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What are the restrictions during the new member probation period

Why doesn't my post count go up?

Only posts in the Technical forums count towards your post count.

How to I tell a moderator that there is a problem with a message?

On every single message on the left side under the name of the person posting you will find an icon that looks like this: Clicking on that button will allow you to write a detailed message to the moderator (or if there is no moderator, to the administrators) as to why the message needs to be fixed. Please let us know if it is porn, spam, slamming another user or any other details you feel are relevant.

Who are the moderators?

If you scroll down towards the bottom of the main page, you will see a link called "Forum Leaders". You will be able to see all the moderators listed in BOLD there (and their sections that they oversee) as well as the Administrators listed in Bold / Italics and the sections that they oversee directly.

Please contact moderators if you have problems with messages. Please contact the administrators if you have problems with your account.

My access isn't right, or I paid, but still don't have my special Jeep icon

Our system does not automatically upgrade your membership from general population to paid member status. Each account is individually upgraded once the funds have been verified. Normally, accounts are upgraded in batches every couple of days depending on the day that you pay for the upgrade. Weekends are reserved for wheeling, so it might be upto 4 days before your account will show the proper Jeep associated. Please be patient as we are just Jeepers with a web-hobby, not the other way around.

Also - please make sure that when you send your payment in all relevant information is included. Relevant information includes:

Real Name:
Screen Name:
Home address:
Home phone:
Primary email address:
Secondary email address:

This information is required if the JeepForum administration needs to contact you for any reason regarding your account. Also, please make sure that all your information is easily read (type the information and print it out with money-orders).

Why do some people have little red or green Jeeps beside their name?

There are some people who have donated funds to the running of the JeepForum.com server. These special people are given the red or green Jeep as a thank you - and with the little Jeep-icon comes the ability to attach pictures to messages and to have access to special Member's Only forums. The green-Jeep gives a few more features that are reserved to Lifetime supporters.

With the upgraded membership, a decal will be shipped to your door (if the address given is correct) as we receive the decals from the cutting floors. Decals are normally shipped out in batches once a month. If you do not receive a decal within 6 - 8 weeks of upgrading your membership, please send a PM to PhilipB.

For more information on becoming a full-access member, please click on the announcement at the top of each and every section here at JeepForum.com.

What about the yellow Jeeps?

Same as above, except that the yellow-Jeep is paid-for by a company to give a member vendor-status allowing them to showcase their products, advertise sales and services.

Can I have a different name?

Yes you can, but, only if your account is upgraded. Please send a PrivateMessage to one of the administrators, not the moderators. Only send one message to only one administrator, not all of them. The administrators are: chris87xj, and PhillipB.

How do I become a moderator?

First, you must prove your knowledge of Jeeps and computers to the Administrators and current Moderators. If a section becomes vacant or a new section created, the administration will hold a private vote on people who we think might fill in the position of moderator. The position is not given lightly. If you want to become a moderator do not ask to become one or ask someone else to nominate you.

The SEARCH feature seems to be broken - or Why can't I search for less than three character words

The search feature is there to make finding information that you read in the past a little easier to find again. You may search by key word (minimum four characters or three characters with an asterisk after them). When searching, see if you remember someone's name that posted that message and add their alias/name to the search option.

Finally - when searching, make sure that you choose a section to search in because it may not search all the areas. You can leave the Search posts from and Sort Results by alone if you wish.

See FAQ - Searching for more details on how to use the search feature.

How do I edit my tagline or signature?

In User Control Panel you have the option to Edit Profile and in there the option is to edit your signature. Standard internet policy is that no more than 5 lines of text be used in signatures - even though many people write more than that. Rules for JeepForum.com signatures specify that no pictures can be placed in a signature, but standard vB Code will be able to be used - color changes, links to homepages, font-sizes and types are also available. Use the Test Section to test the look of your new signature, and then copy/paste the code for your final signature.

How do I get a cool little picture below my name?

In User Control Panel you have the option to Edit Avatar .. Once in that screen you can either link a small 100x100 pixel .gif or .jpg (.gif is the better choice) from a website, or if you have access, upload directly from your computer. You must be a paid member for this option to work.

Private messages - how do they work?

There are a limited number of private messages that you can store in your profile. All messages (Outbox and Inbox) count against the maximum messages you can have. Make sure to delete all the old messages on a regular basis (you can mass-delete) from both of your message boxes. At the top of JeepForum.com's homepage, it will state how many messages you currently have associated with your profile. You can manually count your total messages to verify that you have correct numbers.

Private messages also have a limited number of characters that you can use. Spaces and blank lines count against the maximum characters.

Full-access members also have the ability to hold many more messages in their PM box than regular members. Another benefit of becomming a full-access member!

I have problems with the way the system is run. How can I have changes made?

If there is a problem with the system due to coding, there isn't an easy way that it can be changed. If you just don't like the way the administration set something up, and you know another system running the exact same software is setup the way you like - you can make a suggestion in Comments/Suggestions, but that doesn't automatically mean that the software will be changed to reflect your desires.

The moderator of XXXXX section pisses me off all the time. What can I do about it?

You can PM the moderator to see if you can work out your differences, please be an adult about it. Whining will not help your case. You can quit using that particular section. Finally, you can talk to one of the admistrators, chris87xj, Jerry Bransford, ChrisHager, or PhilipB.

My thread is missing! What happened to it?

The thread was either moved due to it being in the wrong section, or was deleted for not following the rules posted in the section it was originally posted in. If you feel the message was deleted for no reasonable cause, the original poster can send a PM to the moderator for review. Flooding a moderator's PM box will not get the message back.

I have xxx posts and when i click the insert image button, it asks for the url of the image. What am i doing wrong? How do i post pics?

You are doing nothing wrong, the pictures need to be hosted offsite (i.e. photobucket) and then you post them via the URL. To get the URL of a hosted pic, right click on it, then select "Properties" from the menu. Copy and paste the URL when you use the insert image button, and you're good to go. It's worth noting, however, that not all sites allow hotlinking, so you still may end up with a red x in your post. You must also have 50 posts and 30 days on the board before pictures will show up in the threads.

Why cant I post in the classifieds section?

You need 25 forum posts in order to post a classified thread. This is to prevent people signing up just to post classifieds to try to cut down on scammers

Why can't I edit/delete my posts?

Again you'll need a minimum of 25 posts in order to do this.

How does an answer enter this FAQ?

Very simple - if you ask the question in the main section and several others have as well before you, any moderator will edit this FAQ and add your question and the standard answer for others to look upon.

The following is a guide on how to upgrade other members to Premium Membership and donate towards a Premium Membership for other members.

Upgrading Someone to Premium Membership

Step 1
Go to the Profile of the person you wish to upgrade.

Step 2
On the left menu on their Profile find and click the link that says "Buy USER_NAME A Premium Membership"

Step 3
On the following page under [IJF Premium Membership Upgrade[/I] select either the 6-month or 1-year option then click Order. Follow the next screen to PayPal and make the payment. After payment is made the user will automatically be upgraded.

Donating Towards a Members Premium Membership.

Step 1
Go to the Profile of the person you wish to upgrade.

Step 2
On the left menu on their Profile find and click the link that says "Donate to USER_NAME Membership Fund"

Step 3
Enter the amount you wish to donate and click Order. After payment they will get notification of the money. If you are logged in when you donate then they will see that you donated. If you wish to remain anonymous, please log out of your JeepForum account to donate.

Please note that using the Donation method, the user will have to upgrade themselves via their Donation page once their balance has reached the cost of 6-month, 1-year or Lifetime Membership. Your donation will not automatically upgrade them.</legend></fieldset>

You can insert the photos after you attach them.

Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Upload photos by clicking the paper clip icon.

2. After you have uploaded photos, click the right drop down arrow next to paper clip icon. The photos you have uploaded will appear in a list. Like this:

3. When you select a photo from the list of attached photos, it will be placed within the message where the cursor is.

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