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vanncann 10-24-2019 05:14 PM

79 j10 brakes...
Does anyone have a step by step how 2 replace the rear brakes on this... Thanks 4 the help!!!

Dngrs1 10-26-2019 05:18 PM

There are You tube videos on replacing drum brakes. My only suggestion is do one side at a time. That way if you forget how things go together, you can use the other side for reference.

BagusJeep 11-01-2019 01:38 AM

They are pretty normal 10" or 11" drum brakes.

I suggest you verify exactly what size before you get the parts, and if it is all quite old I suggest you at least replace the shoes, the adjusters and the wheel cylinder. The drums often do not need anything. The adjusters come in a service pack with all the springs etc. Figure about $30 per side in parts.

Loosen wheel nits / lug nuts
Jack it up and support carefully with jack stands.
Take off e-brake so wheels can spin
Take off wheels, put under truck. (just in case a stand fails, I am paranoid I will die under a truck)
Loosen off adjusters from behind through the back plate. i use a screwdriver.
Remove drum, you may need to beat with a rubber or hide mallet or use a block of wood and BFH. Do not beat drum with a steel hammer, they can fracture.
Take photo.
Unhook / unfasten the brake shoes
Remove brake cylinder
Clean back plate with brake cleaner
Clean inside of drum with brake cleaner
Install new wheel cylinder
Assemble the shoes, springs and adjuster in same order as you took them off
A small amount of high temp grease on the adjusters and pivot points, if you have it a smear of anti-seize on the end of the axle where the drum fastens to it (you just beat it off, next time you will not need to)
Put on drum
Put on wheel
Adjust adjuster until the shoes start to bite, slacken until they do not touch
Adjust e-brake cable until you can pull them on tight
Bleed wheel cylinder
lower truck
Use e-brake until it adjusts itself tighter

A drum should have a reasonably smooth interior, they can be trued up very cheaply on a lathe if enough metal remains.

CSP 11-08-2019 09:13 PM

The factory service manual you can find at has a step by step. Download it in .pdf form for free.

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