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The last of the small Jeeps

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I am a proud Patriot As well as a proud jeep owner. I have have owned my 98 TJ wrangler for a little over two years now. I’ve learned so much into this wonderful world basically jeep life. From the battlefield two modern life there’s so much to be proud of. Newest wranglers in any other jeep vehicle still part of the jeep family and you can’t take that right away. You’re part of a brand that is jeep. For god sake’s Dwight D Eisenhower’s speech on the military industrial complex he stated that the jeep is one of three things we would not have won the war without. What’s more patriotic than that vehicle that was born in conflict to help stop the fascist scourge that was going across Europe and wasn’t just going to stop in Europe. But the reason that I guess long-winded paragraph I know but I’m going to the point now I believe that the TJ in my mind the generation I own from 97 to 806 with that AMC power plant for later what is the last small jeep was the last true jeep. I consider jeep I mean let’s face it they are the safest vehicles for TJ they are not The safest vehicles out there on the road but there’s damn fun they’re not practical in many places but they’re damn fun. It’s freedom to do pretty much whatever you want and it keeps on chugging it won’t stop on you if you take care of it it will take care of you for all hon time and do more than you ask out of it. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong once again with the new chief spot is that feeling of youth the feeling of fun the feeling of yeah there is a chance if I don’t drive responsible I could die bye that’s what’s fun about it that pure freedom did not all these nanny so now there’s like Tronics just the right amount of Creature comforts. And that’s a true Goldilocks jeep to me the last of the small groups and I’m not trying to ditch on our jeeps once again I’m just saying the TJ is the true end of an age it’s true and before all this main streaming our brand the jeep brand went through and it’s important to remember our past it is important to not forget our path to appreciate where we came in to appreciate the TJ yeah you could bash the ever living crap out of them. And make fun of him for being small and practical but really they help to get a brand through a tough time and they vote in that jeep I was every other sheep from then on JK, JL need to pay a huge thanks and gratitude for keeping the wrangler line alive during the day in the Daimler Chrysler days. In the start of the new century. Because let’s face it “ gas guzzlers ” in early 2000s were on their way down but. That 4L yeah it’s not great gas mileage. But it was reliable can you take care of it it will take care of you that TJ will take care of you. I guess it’s really kind of a public service announcement to take care of your TJ. Don’t let it rot don’t, don’t bash into every rock because you can, don’t beat the crap out of it because those special small Jeeps are never coming back. There the last of the age of what safety? And that’s what’s fun pure freedom, child like freedom. Yet it will take care of you. The TJ will take care of you. But as a whole please take care of the TJ The last of the small jeeps


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