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intermitten airbag light with complimentary beeps

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2005 TJ 4.0 6speed, purchased a year ago, ive only put on about 3000 miles. The airbag light comes on here and there. Two things happened prior to this starting... Although i had no symptoms, i had a code for a crank shaft position sensor. PO had the part from another jeep, it was easy, so i replaced it. In addition the inside of my jeep was rained on slightly before i could get the top up. The reason i mentioned this is because the tilt steering wheel was in the down position. This is a major source of frustration against jeep for this design flaw. The boot on the column only somewhat protects the inside of the column when it is in the up position. Both my 97 and 05 have signs of water (slight rust) on the top of the column... I wish there was a fix for this design flaw...

Anyways, first thought was check the codes, there are none. Second thought was maybe clockspiring but my horn still works... I'm not a fan of messing with the airbag since my many years at a body shop seeing a couple explode unprovoked...

The light is on here and there, enough to annoy the crap out of me but i can't see that there is a pattern as to when out goes on or off. Any ideas where to start? Maybe a loose sensor, i don't even know how many there are or where they are at? Thanks in advance for any ideas✌️😊


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