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JeeperPeter 07-21-2019 09:22 PM

Replacing Front Struts/Coil Overs in my 2011 KK Liberty
I've got a 2011 Liberty Sport 3.7L 4WD with 115K on it and it had the original Springs and Struts on it and my ride was rough so I needed new one's. Looking around I found a lot of videos and posts on KJ liberty's (prior to 2008), a 2007 Dodge Nitro and I wasn't sure how different my job would be on my vehicle. I just want to pass along that the KK liberty was a lot like the KJ documents and videos I've seen. I didn't have the capability to video it or the time to take pics, so many thanks for those that do that. In any case, I'm decently handy, but no expert. I've never taken apart suspension joints and was a bit scared to do so. I replaced the stock with Monroe Quick struts, (Part #'s 171577 R and L, $74 each on RockAuto) and I can report the ride is better than it was, I don't feel every crack in the pavement. I drove my vehicle to a nearby parking lot, used the stock jack, and my own jack stands and did the job. I don't have any 1/2" drive stuff and was able to do the job, w/ 3/8" drive and an extension bar. Job took me about 7 hours for both sides including, lunch, and set up and clean up. With experience I can see someone getting this down to 2 hours. I only had hand tools. Another huge benefit is I live in the Pacific North West and we don't salt the roads so the joints came apart relatively easy. A big difference to the Northeast and Midwest I'm sure. I bought some soft and hard hammers in case I needed them, I didn't. I did need the 18 mm deep socket I bought,, most notably top strut mounting bolts.

I can report that I had to undo the Upper ball joint.
Undo the upper and lower clevis bolts and nuts.
Undo the lower sway bar link.
I did use a jack to jack up the, I think it's called a lower A arm, so I could reconnect the lower sway bar link bolt.
I did the right side first as the top side is a lot less involved, to see how difficult the lower half would be and if I was going to be able to do it myself.

The top half on both sides was not as annoying as I expected and with basic wrenching skills I was able to figure it out, but also having studied in advance by looking at available posts with pics helped a lot.

Anyway, just wanted to let others know the KK was pretty similar to the KJ How To's I saw out there, and try to give back in some small way.

Additionally, I might have re-used the stock springs and just put them back over struts VS. using a Quick Strut, but I was not sure if springs get "tired" after running so long on a worn strut, and I was afraid how big this job would be for me and didn't want to add the additional removing and swapping of coil springs. Looking at it in hindsight, if I knew the stock springs were still good and not "tired" I'd have been willing to do the additional work of swapping springs to new struts. I probably would have just done Right side on day 1 and Left side on day 2.

Happy Wrenching! I hope this is helpful to someone.

slomarsh 07-25-2019 05:09 PM

I just did the same job. Ordered KYB fronts and rears with pre-assembled front replacement springs. The suspension doesn't bottom out any more and large bumps in the road are no longer a wild ride. However, on fairly hard braking the front dives more than I think it should. Springs seem a bit soft.
The job was a bear. Especially the piece with the upper and lower pinch bolts. Not the bolts themselves, but the part got wedged over the lower A arm on both sides. You are right the job is same as the KJ and Nitro videos show. I did find a short cut removing the fuse box. By removing the 3 bolts holding the metal frame to which the fuse box attaches, I was able to slide the frame out toward the front of the Jeep. This left the fuse box intact and I bungeed it up out of the way. Didn't have to disconnect any of the multi pin elect connectors. The 4 upper shock mount bolts were easy to reach.

The time now is 11:34 PM.

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