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~3 Inch Lift

I'm set on getting a lift at this point. Now I'm just struggling to decide what to get. I'm a highschooler with a minimum wage job ($7.25 here) so I'm not looking to spend a buttload but I want to be happy with what I get. I could do spacers but if there's better kits relatively cheap then I would consider spending a little more. So if I'm looking for a 2.5-4 inch lift for an 06 WK 4x4, what lift kit would you recommend? Links are great!

Thanks, GCL06

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compliments of WK05CALGORY
Listing of 2005-2009 (WK) Grand Cherokee Lift Kits - JeepsUnlimited.com Forums

2005-2009 WK Grand Cherokee Lift Kits, Bumpers, Shocks, Coil Springs, Skid Plates
3.5"-4.5" Lift Kits:
Rusty's Offroad 4.5" (front strut spacers/Rusty's, Rancho, or Bilstein rear shocks & springs): http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchan...ry_Code=WKKITS
Superlift 4" (front strut spacers/Superlift rear shocks & springs): 2005 - 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) / 2006 Jeep Commander (XK) Superlift www.superlift.com
BDS Suspension 4.0"/3.5" (front strut spacers/BDS rear shocks & springs): BDS Suspension Kit 458H Details

2.0-3.0" Lift Kits:
Rock Krawler 3"/2" (front forks/rear coil spacers): http://www.rockkrawler.com/pages/cat....php?r_cat=100
Safari Performance Suspensions 3" (Radflo front coilovers/Radflo rear shocks & coil spacers): http://www.tandjperformance.com/prod.../sps/sps.shtml
Old Man Emu 2" (OME front struts & springs/OME rear shocks & springs): http://www.quadratec.com/products/76090_60X_PG.htm

1.25"-2.25" Lift Kits:
Fabtech 1.75" (front strut spacers & shocks/rear coil spacers & shocks): http://www.truckaddons.com/Catalog/s...ech_jeep_5.htm
Rocky Road 2.25" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers & optional shocks): lift kits for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, WK 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Suspension lift
BDS Suspension 2.0"/1.5" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers): BDS Suspension Kit 449H Details
Teraflex 2" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers): Teraflex 001361200 - Teraflex 2" Budget Boost for 05-08 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK & Commander XK - Quadratec
ProComp 2" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers): UNLIMITED DIRT - OFF-ROAD 4X4 DIRT BIKE ATV TRUCK BUGGY UTV 4 WHEEL - PARTS / NEWS
RevTek 2" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers): http://www.rockymountainsusp.com/jee...der.htm#Revtek
Tuff Country 2.0"/1.25" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers): http://www.rockymountainsusp.com/jee...Tuff%20Country
Daystar 2.0"/1.25" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers): http://www.rockymountainsusp.com/jee...er.htm#Daystar
SkyJacker 2" (front strut spacers/rear coil spacers): http://www.rockymountainsusp.com/jee....htm#Skyjacker

Struts & Shocks:
Bilstein HD front struts (0" lift): http://www.shockwarehouse.com/site/p...Grand-Cherokee
Bilstein HD rear shocks (0" lift): http://www.shockwarehouse.com/site/p...Grand-Cherokee
Old Man Emu shocks (0"-2.0" lifts): Search Results - OldManEmu.com
Radflo coilover shocks (0"-3.0" lifts): Radflo Suspension Technology - OE Replacement Shock Absorber Applications
King coilover shocks (0"-3.0" lift): http://www.tandjperformance.com/prod.../sps/sps.shtml
KYB, Monroe, Rancho, Bilstein shocks (0" lifts): http://www.shockwarehouse.com/index....cted_year=2005

Coil Springs:
Old Man Emu: Search Results - OldManEmu.com
ARB (OME) 2" Lift Springs: http://www.arbusa.com/uploads/PDF/ac...CherokeeWK.pdf
Eibach Lowering Springs: http://www.autoanything.com/suspensi...0A50471A1.aspx

Upper Control Arms (UCAs):
GetLost 4x4:

Skid Plates & Rock Rails:
4xGuard: 4xGuard, WK lift, WK bumper, WK accessories, Jeep Grand Cherokee, jeep grand cherokee, skid plate, lift kit, commander, accessories, sliders, brush guard, light bar, Off Road, wk, xk, jeep, winch, bumper, grand cherokee, Jeep Commander, Accessories,
Mopar: Skid Plates - Jeep Grand Cherokee & Commander - Item # 82208714, 82208713, & 82208712

Bull Bars, Brush Guards & Bumpers:
4xGuard Matrix: Brush guard, Matrix, WK, Bumper, light bar, push bar
Westin Bull Bar: http://shopping.msn.com/prices/westi...ll-bar-33-1990
ARB Bumper: http://www.arbusa.com/Bull-Bar-Bumpe...s/Jeep/87.aspx

Grand Cherokee WK Owners Manuals & Parts Manuals:
2005: Jeep WK 2005 - Grand Cherokee MOPAR Parts Catalog
2007: Jeep WK 2007 - Grand Cherokee MOPAR Parts Catalog
2005-2009: Jeep Grand Cherokee WK - Brochures and manuals

2015 WK II 5.7 Overland, Offroad Group II,- 2008 WK Limited 3.0 CRD, - 2003 WJ Laredo 4.7, - 2001 WJ Laredo 4.0, - 1999 WJ Limited 4.7-
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Can you buy just the OME springs for 3 inches of lift? billistein shocks? Does this mess with the ESP ? Does the EVS module correct this even though it's not a super lift setup? I have a 2005 WK Limited with the 5.7 HEMI and want to go with either 285's or 265's but really don't know what route to go. I know I want it to ride like the luxury vehicle it is, and to be perfectly honest it will never crawl up dry waterfalls in Moab like Tom Z's beautiful maroon WK, but I do want the clearance for when I do venture off road here in southern Oregon and Nor Ca.
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If you're going to get the springs you might as well get the shocks too. Ome shocks are great. Only time esp will ever be a problem is on really tight and fast turns. Mine has only gone off a few times and that was while doing a u turn. If you want it to ride pretty rough the go with hd. Once it settles the ride really isnt bad, i like it alot better than stock, but it is pretty different at first.

2007 WK 4x4 | OME HD 3" Lift | OME Shocks front + rear | 265/70/17 BFG All Terrains | 1.25" Wheel Spacers on stock wheels | Saguaro4xcomponents 5/8" Front recovery shackles | Aries Taillight Guards | PIAA 510 fogs in stock location | Midland 1001z Cb | Mopar Rear recovery hook | Rola Roof Rack |2 Hella 500ffs mounted behind grill | Firestick 3' Antenna | Saguaro Antenna Mount | Front Bumper Cut/Fender Trim | OEM Front suspension skid | 4xguard Front skid | Rusty's .5" Front Spacer | Lots more to come

Want to buy: 4xguard Rear Guard

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I've got the OME HD's front and rear with an SRT8 front swaybar and an Addco rear. Not sure what the MD's feel like but I love the HD's. I like a firm ride anyway. The sway bars have been by-far the best modification. I will replace sway bars on every vehicle I own from now on, it was like driving a new vehicle. Then I got the lift and wow, what a combination. OME all the way. email kolak he'll hook you up
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The OME springs and shocks/struts are designed to work together perfectly! You don't want to get the springs and different shocks. The OME shocks have more travel to compensate for the lift, others do not. Plus the valving is designed around the spring rate of the coils.

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I just bought the Rough "Tuff" Country spacer lift. Called and mentioned the forum Gave me a %10 discount $146 shipped and will be here in three days. Best part when i am ready to upgrade i can pull it off and sell it on ebay for about $120, i saw it happen last week!

07 CRD 4x4 Limited
weather tech amsoil
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same situation man. unfortunately i slid out into a curve a few days ago so my rig is on three wheels and a jack in the garage untill new stock wheels get in i really like the OME lift but they run about 750$ and ive never heard a negative thing about the rough country's like DieselWK is getting or the rocky roads. I'm thinking about going Rough Country aswell. the post by LJS8510 can tell you anything you want to know. theres a lifted WK thread and ill try to find it for you for pics
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has all kinds of good pics with a bunch of different lifts
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Just unsettling to have my vehicle sitting up on chucks of plastic... I'll stick with OME

2006 65th Anni. Grand Cherokee 4x4 in black w/ 4.7L V8
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Rough Country lift isnt plastic its a metal spacer lift i just finished installing it it seems like a good lift very easy to install and quality seems just fine
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Hey everybody I am looking to purchase a 3" spacer lift. Is there an advantage to fork spacers in the front rather than coil spacers. Do I need new/extended bump stops? Are there any other parts I NEED to have? I have an 05 wk Laredo with the 3.7L V6 and AWD
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Strut top spacers are the best option, as it will maintain your current ride quality. Coil spacers (especially 3" worth) will lead you you maxing out your struts more easily and having a ton of preload which may be quite harsh. Extended forks would work the same as strut top spacers but aftermarket ones always seemed sketchy to me. Having the lower fork fail would be a lot more dangerous than having a spacer up top fail.

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Great thank you so much! Do you have any recommendations for kits? I was looking at a heavy metal one. Will i need new/extended Bump Stops?
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