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WK 4.7 or hemi daily driver reliability over 100k


I have been looking all over the forums, doing research but could not find an answer to my question.

How reliable are the WK jeeps with 4.7 after 100k??????

I owned a 96 cherokee a few years ago, traded it for a bike and have regretted it sense. Recently the head gaskets went on my 02 Legacy at 250k and with everything else wrong with it i dont feel its worth putting $800 in parts and machine work into a motor with that many miles or drop a used motor for $1000 into it. With that being said im now on the search for another jeep i have a family now so im looking for reliability and a little more modern comforts than my base model cherokee,

I like the style of both WJ and WK GC's i am not trying to have a speed demon thats why i have my bike. I am looking to haul a small 5x8 trailer with a max of two motorcycles so around 1500lbs total, Go to work and play around in the snow. I know the 4.0 is bulletproof it had plenty of power in the XJ i had it would roast my 35's with no problem but there lighter. So the first option i have been looking at is 04 GC with 97k for 7K 4.0 I know based of personal accounts and reading online the WJ 4.0 will last a very long time with very little problems with proper maintenance i see them all the time well over 200k,

Now i also know its an older vehicle so with older vehicles bushings and gaskets tend to start to go because of age and not use, Rust also starts to be a problem, So thats the downfall of the 04

The other options is the WK with either the 4.7 or the hemi im staying away from the 3.7. But i cant find alot of people who have them well into the 200k miles or upper 100's Does anyone know of any??? Also is the 4.7 the same motor that has been in the GC's for years or is a updated newer motor? What about the trans? I am a person who keeps cars into the 200's so thats what im looking for a car that will hopefully last that long.

The WK is an 07 4.7 lerado 120k for 7K
The WJ is an 04 4.0 Lerado 97k for 7K

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7k for an 07 4.7? I would be all over that, I paid 9k for mine with 105k miles. I have ~125k miles on it now and it still hasn't missed a beat, besides normal wear and tear and routine maintenance issues. The hemi is a power house, really blows me away with power difference. But if your not hauling anything majorly heavy the 4.7 is a good option. Just make sure it engages in 4 low (research the n23 recall, huge thread on here). In the 08-10 models they gave the wk's a little facelift and power increase, not sure on the numbers right off though.

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15 months ago I bought an 07 gc 5.7 with 92k on it. as of today ive got just over 122k. yes I drive a lot. so far ive only replaced brake pads and spark plugs plus changed all the fluids. I like the mid range power as I have some hills in my commute. gas mileage is right at 16.7mpg on a 106 mi round trip commute with a best of 21.4 on a run to sacramento from seattle.
it does not ride as good as my 06 pathfinder but that's because of the shorter wheelbase. adjusting to awd was different but now its fine. there are some up grades planned for after the new year - wheels, tires, a leveling kit to start. so far, so good
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The 4.7 seems to have some issues after 150k and up. However, there are lots of them out there with 200k plus.
I have a buddy that had to replace his motor around 160k so he talks bad about them. Lol it probably depends on how they have been driven and maintained.

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My 2005 WK 4.7 needed a significant amount of reconditioning ($5,200 parts, fluids, and tires. Did 90% of work myself) after 10 years and 75,000 original miles. The reason I made that investment is that the engine and transmission are solid and I expect them to last at least to 200,000 miles. Parts include - shocks, struts, brakes, radiator, exhaust manifolds, muffler and tailpipe, water pump gasket, oxygen sensors, 4 hubs/bearings, oil pan, valve cover gaskets, battery, belt and belt tensioner, fuel pump, turn signal switch, fan blower resistor, transmission cooler lines, 5 TPMS sensors, etc). I replaced all with OEM Mopar parts. One could use Chinese replacement parts and save some money. Parts simply wear out after 10 years in the rust belt.

If money and dependability are issues you may want to lease or purchase new or purchase something only two years old.
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bought my 07 4.7 with 62k on the clock in 2011. currently she has 159k on it, I drive it daily 40mi round trip. haven't done anything major on it aside from the basics: synthetic oil changes, OEM spark plugs at the right intervals, synthetic driveline/drivetrain fluids, shocks, brakes, bushings(swaybar front and rear, diff bushing) etc. she hasn't failed me yet. I believe the stock alternator took a crap on me around 150k, had an injector take a dump iaround the 135k mark but other than that- not a problem. as she approaches 160k im going to overhaul the suspension with some OME springs to go with my current bilstein shocks. also looking to replace the UCAs and possibly the tie rods.

extremely happy with this jeep. everytime I consider trading her in for something else, just cant bring myself to currently. a WJ with a 4.0 would be a pig....

2007.5 WK Laredo 4.7
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I bought my 05 4.7L QDII 2 years ago with 134K on the clock. since then I've put 30K miles on it and have replaced:

water pump
front propshaft
rear diff bearings and ring and pinion
front diff bushings

Things that need to be done:

tranny solenoid pack
console light bulbs (info center bar lights and adjustable pedal light bar)

I'm expecting it to last a long time; I normally drive my cars close to the 300K mile mark. I've always lived on the west coast so I'm not familiar with the NE salt corrosion problems.

From my experience, I've found that fixing stuff right away, keeping up on maintenance, buying the factory service manual and 'dealer-level' code reader are essential to keeping any modern vehicle on the road for any amount of time past the manufacturer's warranty.

Also with Jeep, the quality is all over the place, so it's more risky to buy any jeep for the long term, because you might get one that lasts forever with no problems, or you might get the one with constant electrical problems. There are other brands that are famous for 'solid reliability'; the prices of their used offerings reflect that.
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The 4.0 will likely outlast the 4.7, however wjs will require more attention due to age. I replaced my 4.7 wj with a wk CRD last year. Before that, and on top of the regular maintenance, I had fixed door locks, window regulators, rocker panels, new rad, serp belt/tensioner and idler, and AC. The head gasket went at 250kms/155m and it drank coolant and missed. Didn't want to sink anymore into a deteriorating jeep..probably could have been saved, but not worth it to me.
Wk and wj are very different beasts though. I miss the simplicity, durability and light weight of the wj, but the wk eats up the highway miles in vastly superior comfort. Except for the seats, of course.
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I have an 08 WK with 130k, had a WJ that I sold to my dad and he went to 180k with it.

The WK has issues with EGR, O2, and exhaust manifold.... other than that I haven't had many issues.

The WJ had power steering line issues, and then around 180k the timing chain went, which is why it is sitting now but it was pretty reliable.

I would personally go with the next gen 4.7 if you could or the diesel .

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in terms of reliability and durability, there are few modern V-8 engines as good as the 5.7L Hemi......the 5.7 is not perfect by any measure but is one of the best modern V8 engines.

Law enforcement has thousands of Hemi's being brutalized daily with very good results.

2008 Hemi Grand Cherokee Limited 4 x 4, original owner, 29,000 miles
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