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kaijosad 07-29-2021 04:53 PM

Ring gear tooth pattern?
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Hello! I recently began taking my Dana 44 from 3.73 to 4.88. I'm a heavy equipment mechanic but man these Jeep gears are a different breed. Would anyone be able to translate this pattern? I'm having trouble deciding on what adjustments to make. Thank you

Temujin 07-29-2021 07:08 PM

I really should not be posting but lol. The yellow is to check the contact pattern of the gears them selves. To me the contact looks ok but I never seen a good pattern as an example on a axle . a lot of the machines I use to work on had gears like these. On those beasts I would not even bat an eye at that pattern.Rebuilt my dana 30 front 95 zj. the adjustment an the 30 was back lash. you will need a dial indicator with a magnetic base. on mine with no axles connected you would see how much play the carrier had to the pinion gear. do you have set up bearings? the adjustment is made buy adding shim on one side and removing it from the other. I don't know what the spec is on a dana 44. the setup bearings are so you dont have to keep pulling the bearing off and pressing them on. On my 30 I finally got back last to 5.5 to 6 thousands.If you dont have set up bearing get them they are ground out so they slide on and off and you dont have to worry about hurting the shims. You also save a bunch of time. If you backlash it over spec you need to move the ring gear into the pinion more. if its to tight you nedd to slide it back sum all shim adjustment. If you did not touch anything and just did the carrier bearings and put them back the same on both sides as the came off you should at least be close. what work did you do on it as far as bearings? pinion and carrier bearings things may have changed. after all this well like I said this is from the experience from a dana 30 so I could be wrong about a dana 44. That one yellow wip in the middle of the pattern looks like the pinion gear was pulling up the extra yellow. like I said I'm new to axles but I figured there might be some things in common. hang around there are some smart people here.

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