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New Owner, need help IDing the lift

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the Jeep world but have been a technician for many years (since 99). I recently bought a 2013 JKUR and am not sure what size lift is installed. It is definitely a mopar brand but it might be a hodgepodge of mopar lift parts. I wasn't too involved with lift kits at the time this was made but it looks to have many goodies on it. Here is a list.
-Mopar/Fox shocks with remote reservoirs front and rear.
-Mopar lower control arms front
-Both Track bars look factory (not adjustable) however only the rear axle has the relocation bracket.
-Mopar branded front and rear axle limiting straps.
-Mopar/Terraflex "Speed Bumps" in the front.
-Factory front driveshaft
-Non factory front steering stabilizer (shock) with relocation brackets on the axle and tie rod sides.
Obviously it has springs, long bump stops, longer brake lines and sway bar links for the lift. Everything tells me this is a 4 inch except the driveshaft. Shouldn't it have the double cardian front shaft? Maybe earlier lifts didn't come with a replacement front shaft? Any help would be appreciated.


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