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liberty1845 01-20-2019 05:33 PM

Different heater problem
I have read numerous posts concerning cold air from driver side floor vent but my problem is different. I have good airflow and heat from defroster, dash vents and passenger side floor vent but no airflow from the driver side floor vent. Maybe enough to make a candle flame flicker but that is about it. I would appreciate any ideas.

lfhoward 01-20-2019 07:13 PM

Check that the insulation cover above the foot pedals is situated properly. There is a hole in it that should align with the “air funnel” that goes to the drivers feet area above the gas pedal. If it is shifted sideways or hangs down, it can block airflow. Mine got so beat up over the years that I ultimately removed it.

DragoneFire 08-11-2019 01:31 AM

If your 12 is like my 11, there are at least 3 different mode doors that work within your vents. Same reason I'm here looking for info on how to change them out. My problem with the mode doors are they won't swap from hot to cold and vice versa. You find any info on how to change them, please let me know also and I will do the same for you

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