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BSWfalcon 10-24-2019 01:54 PM

93 ZJ aftermarket stereo wiring from driver underdash
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When I purchased my 93 ZJ, one of the previous owners had done quite a bit of modifications for their use of the sound system. There was a massive speaker in the back (seemed like 2 or 3 tweeters and a subwoofer). I hadn't really done much audio work on vehicles at that point but I knew I needed to take the massive speaker out (I bought the ZJ to haul my wrestling ring with and the canvas, turnbuckle protection mats, etc take a ton of space). Fast forwarding to now, I really *need* music in the Jeep. My shows are usually 2-6 hours away and that is a loooong time to go without music.

I've found the wiring diagrams for installing aftermarket stereos but several of the wires are missing from the harness (namely the pink and yellow for power and memory). Now that I know a bit more about audio in cars, I suspect the previous owners had rerouted the car stereo to that massive speaker that was in the back instead of to the built in speakers of the Jeep. As the stereo also used to have power (just no sound output because I had taken out the massive speaker block in the back), I am fairly certain that they had routed power from the underside of the driver dash to the stereo area. There were a few cables (standard un-color coded speaker wire) going to the stereo harness area. I am hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction for getting this going so I can continue to enjoy hauling the ring with my Jeep. I will attach some pictures below.

I suspect the pink wire on my 2nd picture might be the intended pink wire needed for constant power. Short of pulling the entire dash apart to find where/why that cable doesn't show up on the other end in the stereo harness area, would it be safe to use something like a t-tap and inline fuse? It seems like this is the 'start point' (for lack of a better phrase) of the stereo harness. On my 3rd picture you can see that the bundle with the pink wire gets wrapped into a round bundle leading in the direction of the wiring harness up and to the right. I've wired stereos on two of my other vehicles in the past but this is beyond my experience. I would really like to do this properly so that no fires are caused and if there is a future owner for the vehicle, anything I do can be documented so the next person doesn't have to play the reverse engineering game. :surprise::|

BSWfalcon 10-29-2019 05:48 PM

I think I inadvertently posted this in the wrong section. Can an admin please move to the proper section?

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