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I’m not sure this will save anybody any time... but this was certainly the most exhaustive issue I’ve had with my wrangler to date. P0456, yes small evap leak. Usually a gas cap. This time, nope. Changed the purge valve under the hood, nope. Checked and changed the charcoal canister, canister filter, and leak detection pump, nope. Smoked the system with three different mechanics... including my local Jeep dealer, nothing. On the second smoke check, three of us, myself included, looked everywhere for a leak. Saw a small amount at the throttle body gasket and changed that. Nope. Checked overflow fill valves and all hoses running from the tank to the hood, nothing. Final straw, drop the tank. Pressure checked the tank, sprayed with soapy water, and a very very very small amount of bubbles formed at a hose fitting. The smoke was never visible on any of the three smoke checks we performed. 2005-06 jeeps have molded fittings, so if there’s a break, it’s a tank swap. Nobody, including Mopar, makes tanks for 05-06 wranglers anymore. I didn’t want to believe it, but after looking for 5 hours and asking for some help from a few buddies... we all came up empty. Luckily there’s some good boneyards in south Phoenix with wrecked Jeeps and I had one pulled off an 05 Rubicon that set me back $380. While the tank was down, figured my 135,000 Jeep might as well get a new fuel pump and I threw one of those in. Resetting the computer for evap system check by my local dmv took me 10 days and about 300 miles for some reason. I tried all of the tricks and methods listed here to get it ready faster, to no avail. All of this, 5 trips to the dmv, and I finally passed. Never have I been so happy to slap a 2 year registration sticker on my TJ. Still waiting another few days for it to get here... but the moral of the story is... don’t give up. If it’s mechanical, it can be fixed or replaced. This was a lesson in perseverance, and I feel better knowing that I stuck it out and kept the old girl on the road for another two seasons in the desert.


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