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BryanRushes 08-01-2020 10:21 AM

Bestop Core/Upper issue / Customer Service Issue
Hello everyone, first post here, sort of out of options so I’m hoping a Bestop forum rep will get at me on here.

Short story
- purchased core doors and uppers 2 months ago for my 2 door JK. They arrived, looked great. Sent in my mail in rebate, all was well.
Then it rained. The doors leaked from about 6 different spots, mostly at the core and a bit from the upper. My Jeep literally flooded, front and back, overnight. I attempted multiple times to contact Bestop. They didn’t respond.
I’ve since called 3 times to try and get support, and though I’ve left voicemails, nobody has gotten back to me. Severely dissatisfied. I’m past the return period, and this experience has been terrible. It’s rained 80% of the days since I’ve gotten the doors, and I finally had to take them off and use the stock doors (now with no mirrors) just to save the interior of my JK. Also, my mail in rebates have all but disappeared - would be $600 total for both doors and uppers.

not sure what to do now, but this is one of the worst CS experiences I’ve ever had. severely disappointed in Bestop. Any advice is welcome, thanks for reading my short story!

Kruzin 08-01-2020 06:59 PM

Bestop usually has great customer service. I can only imagine that they are working a skeleton crew like so many companies are right now. They're based not far from me in Colorado and around here many businesses are still only partially open because of covid.
I'm sure they will eventually make things right either with a return or to work with you on the rebates if they can help you troubleshoot the leaks.

cas6969 08-01-2020 09:24 PM

I emailed them with a simple question 2-3 weeks ago. Haven't heard a peep. :(

The time now is 12:01 PM.

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