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My Wrangler is marking a LOT of territory...

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Hi guys, 1st time writing here and starts with asking for help... I've bought a 2nd hand 2008 sahara 3.8 manual transmission 2 months ago and I've just found out that it has a massive oil leakage in the transmission (I think). It lost a lot of oil apparently, even tho it doesn't seem to leave a lot of oil on the floor everytime I take it out of the garage but today I checked the oil and was below the "safe area". Weird cause the car did service 3k km ago with the previous owner so I'm really concerned about what's going on.

Since I'm far from being an expert with mechanics specially with this specific car I'll leave him tomorrow at the workshop.

I'm attaching a picture of the leakage area and I would like to ask some good soul to give me an idea of the possible cause and how much I am screwed from 1 to 10. Ahah.

I live in Dubai, UAE, and finding a skilled and honest mechanic around here isn't easy so it would be perfect if I show up tomorrow at the workshop with, at least, an idea of the problem.

Thank you so much for your attention!


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