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Thanks for the add. I have a 1998 jeep wrangler SE 2.5l with 5sp manual (ax15 i believe). New to the jeep world. My ownership experience began, by looking for something to plow my own, and my parents driveway. Atvs and sxs are nice and cool but out of my household budget. I came across the jeep on craigslist, and happen to be acquainted with the gentleman who was selling it. It started drove, stopped, plow went up down left and right. My wife approved. done deal. That was last fall, with 89,000 miles. I have not been able to stop driving it, i love it. As the man i bought it from said, the biggest problem it has is in the last ten years he owned it, he only put about 1,000 miles on it.

I would really like to have the tub off, wire brush and por15 the frame. I am not certain of the over all condition of the tub, but do know the driver side front portion, is pretty much gone (thankfully it has good thick quadratec floor mats). I am pretty certain that all of the body mounts aren't solid either. Every once in a while at start up she idles rough, or when i first start driving she will spit and sputter for a bit, other than that she runs great. So far ive done cap rotor, plugs wires, air filter, a couple brake lines, i also added an amazon special led light kit and airlift springs to support the weight of the plow. It has a hard top, i would really like to find a soft top and the hardware for it too. It would be really cool to get this rig to a point where i feel comfortable/safe taking my kiddos out on the trails up north. As with everything for my household, time and money are always roadblocks for things. But we will see. My wife, my girls and i now officially understand the jeep thing! Thanks for having my, i look forward to being a part of the community!


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