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Need some wiring reference help

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Can someone with a 2014 or close year JK, help me out with some wiring tracing on the drivers side headlight/lighting harness? I bought a fixer upper that had some fender damage and some parts were missing when I got it so I’m trying to sort the last few details out.

1. the running light that goes to the fender….is it a green/white and black wire that the pigtail connects to? I have the pigtail from the bulb to where it would have connected to the harness but the connector on the harness is gone. It seems like it would make sense that rhe pigtail wires would match the color on the harness but just want to verify because I get no running light with them soldered up to match. (swapped a known good bulb from other side and still nothing. (Picture)

2. There is a blue/white-stripe and blue-purple-stripe wire that comes off the same harness and mine was cut off. I can’t figure out what that goes to. (Picture)

3. Front blinker/running light on grill- the blinker works but the running light doesn’t but only on the driver side. Wondering if that blue/white + blue/purple wire has anything to do with this

If anyone has any info on this… I searched for hours for a wiring diagram with colors and couldn’t find anything.

Trying to get this wrapped up so I can get her inspected and on the road before the summer is over.



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