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I'm living the Jeep Life but experiencing Jeep Problems. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7

Problem - Experiencing the 13-16 rotational clicks when shifting into gear but not moving yet. However, no drive-ability issues, dash warnings or anything else noticed while driving. I also tried shifting into 4lo and no dash warning there either.

Diagnosis - 3 shops so far:
1. Private owned > Need new transfer case ($2900 installed)
2. Private owned #2 > Don't want to work on it in case programming is needed (Free)
3. Dealership > Need new shift motor ($1060.00 installed)

Reading through posts on this forum I was able to find threads referring to this issue. Some had success replacing the Transfer Case Control Module vs replacing major TC components. The cost for a new TCCM and installing myself seems to be worth a shot before I shell out bigger money. Many say they did not program and have had zero issue (tell me if they are lying).

I could use a little help verifying best part number replacement, I have found a few and they range from $98 - $450 but PN's have been consistent:

1. Mopar (68395643AA)
2. Mopar Part No.:68194552AB (looks to replace AA?)
3. Is there a better PN?

I have searched online for video and/or diagrams to exactly pin point location and haven't had much luck. Id hate to buy a repair manual for this project. I attached the best diagram I could find and was hoping to get confirmation:
1. Is the highlighted part the correct part I'm after? I assume but assuming is a recipe sometimes.
2. Under the passenger side back seat? Most threads I could find (2012+) reference under the drivers seat.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks - Bozman


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09-14-2020, 08:54 AM
The Drive Train Control Module is located in the compartment under the driver's seat, #3 below. The other modules there depend on what option packages you have. Most parts outlets, on-line and otherwise, will use your VIN to make sure you get the right part. No programing is required.

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