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thepitvipr 03-31-2019 06:07 PM

New Jersey Offroad Trails? Recommendations
Allow me to give a few caveats to my question as well as provide some background.

First, to the people who provide these forums and contribute to them. Thank You. I have been a lurker on here from time to time for some 20yrs I believe. Leeching information without contributing. I realize contributing is what keeps the community going but I felt I didn't have a ton to say that wasn't already thoroughly said here already. This is my first post I believe. I could be wrong.

Next, I was driving 206 North from Buena to the Turnpike and saw all the trails heading off into the trees, to eventually pass the Pic-A-lilli where it looked as though a Jeep Club was gathering for a day out on the trails. This got my mind going. I was just out in Moab Utah doing some camping and hiking and had the occasion to rent a side-by-side and drive some of those epic trails out there. My 03 TJ is a little worse for wear but it is no longer my daily driver so I want to start having a little more fun with it now that it's not a big deal if it gets a little banged up.

That being said, I don't want to go to big to early. I just recently had to replace a section of frame when I ripped a rear suspension mount clear off due to rust/rot. But I would like to dip my toes in the offroad waters a little bit with just some sandy trails and just get out there in the woods.

Also, if anyone in the area wants to tip me off to any bass fishing lakes down there, thats cool too.

I guess I should mention, I'm not from SNJ. From New Brunswick, its just that area that I feel comfortable starting off in.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


Joe Dillard 03-31-2019 07:00 PM

Sounds as if you may have been cruising by the Pine Barrens area.

biffgnar 04-02-2019 02:57 PM

While I haven't kept track of the details, I believe access to the pine barrens has in recent years been modified and unfortunately limited. I don't believe fully closed but let's be sure to keep discussion in this thread to legal wheeling options please.

thepitvipr 04-16-2019 02:35 PM

Unfortunately it doesn't sound like a lot of information is coming on here? I wonder what other avenues I can pursue.

And for the record, I concur. Legal off-roading. I'm not looking to pay fines and court fees in addition to the mods and repairs.

222Doc 04-16-2019 03:11 PM

mods and repairs wont be effected by the legality of an area. More the nature of off road and equipment that like as you said, little worse for wear tear. Frame issues that happen on the street, were its not being worked all that much will be more so off any roads of even moderate nature. be sure that one is good.

Your best bet is to join a club. They will know were and whats open in your area best really, you wont be alone if that heep breaks on the trail. Like that club you seen at what sounded like the staging area. One thing about living out west here in AZ. trails are in the thousands. . range from over 700 miles long to 1 mile that would take all day to get through for many people. Utah is like 3 hrs from me to Hurricane/sand hollow. Moab is 8 hrs away. all the trails in Cali. i can be to in under 12hrs. Rubicon, Fordyce ,Dusy. Johnson Valley is only 5hrs and the other So cal stuff. Nevada and New mexico are all about the same away.

I know our club here we take guests along. This way they can see if something they like even on easier/moderate stuff before they join. Or they can as well ride along in a empty shot gun seat on any trail even the hard stuff to get a feel for that. See if its something their jeep might want to try before they get in trouble or risk fops/breaks etc.. I have had many people ride along to see a trail they cant/or would not try. Even ran the State guy around trails that need to be GPS tracked for adopt a trail programs that our club adopted.

J.Golik 05-14-2021 07:18 AM

Wharton State Forest along with other state parks and wildlife management areas have some trails.

The time now is 10:24 AM.

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