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EPIC HOA parking boot battle


1. dude lives in complex with HOA
2. after a couple years of living there HOA decides to contract parking enforcement
3. company contracted are parking nazis and boot car
4. dude dolleys car with boot into garage, calls cops
5. company dumbfounded, calls state troopers, troopers side with car owner
6. hilarity of magnanimous proportions ensues...

relevant posts cut and pasted.

As I told myself I'd never live in a HOA community here I am. After a year here they forced upon us that we had to pay for parking passes to park outside. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ There's over 700 homes.

Gee, I wounder why they did that?

So you have to display your pass or you get booted, by an outsider company not associated with the HOA, they just won the contract. As the schmucks drive though they look for the obvious outsiders looking to park (visitors) and boot them, and milk the cows. "That will be $140 Sir to remove the boot."

Well, it's just a long day @ work, your mind is busy, you park and don't put your pass on your rear view. They throw 2 boots on you, a large display sticker, phone # and $140 removal fee. I've parked in the same spot for 3 months, always displayed, they know the car, a extensively modified Audi parked in the same spot for 3 months with a displayed pass. It's a no brainier I have a pass.

Gee, I wounder why the pass isn't a permanent sticker?

Now, why wouldn't I always keep the pass hanging from my rearveiw? Being in the top 10 auto theft capitals in the country, I'm not comfortable DISPLAYING where I live when the community is displayed in the largest characters on the pass.

The plastered WARNING sticker on the window mentions you will be pentilzed to the fullest of law if you remove or damage the boots. So I called the cops.........only one.....but she said I can not damage the the boots, however nothing illegal about removing them.

You know the case, if you don't pay up evenly you'll get towed,so.......

I'm just going to get some f-ing dollys, install them and push the freaking Audi right into the garage you bsaterds. Give them a call to come get their num nut boots..........................and the Audi is undergoing a semi-rebuild....I don't need them off...they won't bother me keeping them on....I don't need to drive it.....a waiting game means nothing.

I own my home, they can not come on the individual property unless I grant permission, and they can not tow it as it'll be in the garage.


Currently outside with 2 boots on it, it'll just look like this again with boots on it, same spot.

Over 4,000 hits in less then a day, think we're onto something. To answer some on the questions:

-My HOA is over $1,500 a year

-There is no STREETparking per-say, every spot is a stripped parking spot just like retail parking. There is no congestion each side of the street parking, aka, narrowing down a street.

-The HOA is not associated with the parking Nazis, however may and not sure, be able to place fines on top for giving problems.

I do have one problem, I need a raditator in the next 5 hours to get to work tomorrow in my Jetta (since I wouldn't be driving the Audi). The radiator I just order showed up broken. If not I'll either have to cough up the $140 or call the cops and have it removed and the Nazis can try filing against me.

If I can get a radiator here soon, the dollies are right down the street and the next picture you'll see will be an Audi in a garage with boots.

The streets are with-in a closed community, all gated with-in HOA.

Yeah, no club house, no gym, no amenities, no outgoing mailboxes.


I HAVE A RADIATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I called the cops again, and also conformed it with the police supervisor. Unless damage is done to the unit, the matter is civil. I told them about the dollies, there is nothing illegal about it, once again civil.

So the phone call is going to go something like this:

-Yes, you booted my car, come down and get your boots if you want them.

-Sir, that's going to be $140 to remove them

-Oh, I don't need them removed

-Sir, after 72 hours you vehicle will be towed

-Oh, I don't know how your going to do that with it in my garage

-Sir, uhhhhhhh, what Sir???????????????

EDIT: I figured I'd add some text so I'm not leaving everyone hanging. So here's the deal, as much as I'd like, and easy as it would be to remove the boots with my professional angle grinder it is against the law. It's not that I respect the law or generally even care about it , (I respect laws of humanity, not dumping oil, animals, etc, and therefor), but breaking the law is just going to turn nightmare. Not that I wouldn't, it's cutting them off isn't worth ~$1,500 or whatever amount they toss. They also photograph your car (with plate) during the citation, so I'm more then just a piece of paper floating around in someones citation book.

The boot company is left in the dark , they don't know wtf is going on, haven't told them squat. Remember, I don't need to drive the Audi, as a matter of fact I was supposed to be putting her on blocks the day it got booted for work and keeping it that way.

The HOA doesn't know it's gone , however, someone I'm somewhat cool with before this went down I convinced to get on the board and is on there now saw the Audi on dollies and did call me about it. So.....is he going to rat me out?

So I called the HOA Community manger, and keep in mind this is not actually the HOA booting cars but a contractor...errrrr......wait a minute........Hitler didn't do any of the killing himself......not responsible......some one else did it....she's off the hook....oh wait, no, and, ....duh..duh...duh...I have a private meeting not only with her but the whole HOA board , who for all I know, know nothing about the dollies.

-Blake Edwards, it's come to our attention you've some how managed to place your Audi in the garage, why did you do that?

-I had to vacuum the carpet.
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So my boy pulls into the complex and past The Spot Of Their Misfortune.

-Yo Blake
-What's up?
-Where you car was, there's now 3 APS (Arizona Parking Solutions) patrol cars, and a 4th, a rent-a-cop standing in what was your booted spot.
-Yeah, what are the doing?
-Standing around, just standing in the spot, looking around.
-One looks like a manager, supervisor, or someone important writing on a clip board, they do NOT look happy.
-(Me Laughing)
-Yeah man, they look pissed, some guy is slacks and a polo shirt jotting stuff down on a clip board.
-Sweet, time to go for a walk

As I go to the mail box to get mail I didn't have, The Head Schmuck is getting into his car, *cough, *cough, where I was, backed out and left. The other car is ready to take off, has lights on, engine running, put car in gear. I get my phantom mail and he sees me, walk past back, he kills the lights and motor, and just stays there as I walk by with out incident. I almost approuched them and asked, " You guys want to come get your boots?"

Going to bed.

So I called them, a long conversion, so I'll try to remember it in order :


-Uh... (surprised)...I'm doing alright...pause.....pause....pause....
-Yeah! I'm doing alright too!!!!
-What can we do for you?
-Yeah, I'm down here @ the Villaigo @ Tempe, you guys want to come get your boots?
-Yes, I can be there shorlty.
-Alright, I won't be home till later.
-Sure, there will some one else working, what kind of car?
-An Audi
-Oh.........pause.....pause.......where is your car?
-It's here, you guys want to come get your boots?
-Uh.......so the boots are in your trunk?
-So they are on the set of wheels in the trunk?
-So you stole them?
-So they are not on your wheels?
-Yes, they are on my wheels?
-Where are your wheels?
-On the car
-Where is your car?
-I moved it
-YEAH! I saw the picture you sent me, it's in your garage!
-Yeah, there's somethings floating around on the internet, however I didn't send that. So you want to come get your boots?
-Well, I'm sure your going to need to drive your Audi.
-So you moved your car?
-Had did you move it?
- I've been working out
-(He busts up laughing!!!)))))))))))))))))))))Ah, come on man, how did you move it?
-Well, I saw it booted, ran down and picked up some Creatine, been taking it for 3 days, that's stuff works great!
-(Laughing again) So, how did you move it?
-I have my ways
-Come on man, how did you move it?
-I have my ways
-Oh, come on, how did you get it in your garage, I've checked out that Audi before(<---------), I know you couldn't of pushed it.
-Don't worry, I havn't touched the locks.
-That's good.
-I'll be home around 7:30 P.M., you can give me call me then.

It's 3:30 P.M., tune Kiddies!
Why is that so hard to understand? OP agreed to the rules; OP made a mistake; OP was penalized as he knew (by the rules) he should be.



So 7:30 P.M. rolls around and they call me to see if I'm home, tell them I'm in traffic, got home @ 7:45 and they showed up.

4 APS Patrol cars and the Sheriff pull up to my open garage, 5 APS officers and the head Schmuck.

(The before happening occurred over 2 hours .)

-Hello, you guys want your boots?
-Yes, that will be $140 to remove them.
-Naaaaaa, you can take them though.
-Your in possession of private property.
-You can take them, I'm not holding them.
-(The APS officers look at the Sheriff, the Sheriff looks back, and nods.) There's nothing I can do, he's not holding your property with out permission, he's allowing you to take them.
-Well, his car is on private property, we do not operate on private property.
-(Me again) The entire complex is on private property, I'm granting you permission to entire my premises to remove your boots, do you want them?
-You have stolen our property.
-No, I called the Tempe Police, would you like the badge #? I've not only talked with 2 officers, but this was run by the Super Attendant, there is nothing illegal unless I damage the boots.
-(Sheriff nods)
-(Head schmuck)I am going to prosecute (gets on the phone, babbles away and away, a second in command starts taking pictures)
-He starts asking for my info, "Are you the home owner?"
-I could be

So he calls the local Tempe Town cops, officer shows up, APS gets to
him first, then the officer approaches me after hearing their story. I inform him, also inform of the phone call I've made requesting legalities from the Tempe Police Dept. He scratches his head, and says, well, "I going to have to call this one in." I inform head Schmuck and the Tempe officer I have a meeting with the HOA President and HOA board on Tuesday to have this resolved. The officer informs me he's like the badge # later, and mentions it will show grounds I had no intention to steal the boots, and it was also good you informed the APS I had the boots.

-(Head Schmuck) You going to be there?
-Good, because I'll be there too.
-(Officer)So as this is not a theft my Supervisor has informed me to place this under Other Theft, in which it will go to City Prosecutors or get dropped, call this # on Monday 16th to see what happens. The APS Manager/Owner/Head Schmuck says he OWNS the parking passes and ALL passes associated with this address have now been revoked, if he sees your car you will be towed.
-(Another APS officer) Hey man, I have this ticket for you, I've put down that you are refusing to pay, I just need your signature. I read it, above my signature it says, " Acceptance for services."
-Sorry man, I not going to sign it, you haven't offered me a service.
-Oh man, we are just going to bill HOA.
-But you won't get a bill
-(Officcr to APS Schmuck) So, he's not holding your boots against will, do you want them back?
-Yes (they pull them off and go) Officer gives me the Case # Info Card, tells me to call in Monday.
-So I won't need that badge #, I've already called in Tempe Police Headquarters and we have you on record calling in. Any questions?
-Let me tell you something, they are pissed, really pissed off, I don't know if you talked trash about his wife but he is angry! I mean, the guy is about to explode, and some thing about a picture you sent him.
-Oh, I didn't send that
-You didn't send that?
-No, it floating around on the Internet, someone else did that.
-So this is on the Internet.
-Any questions for me?
-No, thanx for everything

So this can go many ways, 1 through City Prosecutor's or 2 through HOA and fines. I have won round one. I'm going to post not only a couple pics and the head Schmuck and possibly an alley for me sticking it to the man:

So I've thinking this over and maybe decided to go with it, I will not hold any one to this however if this really goes the distance and I loose I am possibly setting up a Paypal Donation Fight The Power Fund, $5, $10, $20 what ever you want. I will not send IMs asking and of the sort. I AM NOT ASKING FOR ANYTHING NOW. If this doesn't go City Prosecutors Monday, I also have Tuesday with the HOA board to see what happens.

This is just an idea, and if you'd seriously like to contribute (upon seeing documentation, etc of the sort), along with your comments place a to tell me you'd be in favor. Once again, I'm not going to hold you to it, but if it comes down to it, I could be out some serious coin.


And yes, that is the head Schumck below


At first I must very very thank the Vortex Community for their support! I think this is fantastic, and I maybe bring this to a news station to you, it may even hit the papers.

To answer some questions I remembered: I did try to resolve this before said movement of Audi. I explained I've been in the same spot for 3 months, with a pass, also the pass is in plain sight! if they'd like to come view it, however, "Sir, if you pass is not hanging from your rear view, that's $140!" They wouldn't budge, didn't care, just give me $140.

The *cough, *cough, boot enforcement rules where put into place 1 year AFTER I've moved in. Upon receiving a letter we now have TO PAY TO PARK ON OUR OWN DAM PROPERTY I called and E-mailed immediately of my disgust. Keep in mind all conversions where kept civil, no yelling, no cursing, etc. of the sort.

Concerning the incident the other night some thing I forgot to mention. Once the Head Schmuck and Mini Schmucks left, the officer approached me, " I don't know if you where talking trash about his wife, but he is pissed, I mean really, really pissed......." All information had to be relayed through the Tempe Police or Sheriff as the Police said, "I can't let this guy near you or his going to do something, it's getting way to steamy, this is going to be a problem if it talks face to face, and the way this guy is I can't let him near you." -I smiled.

To EDIT: And answer the question, no I didn't talk ish or mention his wife, or even know whether he's married. However, he was so un-professional and handled the situation so poorly his actions will be heavily noted before the HOA board and recommend to be removed and/or replaced. Also a edit, as there are ~1500-2000 residence I may ALSO start a APS Removal Petition in which I may go over HOA and directly straight to D.R. HORTON HOMES and see what kind of pull there in Homeowners vs HOA. I can only guess, but I can't see a single person in favor of: Immobilizing A Vehicle Until Compliance
I will not have a problem with signatures, however what can be done with them is another story. End Edit

So, I've asked ther for Vortex member via IM if he's able to pull down the picture he has sent, and am waiting for a reply. And concerning fellow Vortexers, thank you for restraint till this been resolved and after words, and I agree: THOU SHALT OPEN THY FLOODGATES TO HENCE FORTH A BIBLICAL FORCE OF SEEN NO OTHER OF P-CHOP IN FELLOW GLEE IN THOUGT LEGENDARY THREADICICS

I think the Audi in different locations of the world would be fantastic! And Head Schmuck, well, that's going to be fun.

What's the magic word the day kids! Uhn-Uhn! CAN YOU SAY LOOP-HOLE? SAY IT WITH ME KIDS!

I just got back from Guantanamo Bay and BOY HAVE THEY SPRUCED THAT PLACE UP!

Well, MORE SUSPENSE!, the law officer has YET to file the case or have a detective look into it. I've called Tempe Police twice today to determine the outcome, waiting for an officer to snatch me from work (as yes, they wanted to know where), and left a message with the case officer to call back (6:00P.M.) to inform me of an outcome. Quote from the filer,"Sir, typically it takes a week." Man, the suspense, round #2 is the important one.

So......round #2 is in the air, round #3 starts tomorrow, Tuesday, June 17th @ 6:30 in a PRIVATE HOA President meeting with the entire HOA board, in which Head Schmuck maybe attending. In which the many following arguments will follow.

Intentions of securing my modified Audi from theft and the elements under the rights of the law.

ONE MENTION IN THE PREVIOUS 2 HOUR INCIDENT WHICH WILL WEIGHT HEAVILY IN MY FAVOR: I even told them, " You guys are more then welcome to keep the boots on, you don't have to take them, you can take your boots and keep them on till the meeting." Bou-ya-ca

I think that would sit nicely with law enforcement.

I also, NEVER mentioned I wasn't going to pay, ever! When they said "It'll be $140 dollars to remove them.", I said "You can take your boots, or leave them on..... " NOT, "No, I'm not going to pay, you can take your boots......

I also did NOT sign the APS receipt where it was marked -Customer Refused To Pay. Oh, no, I'm not refusing to pay, not going to say I'm going to pay you or not pay you. Bou-ya-ca

So I just came from the HOA meeting, and Head Schmuck was waiting outside with what may have been a lawyer. He was loading a CD into a lap top, which probably contained all pictures of the night and possibly even the pic sent to APS by other said Vortexer.

So I sat down and told my story in private, went pretty well, they appeared to be shocked once told them this little guy is trying to prosecute, also detailing his unprofessionalism. Something interesting they said caught my attention:

"Well, where thinking about splitting the Parking Fine with you, HOA would pay half and you would pay the other half."

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh..........wait, this has to be paid no matter what? (Not that I wasn't going to pay) But under what obligations is it determined that this has to be paid and the HOA is responsible? Why, how, who the hell says this has to be paid? Uhn?

I told them if they absoluty came to the conclusion I had to pay I would pay it, and everything had been done to secure my vehicle (in which even the HOA board members knew the car) and prevent it from being towed, it's saftey and securing it from the elements till said HOA meeting.

They asked if they was anything else they should know about, and coughed it up as they would probably see, is about a un-known poster sending a picture to APS. They all put their pens down and hands on their foreheads.

I was cut short and only got 5 minutes of speak time

Every APS issue was meet with:

- Well, you have to take that up with APS, errr........
- I think the ethics of permitting disabling a vehicle.....what if some one has to go to work in the morning, they would be fired!
-Well, you have to take that up with APS...
-Wait, you guys are the one that hired them....
-We are out of time

Which I do not know if they where hired, whether they are on contract, I don't know whether they own the parking spaces, I was out of time...

The conclusion:

Ugh.....we will make out decision and you should receive notification in the mail in a week. Ughh....
HELLO KIDDIES, MAJOR UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So one of the HOA board members just called me:

Speaking NOT as an HOA board member:


HOLLY SHNIKEYS! I can't believe this, in what God's Green Earth's bone in their body do they think they are in the right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He mentioned that the apparent rage and steamy-ness of Head Schmuck and heated-ness of the second. The scamming man was the not a lawyer but the owner. They DID have the said picture on file below from the other Vortexer, and presented it to the board

Dear Head Schmuck: There is nothing wrong with the picture nor illegal, it's obvious he's having a little fun with this.

Head Schmuck: We have revoked his parking pass

HOA BOARD: You can not do that

YYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote- We are going to review the contract <-------- and if it's in there they (APS) can revoke a pass we are taking it out.

Head Schmuck: He stole our boots!

HOA: He did not steal your boots in any way, he moved his car, and he called you and told you about it.


APS HAS JUST OFFICIALLY GONE BOOT CRAZY IN THE PAST 24 HOURS EITHER IN FRUSTRATION OR RETALIATION! I left work this morning and all these cars had these boots on them, all over the place, I got home and my roomy walked in, "Dude, why do all the cars have boots on them?"

From this phone call I received from the HOA member, "Yeah, they are trying to find ANYTHING to boot everyone, tags, etc."
Man, these cars that have displayed tags and they have boots on them, one Tahoe got booted for being on the white line, another guy hd to pay $90 to have the boot removed because his tags are expired!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND A MAJOR PROBLEM! I can't do anything regarding a petition or have them ousted unless I get the owners involved, and only there signatures count! You can't even vote on issues if you are not the owner. All these units are rental properties for ASU students, no one here owns the units but the rich parents on the East Coast! URG!!!


So I'm not going to wait a week for the letter, and am going to call the HOA president tomorrow, and the officer has not called back, either way it's going to be a juicy update!

Well, it's official, they are out to get everyone. As I left the house to the gym other vehicles where booted. ONE WAS A SHASTA POOLS COMPANY TRUCK! ALL IT DID WAS HAVE ONE TIRE ON THE WHITE LINE! Another SUV was booted too, nothing wrong with it, tags where good, parked straight.

I'm going to start photographing EVERY booted vehicle I see that is unreasonably booted and post, I also will post a picture of the community so you can relate a picture to the story. I also may start leaving contact information, possibly even this link, to those who have been violated. I may also contact Shasta Pools! I stated days ago I may be getting the media involved, with your guys support and as deep as this is going that will be happening Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 for a Phoenix News Station. Postings of time (Internet viewing, maybe someone can record and post on You-Tube) will be posted if a station bites. We have 3 large networks, I'll pick one and go from there.

My buddy turned to me as we where walking out to my car (a car APS does not know about) tonight after the second post tonight, to go to the gym, and says,"Man, look @ all these poor people, they all have to suffer because of what your trying to do." Oh, let me tell ya, that sucked! These people are in for a hurting just for a common good. If they haven't coughed up the dough come morning and/or are fighting it I'll show you some injustice via pics.

I'll have this up hopefully by 12:00 Noon Wednesday June 18th, 2008. Within a couple hours I should have a new network contacted and will post again.


oh yeah, the company goes nuts and starts booting EVERY CAR

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For one, I have tags! Yeah! Wow, I can't believe now I can't officially not get booted for not having them. I wounder what else they'll will try to find.


(5 Minutes ago)

-So Blake, you've arranged this meeting so we could wave the fines implemented by APS, well, they haven't charged you a fee/fine, so there is nothing for us to wave.

Umm.....I wounder if they are going to try: outstanding fines for late penalties. However that's not going to fly, they had their opportunity, I even mentioned at the HOA Board meeting if it absolutely came down to me having to pay I have the $140 right now. That's very interesting they HAVE NOT charged a fine/fee, well, yet.

Also, in the phone call I started that the Schmuck stated and I quote," If any of his vehicles are parked ANYWHERE on the property at any time with or with out a pass they will be booted and towed immediately."

Her response:

-They can't do that, if that's in the contract it's getting yanked, you parking passed HAVE BEEN REINSTATED! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!

Well, that's gravy baby!

HOWEVER! APS argued let that is not the case. WTF! So I'm a grey area, and if I get towed then I'm dealing with a tow company as well .

Her response: Well, I think you need to contact the owner and see where you guys stand, not Gerry.

So I think they will attempt to ALWAYS have a UNPAID FEE on record and use it every instance!

Hmmm.............don't know about that one just yet, that in it's self with be a juicy topic here.


It will not allow me to copy and paste, I've tried to bring it over. I can however forward a copy of the contract in which someone else could post. If someone able of doing this could send E-mail addy IM I could send the contract.

I've called the cops again to determine any actions, Wednesday 18th, 2008, however they say nothing has been entered but it will take some more time.

It will be brought to the HOA Presidents Attention the inconsistencies in the HOA APS contract! If you see other feel free to post!

I have contacted the media!

KSAZ (Fox-10)
KPNX (NBC-12) Was closed for the day.

Both where not immediately interested and sent me to INVESTIGATORS voice boxes (as it is right now during the 6:00oclock news) where I left prompt messages, told them to title it, Have HOA's Gone to Far? Over Zealous Parking Enforcers? As well as them trying to have me arrested, and such. And there's a online Blog with over 100,000 hits! THANK VORTEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Feel free to start on other sites!

I've sent via E-mail to HOA President, breach of contract , $90 to $140 charges, and not issuing: 1st a warning, 2nd a citation, and then 3rd a boot.


Tomorrow, Thursday June 19th, 2008 SHASTA Pools will be notified of Breach of Contract. They HAVE NOT paid the fee and the company truck has been there many days with said boot. They are probably resisting, as it's current state for so long.

Updates concerning news networks will be updated.

Updates waiting for a response from HOA President concerning Breach of Contract E-mail I sent.


Do remember, this is not really me vs the HOA, they appear to be on my side, well, kinda. It's really kinda a play on words, kinda sorta yes and no. APS is the main entente, so I kinda have to be little careful putting literature on every booted car. As you know it will REALLY REALLY BLOW UP. EVERY BOOTED OWNER will be sitting there with a copy of the rules in complete defiance of APS with everything in breach RIGHT INFRONT OF APS'S FACES! Then what happens, HOA finds out immediately, and they will know who, GUESS WHO??????????????????????????

So that's up in the air.

dudes got balls!
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That's awesome. I would tottally donate to this guy if they prosecuted him and he needed fees.
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I will send a donation if they go after him.

It would be funny to "boot" APS while they are illegally parked while they are "booting" other cars. Go and "boot the APS owners car at the mall.

HOA's are the ultimate solution looking for a problem.

"Axeheads are supposed to be sharp, but you are one blunt tool."

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-Samual Adams

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Absolutely fabulous!

"Sandstorms inflict damage of about $540 million per year, and losses of crops and forests due to acid rain amount to about $730 million per year. More serious are the $6 billion costs of the "green wall" of trees being built to shield Beijing against sand and dust, and the $7 billion per year of losses created by pest species. We enter the zone of impressive numbers when we consider the onetime cost of the 1996 floods ($27 billion, but still cheaper than the 1998 floods), the annual direct losses due to desertification ($42 billion), and the annual losses due to water and air pollution ($54 billion). The combination of the latter two items alone costs China the equivalent of 14% of its GDP each year." - Jared Diamond, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
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SGT Superman
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Love it, I am totaly for this guy and I hope he wins.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe!
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I hope he wins. HOAs(in general) are getting out of hand.

Amendment 10 -
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
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I don't know what's worse, the way that outfit is trying to rule with an iron fist (or boot) or the whipped ******* in the neighborhood that put up with it.

Marching or fighting, it all pays the same.
Originally Posted by jeep-jeep-01
And by the look of his avatar and name... not a hippie.
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Just another reason why HOAs should either be illegal, or complying with whatever bull**** rules they come up with should be completely voluntary - i.e. you should not have to follow their bull**** to buy/own/sell or live in any particular place.
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Jeep Gone....Now riding in a Mazdaspeed3...Zoom Zoom!

"**** you, Im getting IN the plane, let Evel Kinevel get ON the plane!!! - George Carlin
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This has a great potential to become one of the greatest threads on the internet ever!!!


1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer ZJ V8: Rear Aussie, 3.5" Lift, 31" M/Ts

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wow that's crazy, I love it when people find loopholes like that
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I wonder if you can get the boot off by dropping the axle, and getting the hub off some how and so forth. I know that could be difficult without access to the lugnuts - but still - that would be pretty cool.
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That's awesome. This guy sounds like a funny dude

Fighting the rust since April '08...

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