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Ghostly 07-28-2019 10:16 PM

08 kk rear and front gear oil questions
Hello everyone I’m new here so I hope I get this right! I have basic mechanic knowledge. Every one said this is the place to ask all the questions, I have been checking all over online but to no avail. So it’s a 2008 liberty limited edition sport 4x4 and the owners never changed the gear oil. It has around 120k miles on it. I seen in the owners manual the rear takes 75w-140 synthetic and the front is 80w90 multi purpose gl-5 type (not sure what that means) The thing I’m confused on is most bottles say that I may need to add a slip lock oil additive? And some say not to add the additive but some people say it’s not enough. I’m not sure if I have limited slip or the name jeep calls it like trac lok, I heard Amsoil is the best gear oil but I could be wrong it’s just going to be a daily driver to work and family vehicle no towing or off road any thoughts? I would hate to trash it by adding new oil and having too much or to little slip additive. I plan on taking good care care of it too. Thank you all in advance!!!

lfhoward 07-29-2019 07:00 AM

All of the KK’s came with open differentials and limited slip additive is not needed. The KK uses the antilock brakes to achieve traction when a wheel is spinning, thus nothing special is inside the diffs. It’s called BLD or Brake Lock Differential. On some of the older KJ’s a limited slip differential called the trac-lock used to be an option and that would have needed an additive.

Ghostly 07-29-2019 09:27 AM

Thank you ifhoward for the reply and sharing your knowledge you helped me out greatly!

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