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Hello everyone, I just bought a 2002 Jeep Wrangler X and I’m proud to be a new Jeep owner. It is in overall pretty good condition but it definitely needs some TLC and there are a few things I’d like to do with it. I’m posting here because maybe you guys can give me some suggestions and links and whatnot. I appreciate the help in advance!

1. I bought the Jeep with a check engine light and a reader registered it as a small EVAP leak. (P0442 or something of the sort). I cleared it and took on/off gas cap, if it appears back on, I’ll try a new gas cap, if persist then I assume it’s an actual leak. Should I be more worried than I am?

2. The owner sold it to me with a black grill cover with the “angry eyes” look, I am not
fond of that look personally so I sold that cover. When I removed it, it was revealed that the actual grill was dented and not in the best shape. I’ve scoured the internet but I can’t seem to find just a normal black grill overlay like the angry eyes one, without the angry eyes. Does anybody know where I can find something like this?

3. The Jeep has 162,000 miles, are there any known problems you guys might know around this mileage that I should look out for or have a mechanic check out when I take it in for a “tune up”?

4. It came with a hard top, but the previous owner spray painted it black (?? Spray paint ??). It looks really bad to me, and he didn’t cover the windows when he did it, so there’s point residue on the windows. Does anyone know how I might get that paint residue off? And maybe someone knows how I can get the spray paint off the entire hardtop to reveal the original color?

5. I may get some hate for this - but it is an automatic (gasp) I originally intended on going with a manual but this is what I got. What problems should I look out for with the automatic?

6. What are your favorite places to buy parts/accessories/etc.?

Thank you guys in advance I really appreciate it. Hoping to learn, and build, and maybe I can help someone else some day with their questions!


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