep in 10 years with or with out the doors its nothing I think about until it was mentioned. But you to compete with the Wrangler they had to essentially make a Wranglerish vehicle. I find if funny they are getting Goodyear to make special tires so they don't say Wrangler on the sidewall.

Edit: Would I buy it, No but for the same reason I still have My YJ it does what I want and I have loads of fun in it. I wouldnt buy a newer or new JK or JL for the same reasons.

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I think they did a fantastic job, but I'm curious how flexible it'll be with that IFS - the Bronco looked really stiff in the reveal video, even after they disconnected the front. How much more articulation does a IFS have in it?

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