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Ravenbar 06-11-2021 05:59 PM

Frame stiffeners... Rear LCA mount rust...need some input
A couple weeks back I found a couple pinholes in the "framerail" directly above the driver side rear LCA mount. This this is in an area normally encased in a web between the rocker and LCA mount. I've parted out 2 WJ's due to rot in this area.

This was found during the removal of the rotted out web, as I've been planning the replacement of the rockers and those webs, as that's Thumpers absolute worst rust. I was holing to avoid the rear LCA mount rot issue. The rust pinholes appear to have been a combination of rust from inside and outside the framerail, discovered after I took a wire wheel to the outside.

Right now, my repair plan is to cut an access hole in the framerail big enough at least for my hand to get in. Mechanically/chemically remove all rust I can, then install IRO's center section framerail stiffeners, and Trail Forged rear wheel well frame stiffeners. In between, where the "web" normally is(and the LCA mount), so there is a gap between the sets(no set I've found covers this area. I've been in discussion with Kolak(as to available options) and this(in my opinion) is the best solution.

My real concern(besides if my welding abilities are up to the task) it that the IRO parts are made of 3/16" and the trail forged parts(ant the plate I have on hand for the middle section are 1/8". With the different plate thicknesses, that creates a strength differential and therefore a stress riser ato the joint between the differing thickness's, exactly in the spot(front of rear LCA mount) I'm trying to strengthen.

I'm totally baffled, that Saf-T-Cap or someone hasn't come out with a framerail repair section for this part of a WJ, as it's the most common cause of a WJ's demise.

The time now is 11:31 PM.

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