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TJ Trans Case & driveshaft

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Well, it happened to me...
I was driving down the highway when I noticed a pretty bad driveline vibration. It went on for a little while and I was trying to limp it home. Then I hear that ever so wonderful BOOM! I look u underneath and see the trans case (NP 231) leaking fluid like a motha. Upon inspection I see a giant hole in the trans case where the front shaft input is. From my reading I'm seeing that my U-joints were probably bad causing the issue. I get home and pull the transfer case as well as the front shaft. U-joints were so impossible to move. I found my problem! The ball and socket looking joint had completely blown apart which I am assuming is the CV joint? I ordered and new front driveshaft and am looking for the appropriate trans case now. I ordered new universal joints for the rear just to replace them while I am under there. My question is....once I get the new (used) transfer case, do I need to worry about anything not linking when putting both shafts into the case. I didnt mark anything when I was taking it out because....well I dont know why. New guy to the mechanical side of things so any help is much appreciated. Thank you all in advance!
02 tj 2.5l manual trans


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