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ChrisHager 05-28-2019 09:13 AM

I forgot this forum existed!
I noticed the multivitamin post pop up in the New Posts list and figured I'd stop in and check it out.

I used to be pretty fit and active, working construction, roofing, landscaping, etc. for years. Sitting at a desk job the last 10 years has caught up to me, though. After noticing the weight sink in, I decided to start eating better lunches and a few of us at work joined a gym. We've been going for about a month, month and a half now and I'm already seeing results. My current half-*** "get fit" plan is:

MWF - 45 minutes at the gym. We do about 10 minutes of cardio, stretch, then some weight training. We have a pretty simple schedule: One day "push", one "pull", one "leg". Eventually we're going to jump up to 5 days a week since 45 minutes isn't that much.

M-F, I drink coffee for breakfast, eat a 200 cal salad for lunch (no dressing), then eat a normal dinner.

Weekends, I do whatever I want. While my diet goes out the window, I do a ton of work around the house and on vehicles, which keeps me active.

It's not great but I've lost 5-10 lbs and have started to see muscle gains. When we started this schedule, I was around 200 lbs (at 6' tall), maybe a bit more. I'm already fitting into Express Medium Slim-Fit shirts for work, so I'm doing something right!

The noticeable changes are addicting, so I imagine I'll be able to keep it up!


Dawgies 06-16-2019 07:47 PM

At 5'-11" and 216 lbs my spare tire is a little over inflated. The wife and I joined the gym and now need to find the personal inspiration to go! Hopefully I'll find some tidbits of information that'll help push me through the doors. Thanks for sharing!

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