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JayIV 11-19-2018 06:46 PM

WJ Factory Bumper Tire Carrier
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For sale is a tire carrier for the WJ Grand Cherokee that fits under the factory rear bumper. I've decided to upgrade.

Included are the factory hitch, bumper cover/skin, tire carrier, swing arm, tire mount, d-ring tabs and license plate mount. The tire carrier is mounted to the factory hitch. Basically everything you'd need to bolt this right up.

I just installed a new seal, bearings and top cap today. I'll also include a push pin and 4.5" diameter circular plate stock that I had intended to add as a stop.

I'm willing to drive 100 miles from zip code 32713 if it's sold locally. Also willing to ship.

You can find pictures of the build process at the following links:

Wjmedic 08-27-2019 01:13 PM

How much with shipping to Houston, Texas?

JayIV 08-27-2019 02:29 PM

I've just moved and the vehicle is still in storage. Would love to sell this to you, but I wouldn't be able to for at least a few months.

Wjmedic 10-05-2019 08:26 AM

When would that be? And how much would it cost with shipping?

Wjmedic 02-04-2020 12:48 PM

Just checking for an update on when or if you are able to ship? Might possibly be able to pick up if needed in a couple months

Wjmedic 02-04-2020 12:49 PM

Just checking for an update when this will be available. Might possibly be able to pick up in a couple months

JayIV 02-04-2020 01:26 PM

Hey thanks for following up. There is a good chance that I'll be in Florida this month (February). I could meet you if you want pick it up. Shipping is probably a little more than I'd be able to do in the amount of time I'll have available.

I'm also considering selling the vehicle if you're interested in purchasing.

Wjmedic 02-05-2020 09:29 AM

I will be in Tampa on the 15th of this month. I don't have a need to purchase the whole rig. Although, how broken down can this system be? Meaning, can i fit this into a large military dufflebag if taken apart? Like I mentioned, I will be flying in to Tampa on the 15th of February and fly back home to Texas the night of the 15th. If it can fit into my large green army dufflebag, then I will most def pick it up from you then. Please let me know if this is possible. My phone number is 808-781-3504 thank you

JayIV 02-05-2020 04:22 PM

This wouldn't fit in a duffle bag. If you check this link, you can see that the support structure is attached to the tow hitch. You would need to transport the tow hitch, bumper cover and swing arm in order to have all the components. Check this link to see what I mean:

The best method of shipping would be via pallet. Alternatives would be via trailer or by visiting in person and swapping it onto your rig.

Wjmedic 02-12-2020 09:20 AM

So I will most likely visit in person and pick it up maybe in March after I move to the Tampa area. How much are you asking for?

JayIV 02-20-2020 07:56 PM

$575. Everything in the OP still included.

The time now is 12:50 PM.

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